#10 Diane – Crossfit Girls Benchmark Workout Series | Rémi Workout

Hey guys welcome back, and if you’re new, my name is Rémi helping you make Fitness become a lifestyle one video at a time.
Today is yet another crossfit girls benchmark workout. The name of today’s
workout is Diane. Just like last week’s workout, this workout as well consists of 21, 15 and 9 reps and the two exercises to be used are deadlifts and handstand
push-ups. So 25 Deadlifts, 25 handstand push-ups, 15-15-9-9, you know the drill. The weight to be used as prescribed is 225 lbs
of deadlift, but if of course you are not that strong yet, have less weight to
reduce your risk of injury and as you get stronger you’ll be fast back on the
prescribed weight. Enough of me talking, let’s get right into it! Alright! Alright guys, that was my Diane.
Could have done much better, but I’m filming at the end of my own
workout which was two hours, so I’m running a little low on energy right
now, but I got it and my score was a bit less than 13 min 17 s, I
stopped the time a bit late, but my real time is this one! Now it’s your turn, if
you are new and you want to see more of this kind of videos, make sure to hit the subscribe
button and the bell to get notifications of future videos.
Alright guys, have a great one! Good workout, see you!

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