【筋トレ女子】ダンベル&自重での全身の鍛え方!~脚と腹筋編~【Dumbbell&bodyweight workout-legs&abs-】

Hello I’m NINA. From NINA Lifts. This video is a series on how to train whole body with dumbbells and body weights. This time it is the legs and abs. How to train whole body with dumbbells and body weights. – legs and abs- First, Bulgarian split squat. This workout mainly trains the quads, hamstrings and buttocks. In this way, hold the dumbbells in both hands and place one leg on a bed, chair or other suitable height, and squat with the other leg. Squat slowly. At this time, the upper body angle and the shin angle should be about the same. Let’s do it together! Squat slowly and get up when your thighs are parallel to the floor. One leg exercise is complete. Please take a rest firmly. Train the other leg. The knee direction should be the same as the toe direction. Orient as straight as your toes. It should be done with about 12-15reps 3sets. Next,goblet squat. This workout also mainly trains the quads, hamstrings and buttocks. Hold your dumbbells in front of your body, with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and your toes facing outward. Throw out your chest and squat down so that your elbows fit snugly between your legs. Do not warp or round your back. Let’s do it together! Squat slowly, and get up quickly when the calf and thigh are barely touching. When you stand up, squeeze your glutes. It should be done with about 10-15reps 3sets. Next,Romanian deadlift. This workout mainly trains hamstrings and buttocks. This workout uses the hip joint as an axis, tilts the upper body forward, and performs the motion of getting up. In this way, do it with dumbbells in both hands. Let’s do it together! Hold the dumbbells in both hands, stand with the legs about the width of the waist, make the back tight, do not round the upper body. With the hip joint as the axis, hold the dumbbell along the body as much as possible and tilt the upper body. When you reach the point where you feel the hamstrings stretch, raise your upper body. The dumbbells stay close to your body throughout. Raise your body and squeeze the glues to lock out when your body is straight. It should be done with about 10-15reps 3sets. Next, calf raise. This workout train your calves. Stretch and contract the calf where there are steps, such as the stairs. Let’s do it together! You can do it with both feet like this, or you can do it with one foot as shown in the image on the left. Doing with one foot increases the load. Doing with dumbbells can increase the load. Choose the method that suits your level. It should be done with about 10-15reps 3sets. Next, abs workout. Let’s do it together! This is a crunch with legs up. This workout will train your rectus abdominis. So-called Six Pack. It is the upper part of the rectus abdominis that can be trained mainly. This is a bicycle crunch. The whole abs are trained. In addition to rectus abdominal muscles, the oblique muscles can be trained. This is Leg raise. This is an exercise in which the foot is lifted from a slightly raised position, kicked up when the waist is lifted slightly, and then returned to its original position. This exercise will strengthen your rectus abdominis. It is the lower part of the rectus abdominis that is mainly trained. Do about 10-15 reps 3sets each. This exercise is plank. This is an abdominal exercise that supports your body with your elbows and toes and keeps you straight. This will train your entire abs. Keep your body straight so your butt doesn’t rise or fall, and use your abdominal muscles to support it. Do this workout for about 3 sets of 1-minute. Today’s program. Bulgarian split squat, goblet squat, Romanian deadlift, calf raise, abs training.

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  1. スパッツ似合いますねえ。純粋なトレーニング動画で5万人突破はかなりすごいことですね。

  2. 史上最高のワークアウトビデオ、世界で最高になり続けることを決してやめないでください。👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾😃😄😃

  3. Hello Nina. I'm glad to see that you are healthy and working out. I was getting worried because it's been a while. The coronavirus has been so bad. I was thinking I may have gotten it because I ran a low fever Thursday and Friday but feeling good now. America is under total shut down right now all restaurants are closed no public gathering no sports school closed. It's really crazy . I hope things are going well for you and Japan. Thanks 😘

  4. ホームトレーニングありがとうございます。私は右足に障害があるためスクワットが難しいのですが片足づつなら出来そうです

  5. Nina i got a condition named barrel chest(please google it) i dont know why i got it but my ribcage is just huge, do you think it's impossible for me get a chiseled chest? I mean i will need a lot of muscle to fullfil the space and good to see you back

  6. コロナであまり家出れないのでピッタリですね!                                                                                           ちなみに公立受かりました!٩(^‿^)۶

  7. 動画のクオリティーが高くなって格好良いですよ( ´艸`)一連のワークアウト、特にプランクの姿勢が良いですね!!気が付いたところ・・・今かなり絞ってますか??良い感じに絞れてナイスマッチョですよ!!

  8. Good to see a video up and hopefully you're well, excellent editing, what stretching if any do you do? Or do you use a roller for muscle soreness and recovery… Take care.

  9. 最初のスクワットはバランスが取り難そう

  10. これなら出来そう。ヤりますね。

  11. だいたい同じことやってます。

  12. 今晩わ‼️今回のトレーニング動画を観て改めて努力家だと感じました❗僕は下半身の筋トレは余り好きでは無いですけど! 今回の動画を観てやる気が湧いて来ました❗コロナ感染者もまだまだ拡大しておりますのでお体には!気を付けて下さい!又の配信楽しみにしております‼️

  13. 待ってましたであります!こ、これは効きそうであります!早速やってみるであります(*´∀`*)

  14. いつ観てもだけど、今回の動画もだけども

  15. 階段使うの良いアイデアですね!素晴らしい体です!女性特有のラインを残していてとてと魅力的です!

  16. お疲れさまです。(^_^)ノ

  17. 家デカない…?w


  18. Konicaiwh Nina 🙏🏼👋. Respect 00:25 ! Serious work out! You are look fantastic! 0% fat! Loving the new outfit! Looks nice on you! Your form and shape are 👌🏻! ☺️ ❤️🌹🔥

  19. 久々のコメントですーと言っても9.10回目かな?

  20. 階段を利用したトレーニングは効果的ですね!同じ所だけでなくて登り降りを利用しての飽きないトレーニングが出来そうです。とても参考になりました。ありがとうございます。

  21. こんにちは。新しい加入者で、ビデオをお楽しみください。54歳でまたジムに戻ります。あなたが示すコントロールが大好きで、私は常に言われていた。重みの調整…それがあなたをコントロールさせないでください。お疲れさまでした!!アラスカからの尊敬の念。

  22. NINA❗️これだけ登録者を抱えてるのに

  23. お久しぶりです、 いまジムは厳戒態勢で営業してます、 ランニングマシーンは一台間隔での使用に、窓や非常口などを開けて空気換気を、スタッフの方もこまめにマシーンを拭いておられます、 大変な事態になりましたね…

  24. 外出するにはマスクを着用し、より多くの手を洗ってください。 最近ジムに行かないで。 体に気をつけてください。

  25. 【ダンベル】










  26. Watching NINA makes it almost feel like I’m doing the exercises myself….meaning I don’t need to :). So I look forward to not doing more exercises next time! ps those glutes !!!

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