#1 of 9 | How To Do An Air Squat | CrossFit Crescent | Amman, Jordan

hello and welcome to cross back Crescent I’m Nathan this is joseph and today we’re going to be covering that air squat go ahead joseph so the first thing we’re going to talk about today is the stands alone in facing chemicals ok we want to make sure that his feet are shoulder-width apart with the toes slightly pointed out ok this is the starting position making sure that the body is standing up nice and straight everything is fully extended now we’re going to talk about dropping down as he goes down we want to make sure that he is pushing the hips back first one begin with the hips make sure that back is staying straight ok using that arms to help keep the chest up and a back straight head is in a neutral position apps or grace in order to help keep that back straight ok let’s face the camera another thing that we really want to watch out for is we want to make sure that we’re pushing those knees out as those hips are going back and pushing those knees out on the way up if you want to look you’ll see the line that his knee is creating is in line or just slightly outside of the line that has feet are thinking okay this is the foundational movement of CrossFit and a lot of life in general ok it is the quintessential movement for sitting down and standing up if we’re able to do this really well without a support like a chair being behind us ok he’s standing up this this is going to be a great movement for life in general as you get older right and its really really strong we were able to lift a lot of weight this way this is the bio mechanically sound and safe way for you to move lots of weight really well and quickly and safely I probably the last thing is we want to make sure that we keep all of our way for the most part on our heels that’s one of the ways as we push out its back all my weight is on my heels and then come right back up making sure that we do not go on to the the toes we do not want to see that he’ll leave the ground at all okay so make sure to review this this video if you need to because it will be used for covering the front squat and number two spot thank you

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