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You must have seen the losses
for hundredths of a second on the run which were noticeable only
using the photo finish, or moments WHEN a striker
there were not enough centimeters to close the pass and decide
Exodus? Imagine how
It’s a shame to experience this? Push a little harder
at the right second and would Goal. In professional sports
any outcome can decide trifle. And one of those details,
giving an advantage quite may become equipment. For example, in a swimming suit,
which covers the whole body, generally considered cheating
and prohibited by international federation – at the beginning of the two thousandth
because of such ammunition a little if not for every major
competitions corresponded world records. And Under Armor in its
uses engineering products approach to real but
it is legal to influence on the results of an athlete. In this issue I will tell
about this cool american brand – maybe not all
heard about him, because for now he is not so active in our
favorite sport – football. But very ambitious and for sure
understands how to go to his goals. You will learn about the story now.
a company that is quite may be a script to
motivational film about the most powerful technologies
who can be envied even giant competitors! Well, in general, consider
what is in stock Under armor that breaks in
to the football market! I’ll start with a story that
essentially formed brand positioning. In 96, a student player
teams in american football Kevin Plank AWARE,
WHAT HIS WILDLY ANNOYING cotton shirt that
must be worn under ammunition. During training she
hellishly wet and delivered discomfort. Everything can be said from here.
and spun around. Kevin’s starting conditions
were so-so: grandmother basement, small capital,
which managed to accumulate on sale roses burning
eyes, and, most importantly, understanding, what to do. First
home lab product – HeatGear material, which
did not absorb moisture and excellent coped with then. Based on it
T-shirts became a locomotive sales and forced giants
industry start development something like that as well
quite possibly influenced on fashion, including in football. Remember what form was
in the 90s? Baggy and gigantic. In the zero, everything has changed
– now the players look like athletes – you can see a little
if not every muscle. Plank immediately emphasized
it is tight cut that played on
emotions of the audience. maybe this move
NEW TRENDS The early years of Under Armor concentrated
it is on the issue of quick-drying compression underwear. 3 years after launch
Kevin tried to do first product placement
– actor Jamie Foxx appeared in such an Under Armor T-shirt in the movie
“Every Sunday”. After watching many
american guys seriously interested in products
outfitter. To build on success from
film, brand posted my first print ad
in the top ESPN Magazine right on the floor of the page. And here is a way to pay for it
very cool characterizes company: employees refused
from their monthly salaries to throw on her. Can you imagine
team spirit level? It seems to me conditional football
Spartacus is worth learning! It worked – after the ad
campaign was bailed out 750 thousand dollars, having paid back
all with big profit: brand signed contracts
with NHL, Major League Baseball (main baseball championship) and other leagues. First TV Commercial
in 2003, also cool went! Under armor was like leicester
IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON – close-knit and aggressive. BUT despite pretty
major deals at that time only in the FOURTH year
company signed a contract on the equipment of the native
founder’s university Strap. Something tells me
this collaboration is for Kevin WAS SPECIAL. Further up – exit
to the exchange, innovation, production shoe opening flagship
boutiques, new partners. The brand is clearly built for
yourself two directions: do emphasis on technology and stand out
using proper positioning On the market. On significant developments in
areas of sports innovation a little later, but on marketing
You can stay in more detail. Given the possibilities of giant
competitors like nike and Adika, it’s clear that to compete
for star ambassadors just impossible. And in this regard, Ander’s approach
Armor is clearly traceable – he never signs
ready-made tops. “We are an underdog company. We work with athletes,
which hardly anyone will choose in the first round of the draft. We find those who are capable
for more and become better with them. ” Really, all of their ambassadors
were signed at the beginning a long way. The main star is Stephen Curry,
who won 3 times the NBA, joined the team
ANDER ARMOR before his peak, top boxer Anthony
Joshua entered the ring in under armor products yet
before the champion fights, well and someone will argue
that trent alexander-arnold already a star? The same can be said
and about clubs. Perhaps the main partnership
in football was with Tottenham, with which the brand began to work
before team transformation into a real TOP club. Gareth Bale shortly before
record transfer to Real Madrid tore apart submarines in uniform
from Under Armor. Or sturdy Southampton
– of course he himself is unlikely will become a top club – although
everything is real, but regularly drives cool players
top teams. Here’s an example of Virgil Van
American Kick Dake company. However, marketers do not
forget about competent product placement and working with a TARGET audience. The brand can meet in the movies
about superheroes, the most popular series like “card
house “and of course in the pictures about american football! And top actor Dwayne Johnson
in addition to appearing in several films in
under Armor logo also released together
with the brand own collection Project Rock! Everything to the audience for sure
knew what equipment firms worth doing
sports. Now Under Armor is: 41 offices,
more than 300 factories around the world, about 14 thousand ambassadors
brand and representation in more than 75 countries. And another 245 million users
online platforms connected Fitness (about her later)
For 23 years, the company has grown with 14 thousand dollars – exactly
this amount was at the start from the founder, to the proceeds
5.2 billion MORE THAN FIVE FOR 2018 !!!! Under Armor is now one of the largest
sports brands in the world! But not only in marketing
all business? Under Armor DOES NOT LOSE ORIGINAL
FOCUS – he is still concentrates on technology. The brand has a special
unit that called innovation lab where
engineers invent every day something new. Access there is only
1% of employees, and controls laboratory entry device,
reading pattern of veins. It seems more like
on a sports brand. Here are the top 4 current technologies
ANDER ARMOR who are real surprise:
1) The first is Under Armor HOVR. She is used in sneakers.
and literally translated like “soaring over something.”
the title is a reference to film Back to the Future,
where the board was called HovrBoard, remember? The key to this technology
– a feeling of zero gravity. Foam HOVR gives unreal
comfort, and special Energy Web mesh material,
which the foam is coated provides energy return. And it really saves
strength when running. And HOVR sneakers are synchronized
with a smartphone and show not only the distance that
you ran but even level of fatigue. Based on this data, you can
build training process. 2) The second technology has
name RUSH. It is used in training
clothes used in different sports in
including in football. Her chip – return spent
energy at high intensity training. The effect is reminiscent of infrared.
a sauna. Technology is activated
during friction when the body produces a lot of heat
energy. Cloth UA RUSH absorbs it
and converts to infrared energy which then
coming back to body. This energy return increases
local blood circulation and allows you to improve sports
results. According to engineers,
this feature allows you to increase strength and stamina helping
athlete to get better by 1%. And as you know, at a high
1% can cost a lot a lot – a split second for
runner to win race for a football player this
improvement will push further 10 centimeters,
to complete the moment bare; for any athlete
1% will give strength to another repetition in exercise. 3) The third technology is called
Recovery and it is applied in special clothes for
Sleep Under Armor, as well as in training outfit. Her chip is real help
in recovery and enhancement muscle endurance. Fabric with bioceramics elements,
absorbs natural body heat and reflects it
– already in the form of infrared long-range radiation
which helps the body recover faster
during or after exercise. Such a cunning invention
according to reviews of top athletes allows really better
get enough sleep, increase stamina stamina and faster
restore body after loads! 4) Fourth – Under Armor ColdGear
designed for classes sports in cold weather. When air temperature
falls, our body is trying adapt: ​​circulatory
vessels narrow, thereby directing blood to life
important organs, depriving the muscles. Hence the risk arises when
intense sports get micro tears in the cold
or even seriously injured. Chip technology Cold Gear
in perfect conservation heat athlete. The fabric is very light
which means that the body don’t have to spend more
energy! The equipment is elastic, tight
fits the body and perfectly removes moisture. What you need for winter
workouts! And Under Armor Launches
smart products for professionals. Here are some examples:
T-shirt for american Under Armor E39 Football with Special
sensors collecting data on each movement
on the field. This is essentially the equivalent of vests,
which are used in european football, but here is the device
sewn directly into the compression linen. A smart baseball sleeve. In appearance, this thing seems
regular shirt that peeps out from under the form. But its purpose is to convey
trainers status information players. The sensor near the elbow analyzes
hand trajectory and measures the strength. The meaning in time to determine
when a player is overtrained and avoid the most popular
baseball injury – gap muscles of the arm. Virgin soon
Galactic launches flights to space for everyone. Especially for this Under
Armor released special suits consisting of a spacesuit
base coat and shoes. Each one will fit
for a specific passenger, they will have name badges
and stripes with national flags. The suit has pockets
for personal items and integrated communication system while in a suit
there is a transparent pocket above the heart – for photos
loved ones – after all, positive emotions in such a stressful
condition is very important. Surely the first private
space flights are thrilling world and get world hype. Nearby will be the logo Under Armor. That everything worked perfectly
Under Armor creates an entire ecosystem. The company has created a platform
Connected Fitness, which consists consists of 4 applications
for synchronization with smart products and alignment
training process. Their audience is already more
245 million people around to the world! Number One – MapMyRun – Helper
in running training. It captures the distance,
and stride length, offers routes and even follows
for the condition of your sneakers. It is with this application
can be smart crosses. Endomondo Program – Real
social network for athletes. You can share your
training with friends build goals, compete. MyFitnessPal helps correctly
build food and believes calories. Map My Fitness – Training Assistant
according to fitness. Well, the coolest thing in the company
– search for cool ideas. Under Armor Holds Annual
Innovation Challenge tender in the field of sports technology. Any developer can
participate in the competition, sending your best practices. The brand makes the present out of it
show with the judges where at the end winner receives a grant
for 50 thousand dollars and the opportunity participate in the implementation
project! “If you can come up with something
and realize is cool. If not, come to us.
and do it with us. ” From the latest projects you can
mark t-shirt for night jogging with built-in
LEDs that are powered from the movement of the athlete. Well, the invention of magnetic
zippers on clothes that can fasten one
by hand. Looking at design
Under Armor bales, you might think what is the creation of some
computer game. People covered in sensors
imitate different movements in order to every millimeter
future sneakers or clothes were perfect. Under armor started to develop
in the US market and therefore still not particularly popular with us. It is quite possible already very
soon the brand will increase momentum and will throw all his efforts on innovation
in the field of sports number 1 in Europe. In essence, the company’s strategy
in our favorite football no different from work
in America – ambassadors at the beginning of the journey, the teams are underdogs. At the moment you can
highlight two boot silhouettes Under Armor – Magnetico Pro and Spotlight. The first – are famous for excellent
fit under the foot, cool ball sensitivity
and good grip. They are promoted by Trent Alexander-Arnold
and Granite Jack. And the second is the boots for
fast football players. Their chip is light weight and very
thin top. Currently in silhouette
Spotlight rips France Memphis Depay. And some time ago
this collection was released with zipper instead of shoelaces. But the idea was quickly abandoned
– apparently something went wrong So. While in the European market
the boot company is not among leaders .. But in the American
football when it was and now under armor shoes alone
of the most popular in overseas sports. Given the approach, I don’t
eager to see something mega cool from the area exactly
football boots. Among TEAM PARTNERS
brand note English Southampton, Dutch
AZ, Brazilian Fluminense and, of course, Lokomotiv
(more about this later). Feature sets
can be called cool design and high-tech
Heat Gear fabric which is excellent copes with moisture and
provides cool in hot weather. More recently, the brand decided
come to Russia and for this they needed a partner team. In whom could Under Armor see
potential and closeness of mind? There were even rumors about the team
Russia, but the choice fell on Loko. Railway workers just
started to recover after an inglorious period
end of zero and beginning 10s – a good combination
with positioning Under Armor. Despite the fact that the club
tried on form from the Americans next season after
champion, contract was signed before the conquest
Loco’s coveted trophy. And that means the bosses
brands were not mistaken in essence in future partner and now
represented in the Champions League. Design a new form
Loko is just a gun – we her put in the top of the best
RPL forms – everything is very stylish and neatly. But the button is me
subdued. Well, the fans are happy,
that traditional green colors! Innovation Highlights
don’t forget the story – for now at the american company
it turns out. Form as befits products
Under Armor is very light and high-tech – she’s doing great
with moisture removal and preservation desired body temperature
under loads. And of course, all the teams
Loko got a cool training Kipu – including technology
Recovery that I talked about higher allowing them to give all the best
100% in training and get the edge
during recovery. That’s it friends, Kevin Plank
and his brainchild in just a few years have come from the basement
grandmothers to one of the leaders capitalized industries
several billion dollars. After all this, I do not see
reasons not to believe that they can turn
football and move the giants industry. “From the first day we had enough
courage to challenge traditions, think boldly
and build up the pace. We don’t chase trends
we create them. And we are not going to stop
now. We are just getting started. ” With this promise, the brand lives
year after year. I will look forward to
from them innovations – at least they stimulate everyone
MARKET players to powerfully progress. I hope you enjoyed it
and you’ll like the video. Write which team is the maximum
like Ander Armor? Whom the brand should supply
your steep pile and why? Argument your ideas. The coolest will publish
in my story I am Yura Rusanov, Ball Lab. Be hungry and believe
in yourself. Till!

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