Ответ Iron Sport Gym рекламе Planet Fitness

here it is Cade the main weight room this is what a work really gets done what do you think we do some bets with these guys or what oh no it seems like a lot of weight not to get hurt speed and power it all comes right here the clean and jerk I don’t know I just want to get to enough for summer we’re to work on something other than beach muscles squaddies where you gotta be I’ve heard spottings bad for your knees this is not going well all right I’ll it’s been stolen okay this will make a man out of here you guys have an alarm when that happens why are you here I don’t know I want to get that big he has had like a cardio theater honey of course you do it’s right here what planning in my life the wrong one iron sport gym come to our planet

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  1. отлично.
    только дайте ссылку на оригинал (на который пародия)

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