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Hello everyone, my name is Denis. We are in Arma SMC CrossFit club on Kutuzovskiy Prospekt. And today Petr will help us to demonstrate how the strength workout of CrossFit athlete may look like. We are going to train chest, back and arms today. Let us start with the warm-up first. We start with the bench press. The grip width is a little bit wider than the shoulders. We do 10 reps with empty bar for a warm-up. The exercise we are going to do today is a super-set of bench press and barbell row. We do them in super-set since they focus on antagonist muscles. We are going to do 5 reps of each exercise. Our working weight is 60kg. When doing a bench press, do not forget to get a spotter. For proper technique you need to make sure that there are three standing points in the bench press. Feet on the floor, glutes on the bench and shoulder blades pinned together on the bench. The bar needs to touch the point under your chest and at the end of the repetition you need to achieve full lockout of elbows. You breath in when you lower the bar and breath out when you press it out. After you finish, you proceed with the barbell row immediately. You lift the bar from the floor right to the chest or to the belly if your flexibility is limited. Your back and hamstring shall be tight through all the set. For this exercise considering the weights used, I would rest for 2,5 min between the sets. Let’s go. I invited Petr just for a video shot, but looks like he decided to have a real workout. There are few variations of the bench press, depending on the grip width – wide, regular (shoulder width) and narrow. For CrossFit we use regular grip (slightly wider than the shoulder width) so that you could focus on deltoids and triceps more. The idea of this superset that these exercises engages completely different muscle groups That is why after you perform the bench press you are still able to work heavy on barbell row. These exercises make good contribution into results in certain gymnastics exercises, like muscle-ups on rings, First, this exercise looks cool, and second, it is pretty high-skill movement, which makes you feel proud of yourself when you can perform it on a workout. Summing up if you want to increase your CrossFit results and look fit, do not forget to incorporate strength workouts with the barbell into your routine Thank you for your attention and see you on our channel!

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  1. есть ли обучающее видео от армы про гимнастические кольца??вспомогательные упражнения может

  2. тяга в наклоне – мягко говоря, не каноничная не билдерская. уводит нагрузку на задние дельты трапецию и трицепсы?

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