12 Week Body Transformation – ROAD TO VEGETA (Level 02/12)

Hello everybody, it is me Petair! Welocme to ROAD TO VEGETA Level 2/12, Week 2. First week is over.You can not see to much improvements! But i will not quit for sure! Today i am going to do a calisthenics workout. Here in my garden. For sure you can train everywhere! The only thing you need is going to be a pullupbar! There are no excuses. You can train everywhere! You do not need a membership in a gym. You can workout outside, in the garden or at home. So just keep going. Like i promised, ai am going to give you 3 motivational tips in every video! And No.1 for today is music! Music is very important to me! In general i am listening to german rap! Because it is more understandable to me! I can identify myself with the lyrics right away! So i can push my self for working out. I am not into american rap, because it takes to much time to understand the lyrics for me! I love to listen to Kontra K from Germany. He is rapping about sport, motivation, discipline, power, believe, never giving up and so on… And what is very important: Start listening to the music already about 30 minutes before your working out! So you can prepare yourself mentally. If you have any music tips, just write them don into the comments! If you watching that video first, just check out part ! right here! So you can follow my 12 week transformation and maybe try out some of those tips and use them for yourself. Today i am showing you some insides of one of my daily trainings. Starting with dips. i am going to go full out as much i can do! Trying to go into the hypertrophy training. Up to 15-40 reps! And from here right away to the next exercise! (Pullups) Upper Body workout, splitter in pushing and pulling exercises. And now just take a look! see ya later! Here , important, put your legs parallel and do not cross them. Try to keep your body in balance! So your abs are working the same way! Did not count them. When i m starting to go slower, i go to my next exercise! Now we pull! I am really not good in pulling! So i will not be able to do hypertrophy training. So here i am going to work on my strength with may 5-8 reps! Giving my best. If you have a partner of course he can help you to go into the hypertrophy training. Back in the days i just could do 2 reps. Now i am able to do 8 already! Knees parallel! Just 7… Did way to much pushups before! But i will work on it. Do not just
work on the strengths, also on your weaknesses. Going through bis exercises for about 3 rounds! With NO break! As manny dips and pull-ups i can do! If is it to easy for you go for 4 – 5 rounds! After that i tell you my motivational tip No. 2! First station done! Gonna work on my pull-ups for sure! During my transformation im am not just following a body transformation goal! I also want to improve my Pullups and skills! Let us see if i can improve up to 15 reps! Taht is my goal. It is important to also set some other goals in between a transformation! Tip No. 2! Sounds easy! I am doing that since one week! But it is helping so much! If you are going to exercise, stop watching on your phone all the time! If you using the music from your phone, just go on “not disturbing” MODE. If you are training, you just need about 60 Minutes, not even more. Do not take your phone with you!!!!!! You gonna be way more focused! Way more concentrated! You are more focused on each exercise! You are not wasting time and your are not distracted! I see that so often. Everybody is on the phone during the workout. Whatsapp, posing, instagram, calling… You just using 60 Minutes of your 24 hour day! Use them efficiently !!! Put your phone off!!! Focus on your training on the music. Go for it! Just try that out for one week! You are going to be surprised, how your workout gonna change! It gonna help you for sure and make reach your goals faster. Now next exercise and then tip No. 3! Just putting the music off for a second. I just prepared a super set for pushups! Personal, i am easy able to to about 50 pushups. If you are on a higher level already, always challenge your self with NEW pushups variations! It make no sense to go just for reps all the time with the same exercise! You need to give new impacts to your body! So now i decide for some scorpion pushups, before i go one level “lower” Just showing you the exercise! Normal pushups, just with one leg in the air! So i am working also on my lower back! Going to make it fast! Try to make as much as possible. And of course you have to change the legs more about in the middle or after 5 or 10 reps! You also can make it on the knees! You can choose that for yourself! With out a break i am going to go one station higher(easier). And make the same here, but with the legs on the floor. And if i can not more, i go higher again. And do the same here! That is a great super set! This is a hardcore hypertrophic round. Gonna kill me for sure. Go for it, till you can not anymore! Gonna rest for 90 seconds and make up to three rounds! Triceps gonna burn fore sure! Keep your elbows close to the body! Already feeling a small pump! Take a look and i am going to tell you tip No. 3! When i get slower, right away to the next one. And next! You gonna be surprised! How exhausting that easy pushups gonna be! 3 Times! 90 Sec. Break in-between. Now Tip No. 3. Just realized that again yesterday. I watched a documentary about the manager of the soccer team: Liverpool FC. Was more about to sport, but you can compare it for sure! YOU HAVE TO GIVE 100 % ALWAYS! YOU DONT´T HAVE ANOTHER OPTION!!! If you maybe fail in the end, and you maybe wanted to reach more, (for example, 50 cm instead 48 cm circumference) You are still able to say: I GAVE EVERYTHING! THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION! If you just go for it with 50 %, you will always find excuses! But if you go for 100 %, even you do not see results right away. (For example, when you want to lose body fat, but you do not see it right away, maybe because you lose fat in the back first, Trust me, do not stop just because of this, just because you maybe not reached your goal the first time! Example, Jürgen Klopp, they played the best season in history with 97 points and just went for the second place! But they are proud of theirselfs, because they can say: We gave all what we could! We did not make mistakes, because we always went for it! There IS NO alternative, if you want to be successful!!! Or you go for 100 % or you fail! Give it all and be proud of yourself! 100 % FOCUS! Now my last exercise for today! Negativ pullups! If i finished with that, i am going through everything one more time! After that my training is finished. Workout out for about 30-45 Minutes! And the i am going to show you my nutrition tips! Going to cook something for you! I did not waste time while shopping my nutritions, but still was able to cover all the important elements: carbohydrates, fat, proteins! Just have spent 30 minutes for all 3 meals! Stay here and see you later! So let us start! Of course we start with water. I prepared 1,5 liter and a lemon and just mixed it up. I use a app that is tracking my calories and how much water i drink. At least try to drink 2 liter of water. Actually harder then i thought. Yesterday i just drunk 1 liter. I waked up with a dry mouth in the morning. So very easy, just 2 minutes and its ready. And consume it during the day. Of course you can prepare even 2 big bottles. Now i am going to show you my “breakfast” and how i prepare it. About the other meals i am going to show you just the products, because i am going to eat them later. Of course the shake you can prepare the night before and put it in the fridge. What is important, i do not know nothing about your body, your goals. So you have to eat your portion. So starting with oats. Doing it without a scale. Just estimating my portion. Maybe in the future i am going to take more care about that. i am using about 200 grams of oats. Then coconut milk. Better than regular milk. And you have a better taste right away. And wahr is important for me, that it is easy to prepare and cook. Do not use to much milk. Just to the top of the oats. Next we add some peanut butterfat the fat.Ii am using about up to 50/60 grams. Up to your goals you have to adapt the portions. Chris is here too and listening what i say. So if i say some stupid things he will interrupt me. But one day i am going to do everything by myself. In the beginning you can take some help from an expert, but later of course try to do it by yourself. Hopefully i used about 50 grams and not more. I am 1,85 and have about 85 KG, so i use 2 Bananas. One good thing. The first and the second
recipe a similar. Just cutting down the bananas. And in the end i am going to put some berries on the top to make it taste more exotic. Allmost done. Just needed something about 5 minutes for that. Bring to a lightly boil and mix it up. I ate it yesterday already and i really like it. That was the first one, not let us have a look to the other two recipes. But i am not cook them now. Just about show it to you. The Lunch is about to be a shake with the same ingredients i have used before. Coconutmilk Peanutbutter Wheyprotein Let me think. Two more bananas. That’s it. And of course depending on your goals you have to adapt the amount of the ingredients That is about 700 calories now here right now. Just found an apple, of course you can add it, too. Put it in the shake or to your oats. Just play around a bit and find your favorite taste. I used the vanilla whey. Just choose your taste. Or just choose a whey without a taste, like rice protein for example. I am going to try out different things, too. Let us take about the dinner now. Frozen salmon, about 300 grams. About 40 grams of protein! With those meals i am going to reach my fat content. Trying to use the zap app to track my calories. I realized that is not so hard to prepare my food actually. I show it to you right now, but it is better to do that without the “alufolie”. When you prepare your food of course you can use some spices. I put the salmon in the “alufolie”, but it is better to do that without the “alufolie”. Just use a special plate for the oven. Do not listen to me right here , hahahahahaha Put it on the plate and put it in the oven for about 30 minutes. Like you saw, i just needed about 10 minutes to prepare my food for all the day! Ignore what i say here again, hahahahah So one shot, even just 7 minutes to prepare everything. even the way to the restaurant takes longer. And you even have to wait for your order. In between you can do some other random things, and i am sure you just gonna need up to 30 minutes. And you eve faster, then ordering some food through the phone. I spend 10 Euro for 3/4 meals. There are some small tricks, like to use some spices to make it tase better. Put some cinnamon in your oats, so you have another taste right away. That was it. Second week is over. Let me now what you think about that. Write me a comment, when you have tried one of those meals. Did you have some troubles during the preparation. For me so far everything went well. Maybe next week the food gonna be a bit more exotic. Let’s see. Because of course we want to see some progress preparing some food, too. So we are not going to eat the same all the time. But let us keep it simple in the beginning. So we do not have to thing about to much stuff in the beginning. So we do not lose the joy during our transformation. That’s it. Leave me some comments. Already looking forward to part 3! Still a long way to go. Stay updated. Next week i am going to drop the next video! Sunday 11 AM, Europe TIME ZONE! There i am going to show you my daily workouts! Hope you liked my calisthenics workout! Next week of course i am going to do some Breakletics Workouts! Gonna use the app, too. Follow me on Insta to follow my transformation daily. Live! Every day! There you gonna find more about my daily nutrition! Every week 3 new motivational tips and 3 new nutrition recipes. Every week 3 new motivational tips and 3 new nutrition recipes. Peace, Petair!

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