1 Weird Tip To Gain Weight Fast

bjbj 1 Weird Tip To Gain Weight Fast Mike
Chang: Yo! What s up, guys! This is Mike Chang with Six Pack Shortcuts. So in this video, I am going to show you all
one weird tip, but very useful tip, on how to gain weight and this is actually a tip
that I used to do all the time back in my days when I was used to try to put on more
size, okay. So here it goes. The one weird tip of gaining weight is actually
to eat faster. You want to practice eating your food faster
and it sounds kind of weird, really how does this have to do with anything and really,
it directly, directly helps you gain more weight. So when you are eating faster, number 1, well,
if you are skinny, then one of the problems you are running into and the major one is
you are not eating enough food. And a lot of times, I have guys, I have friends
that are skinny and we work with guys that are also skinny and I see them; they ll take
a full meal and they ll start to eat about maybe half of it or they ll take a couple
of bites here and there and just kind of leave it there and go back to their work. And they ll come back, eat maybe another one
bite and then afterwards they kind of lose their appetite and they don t want to eat
anymore; might be gone cold or is not fresh anymore. So you want to be able to eat faster is this
way, number 1, you are able to consume all the food in front of you that you have and
not have your stomach feel full as fast because your stomach usually takes about 20 minutes
give or take to go ahead and feel full. So during these 20 minutes, you want to go
ahead and let s put it down as fast as you can, and imagine if we can eat your entire
meal in let s say five minutes or less, number 1, it s going to be tough for you or someone
to go ahead and get full right away. I mean you are going to feel it, but it s
your appetite will still be strong. And number 2, if you need to go ahead and
eat more food, imagine right now, if you are eating, let s say, this much food, let s say,
a fistful of food, and now you are trying to gain weight so you ve got eat more, you
know that so now you need to eat two fistfuls of food. So if you don t have an appetite, is all thing,
and you are eating and you are having problems finishing your meals as it is right now, imagine
when you have to eat double the amount. It only makes logical sense to go ahead and
eat faster because you are not going to spend all your day eating, constantly eating and
eating and eating because you probably got to work and you ve got to school and you ve
got other responsibilities you rather be doing, you couldn t sit at a table and just continuously
eat. So you want to eat your food as fast as you
can. Another reason why this helps a lot is because
not only do you need to eat more food than which you are currently eating right now per
meal to gain weight, but also you need to eat more often. So if you are only eating, let s say, two
or three times a day, in order to really gain weight, you need to eat almost about every
two hours. So that means you need to eat like six times
a day. So now imagine if you are spending ten minutes
or 20 minutes eating a smaller meal, now you have to eat a bigger meal and now you have
to double the frequency of eating, you just got to find yourself eating all day long and
I ve never met a skinny guy that likes to eat all day long. Why? If they did do that, he wouldn t be skinny. So eating fast would allow you to go ahead
and put these meals down faster so you can get on with the day and also you won t spend
so much time eating when you can spend the other times doing the other things you like. Well, there is a downfall about eating really
fast and people are probably going to commenting on it and tell me oh, you know, this is what
s going to happen. Well, as you know, your digestive process,
your mouth is the first process; it s part of your digestive process. So if you are eating really fast, a lot of
times you are not chewing as much because I ve forgot what it was, but you were supposed
to chew like 20 times or you are supposed to chew your food a certain amount of time
before swallowing it down so this way your stomach doesn t have to do much work. Well, number 1 and I ll be totally honest
with you guys, I ve been eating superfast pretty much my entire life ever since I was
a kid and now I still eat fast and I don t chew my food and I chew it but now like you
are supposed to. And honestly, if your stomach has to work
a little harder to digest a food, if you are weighing that process help you gain more weight,
you decide which was more important for you; for your stomach to go ahead and have a nice
time digesting everything and digesting everything properly or gaining more weight because your
04:12 put down more food faster. You decide. Honestly, I would go way with gaining more
weight, okay; eating faster would allow you to go ahead and increase your appetite, put
down more food and overall be more happy with yourself because you are able to put on the
size, put on the muscle and put on the weight. So no more being skinny. So I hope these tips help you out. Leave the comments below, tell me how long
it takes you to finish your meal and if you want more weight gaining tips and how to gain
muscle, how to gain weight, check out HYPERLINK “http://www.sixpacksshortcuts.com” sixpackshortcuts.com
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  1. I'm 14 years old, and I'm 5' 11" and 140 pounds. I'm bigger and stronger than most kids my age but I just wanna be at least 150 by the start of the school year which at the beginning of September. Is this possible?

  2. I would say this is dangerous man , why don't you just use "FAT FAST???" 0-o???

    Seriously though , their should be something to gain weight for underweight people , there is "PLENTY" of "DIET THINGS!!!" 🙁

    (EDIT) We should not have to take Creatine or that muscle gain shit from boots , there should be "ENSURE DRINKS" more available to buy and cheaper , because they "ARE TO EXPENSIVE!!!"

    Weight loss foods are cheap because there is nothing in them , yet it is "THIER FAULT THEY ARE OBESE!!!"


    It's only fair… 🙂

  3. i eat like there is no tomorrow still cant gain weight for shit, stopped working out in hope to gain weight fuck it give me anything i want fat, still skinny as fuck

  4. I already eat really fast and in school I eat things like a 7 pattie burger no joke and people my size weigh 30 pounds less than me!!!! And I actually am not fat either

  5. Help me please! I️ have a 16-year-old son and he needs to gain weight but does not! What can I feed him to get him to gain weight?

  6. I’m 14 and do all of this but still don’t gain weight. Next year I have my first year of high school and to play football I want to be somewhat bigger I’m 127 but is it better to work out or eat more.

  7. i eat super damn unhealthy but i never gain any weight!!! i did the supersize me diet for a month, fast food for every day for every meal, and i went up 3 pounds. what the fuck

  8. i eat rapid and always have to wait for everyone else to finish and i eat a TON…… Im a walking stick still…. ._. i give up

  9. I listened to what you said and I went from eating 5 eggs in 11/12 min. To eating them on 4/5 min.

    The only difficulty now is eating every so often.

  10. I actually believe this guy because I used to eat my food fast! But now I don't, and I've been loosing weight wich isn't what I want.

  11. Welp, I really need this video. If I don't get more weight, I'll collapse and die. So, uh.. Yeah.. That's the explanation of my search history. Literally this is it :
    How to get weight SUPER FAST BOI
    How to get weight fast
    How to gain weight fast
    How to gain a ton of weight faster than sanic
    How to gain weight fast

  12. I think here a right way to gain 100 % weight,
    Build Your Ultimate Body Fast With 100 % Legal Steroids : https://goo.gl/A7t98E

  13. Nah I eat alot but I'm still skinny because apparently I have high metabolism so the only way to get weight for me is to get muscle :/

  14. Guys I used to think I ate a lot but after I really started eating a lot I realized how little I was eating before I probably ate 2-3 times a day before.. now I eat 4-5 times days now I gained 14 pounds in 3.5 weeks I’m 5’10 and 142 I still look very skinny but I’m still in the process of gaining weight so it’s fine I workout 5 times a week …I didn’t eat a lot because I didn’t feel hungry but that didn’t mean I couldn’t eat more ..I was just too lazy to eat tbh and guys you shouldn’t wait until you feel hungry you should eat more ..because I used to wait until I felt hungry which is why I never gained weight…luckily my mom cooks everyday so I’m able to eat a lot

  15. It would be a waste for you not to lose fat when other typical people are capable to lose weight very easily with Fenoboci Diet Plan (just google search it).

  16. isn't eating fast bad for one's digestive system, especially if they don't chew their well enough? also, isn't eating more meals speeds up one's metabolism making it hard to retain calories? also! where's ur shirt?!

  17. I can eat an insane amount of food for Month and gain maybe a pound or two but if I skip a meal it literally falls right back off.i can't stand the way I look I'm always hated on myself

  18. I’m not trying to inhale my food like a vacuum cleaner but thanks. Not feeling like choking today

  19. I just couldn't leave this video without giving this man a compliment 😂😂 he is so handsome ❤

  20. Fat people are watching and thinking those lucky skinny guys, I wish it was hard for me to gain weight like them! While skinny ones are thinking, you lucky chubby ones, losing weight is easy and cheap compared to us putting on weight! So basically most people have something they consider bad while others who don't have it consider it a blessing they so wish to have! Typical humans!

  21. I don't know about but every time I eat FAST it never works I'm still 60 pounds and I'm 12 I don't think that's healthy to skinny no muscles.

  22. I'm 12 years old and 79 pounds I love eating but I don't have the money to like get as much food as average people 🙁 …Every single day I'm always starving it sucks being black and poor I wish I could get more food..

  23. I have a friend who is skinng like a bone and eat hella lot more than me but i weigh more than him, so it all comes down to genetics

  24. Smoke weed and eat big. in the morning don't smoke any weed tell after you finish your work out .. don't get to your goal that day.. then you don't get to smoke that day … Builds self control and you well gain. Gain 1 to 2 reps every 4 days …. Sativa is the best …

  25. Mike I like your channel but this advice is trash. You'll choke if you eat fast. Take your time when you eat folks

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