10 min BOOTY WORKOUT to Get Rid of Cellulite + Shape & Natural Lift (No Jumping) ft. Clicknetwork

Hi, I’m Emi One of the most requested workouts from you guys as booty without to get rid of cellulite tighten this whole back area giving our booty and natural lip Which is also one of my top fitness goals since I started exercising and despite my natural flat booty Jean I am quite happy with my results so far and so today I have a very special guest together with me to show you guys some of the best booty exercises From clique networks. No sweat today. We’re going to be doing a beauty workout and I gotta do it with enemies I know all of you guys really love these hit minute work. I personally watch them and do them myself. No equipment needed So I’m perfect from workout. You can do it anywhere at home when you’re traveling if you guys are ready. Let’s go Ten exercises to give the booty the natural lift and tighten the whole area including the size and to get rid of cellulite We’re starting the first exercise here with classic air squat working Not just our booty but also sized calves and even our ABS Exercise legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart Sit your hip down and back until thighs or at least parallel to the floor Reaching your arms to the front make sure core tight chest up knees pointing out then squeeze your booty and press through your heel to stand back up as you push your hip to the front the Key here is to make sure your home is correct so that you really feel it in the right areas Doing amazing second exercise a squat houses Exercise same sls exercise with this one instead of coming all the way back up pulse for three wraps by squeezing your boots together and staying low and then stand ups have To believe it We can make the Sun come out Let’s lose ourselves in Your leg should be starting to feel sore remind yourself why you’re here this is what we’re here for so let’s put in the work Yes, third exercise is split lunge right leg front left leg back Hands on the way lower your butt down until both legs are in 90-degree angle squeeze your booty to push yourself back up and repeat again core tight chasse up the most important thing for these exercises to work is to really focus on squeezing your glutes together in each Next switch Exercise be mindful throughout the whole movement really try to visualize Isolating your glute squeezing it and using it to push yourself up in each rep We’re still Flipping cars, but what’s to come? It starts getting cold and we don’t Try to understand how it all started to come But the see is way too deep. Yes Yes fit is reverse lunge to keep it going and take it to the next level Exercise this is quite similar to the last movement but start with both feet together Then take a big step back and lower yourself into reverse lunge both legs and 90-degree angles squeeze your booty Especially the side off your front leg to push yourself back up alternate sides The rest of our lakes is also getting sore enjoy the fern almost halfway to SiC is site lunge giving us that booty lift and also an awesome sideburn at the same time Let’s wide apart toes pointing Out bend one knee and set your hip down to the side of the bent knee until thigh is almost at 90 degree angle Squeeze you’re good to push us up up back to Center aunt Anna side So Vii let’s get to the floor for a clip bridge one of the best exercises for the booty Tightening the whole area and getting rid of cellulite Back flat on the ground knees bent squeeze your booty to left your hip up as high as possible Giving it an extra squeeze at the top keep your abs drawn in then lower your butt down to lightly tap the floor Every change has a reason They do the slow and controlled Squeeze your glutes even harder to really make it count Loose outside stars crow Leaving Hey, it’s flip Bridge passes to work outlets even more Similar to the last exercises but instead of lowering our hip to the floor just keep passing and keep the burn going Only last two exercises to go 9th is donkey kick on the right side Get into all fours squeeze your booty as you raise your right leg behind you as high as possible Squeeze your foots extra hard at the top then lower it down without touching the ground to keep the tension Really feel the spot and your right foots getting sore. That’s exactly what we want. Enjoy it and keep going And we’re on to our final minute donkey kick for the left side Exercise remember to keep your backside nice and controlled so that we’re targeting the right spot Which is our booty and not just swinging our leg back and forth Good work. Hope you enjoy getting the Sun together with us and you’re feeling a Buddhist or it means the exercises work Come back to do this anytime you want remember that we need to stay consistent to series cells in progress so don’t give up remember to subscribe and turn on the Notification button and also to check out yen’s fitness videos on click Network. See you again very soon You’ll remember no pain. No gain

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  1. I really want to thank you Emi because you changed my life and Restode my confidence you are the best you tuber I wish you more success I love you so much 😍❤💖💖💕

  2. Y'all emi just made another one😄😝✊💪I'm about to try this today, thanks emi, my butt needs some tlc because… it's been through the struggle😓

  3. Just realised that it's a new video! Gonna start practising today coz I got a big meal in Cheesecake Factory just now hahahaaaa

  4. Just recieved your notification on this workout video, only to remember I'm still suffering from butt and leg day from yesterday's workout lol. I'll definitely do this once I've recovered! 💪🏻❤ #nopainnogain #femily

  5. Hey Emi, I had a question. Its on ab exercises. My stomach aches really really hard. Should I keep on going or take a 10sec break?? It is after 15secs of ab exercise.

  6. Me: alright im so done with this, imma qui-
    Emi: nO pAin nO gAIn 🥺💖

    Love you emi!! Ive been working out my ab and booty w your videos for a year and my body is better then ever now i just too shy to comment but i want to say thank you now 💖😍

  7. I’m going to be doing this 3 times a week and see if this works out for me because I really want to have glutes I’m just flat and it makes me so uncomfortable

  8. Yeeeeeeah!!! Thank you for this Upload. I lost weight with you and now i am trying to get my booty in shape…so perfect timing! Thx #femily

  9. I've always like Emi for the nerdy fact that she looks like a Gelfling from Dark Crystal.
    Her innocent and youthful appearance seal it for me.
    Hope she's not offended because I mean absolutely no offense but this comment.

    Btw, great workout!! Hamstrings weren't rdy 😅

  10. I always like your workouts, but i didn’t like this one. It feels like many exercises repeat or are pretty similar and i like it a lot more when you switch sides in the 45 seconds rather then doing the left side 45 seconds and the right side 45 seconds. the other way i am more motivated and give more when i dont know what comes next.

  11. Have been doing 30min hiit workouts from emi and this will be a refreshing addition to my current workout!

    Thanks emi for the workout! 🙂

  12. I just did this workout today and I love it! ❤
    My booty hurts a lot but I know that pain will worth it haha

  13. Hi emi huge fan(: i love new video. I was wandering if next time you could do like a 20 or 30 minute INTENSE ab workout that's also back friendly. That would be awesome, love you!!!

  14. I love this thank you so much emi mam ❤️❤️🙏🙏I always fallow your all work out bt I can't hastang your Instagram account why don't know???

  15. Thanks for zis amazin workout emi…just restarted working out after being ill…feelin just amazin…love your background music so motivatin…looking forward for sme amazin workouts thank u ❤️

  16. Emi this workout was great, my legs felt like stone afterwards and i had did your standing abs workout, i was tired but i felt strong and powerful at the same time😅Love you emi😊💖💪

  17. I looove your workouts and I even got a friend of mine into them as well! This workout killed me but in the best way! Thank you so much! Can you do more like this and maybe more arm ones?

  18. I like this one. Ty. I cannot find the one that starts with jumping jacks. I think it is a 10 or 15 min full body. Loved that one. Can you tell me the name of it?

  19. I have been starting so good and I have been losing weight and I'm so happy but I really dont feel confident with my Hips!!! How do I slim my hips?!💔😭

  20. Hi Emi, please help me. I am in a dormitory for highschool. I am 15 years old, 5’ girl.
    Here is my diet to eating healthy:

    Breakfast: 1 piece of wheat bread, peanut butter, hand full of peppers

    Snack: 1 small cup of nuts

    Lunch: either plain chicken or 3 small veggie patties, peppers

    Dinner: 1 wheat bread, 2 eggs, and hand full of peppers

    Is this considered starving myself? Please help me I want to lose weight happily and healthily. Is this a good amount to help me lose weight but eat healthy?

  21. this booty workouts helps you to have a wider hip so i dont want to have a wider hip but ı wanna have a non cellulite booty what should ı do?

  22. This was one my insecurities, but I could never figure out was it was and therefore didnt know how to get rid of it! Thank you so so soooo much!

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