100 Replies to “1 Year Incredible Body Transformation ( Calisthenics ) – 15 years old”

  1. Pussy, go look a my video for real calisthenics, and I’m only 15, only been training for like 2 months, just imagine when I’m 18😂

  2. howwwwwwwwwww can u gain so much leannnnn muscle broooo at such a short period!!!? if you have that less weihgt in the beginning you have to eat likeeee fuckk, even if you eat healty on your bulk you gain fat and you have to work that away but your cantttt gain so much weight plussss get so lean so fast! i started from 60kg and i weight now 72 but it took me 2 years!!! and i gaint a bit a fat but i will work that away

  3. My biceps is as big as yours and I am 14. I wish all of my body muscles were as big as my bicep. I did a lit if biceps workout in the past "to have big arms"

  4. Hm. You have a strong will and that is great. But never forget that the neccessary investment into your body, that you make needs not respond to, what you realy need and want, but more what you have learned and was taught to need. Always do critically think about your motive of your work. Always feel if the activities you do are in authentic harmony with your heart. Your body and muscles need to be healthy, that is all, since this effort and investment must not be more than the investment into your mental health and knowledge. Work out does not make you wiser. The physical body one day, you will lose and everything that stays are your recalls and thoughts that are understood and can be put into perspective. Put yourself before your body… That said a healthy work out and diet is by no means to underestimate. But all needs to be balanced. Beauty means in other words orderliness and it begins always inside. All the best to you.

  5. How was the diet, well you seemed to have a lower bodyfat than me before, I'm trying to gain muscle and also lose fat, I recently started getting higher grams of protein but lower calories and now I do push/pull/leg so I can get more exercise per week

  6. Honestly it's more of body looks transformation for him. The moves he is doing isn't too difficult and his pullups forms aren't that good

  7. I've been wanting to work out since i was 12 years old, but could someone give me the program workout??? Because, no one wants to give me it :,(

  8. Nice growth, crazy transformation! Hard gainer no more!! Also enjoyed the editing with the speeches.

  9. Bruh am i the only one who doesn't have genea man. Working out for almost 2 years straight and i am not that ripped man. Proper nutrition with optimal workout and enough sleep and 14 percent bodyfat. Anyway, good work !

  10. Just some pro advice:- never change yourself if others think you are skinny or anything but as long as YOU don’t like it then sure…

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