1 year epic calisthenics body transformation (14 years old)

Tai yra mano kelionė vienerių metų 2015/2016 Čia aš prieš metus Buvau silpnu ir truputį storu Norėjau būti stipru taigi vieną dieną nusprendžiau padaryti, kad mano svajonė tapo realybe Pradėjau su pagrindiniais pratimais Po vieno mėnesio Iš pradžios buvo labai sunku ir turėjau lėtą progresą, bet visada žinojau kad “lėtas progresas yra geriau nei neturėti progreso” Bet kada Bet kur Daug nesėkmės Bet toliau tęsk pirmyn Pirmas bjaurus Kareivėlis Nuosekliai tapau stipresnis Po vienerių metų skausmo Neseniai filmuota medžiaga 2016 23:00 nėra pasiteisinimų Prieš Po Niekada nepasiduok!!! Beast Brothers!

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  1. You should eat more I hardly see a difference but you should eat more and keep working out you'll be a beast man 🙂

  2. Video was good, but use your imagination instead of trying to imitate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqbFPN0SkLI ………..

  3. How much where you doing? And did you just make Push ups with and pull/Push ups? I Need the beginning btw Great job

  4. Gg, did pretty good, but eat a lot at the same time too, so the shape of the body can be a little bit bigger and better in the process

  5. Did you only train your arms? I saw that you got some ABS to but you only did arm exercise…

  6. lucky how some people naturally can do push ups and pull ups when i started i couldnt do a knee push up let alone pull ups i started with 5lbs dumbbells keep in mind that i was 13 i trained for half a year but no nutrition control i made gains i can do 100 push ups in a row 17 pull ups and 25 dips i dont have a six pack still but i got very good muscle mass more than you maybe but this video motivates me man now im 14 i can curl 40s now i am alot stronger than before its just the diet

  7. Hey man I'm 14 and I've been working out on and off for a few years now but never really committed. I just started working out again last week. All I have is a door frame for a pull up bar and some 6.5 pound dumbells. I've always been a skinny person and I've always wanted to change it but now I want to be bigger more than ever. I just want to thank you for being an inspiration to me to keep going

  8. Вот такую форму за год канешно так себе но по элиментам красава сказать не чего

  9. Dude same thing with me except I'm an 11 year old boy who is a little bit fat with no muscle I want to change my body but I don't know where to start my diet what exercises could you please give me some tips.

  10. The main thing is to be healthy, happy, & active. The bigger challenge will be when you are 30 when most men start gaining unwanted weight. Till then enjoy your youth & don't fret too much about having the perfect physique.

  11. I've been doing calisthenics for about a week now and I'm also 14. Tomorrow I'm heading to a school nearby to do barred calisthenics since I don't have bars at home. I've been doing 100+ push ups a day.

  12. An outdoor gym would have made you look more buff and it would have been quicker. You're not big, but you're strong, i'm younger, look buffer but can't do more than one muscle up

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