15 Minute Daily Morning Mobility Routine (Follow Along)

what is up guys welcome back to another video so this week I wanted to keep it simple by giving you guys a quick and easy mobility routine that you can do every single day to wake up your body and give you enough energy to go ahead and attack your day this is actually the routine that I do every single morning as soon as I wake up before I drink coffee before I even touch my phone I just go outside and perform this routine so as I said I can have enough energy to do all the things that I want to do in a day I previously did on this channel a 20 minute long full body mobility routine that you can check out right here if you are interested in a longer routine but this routine is perfect when you don’t have enough time you just want to get something quick and easy to again wake up your body and get energy for your day so without further ado let’s begin the routine I like to always start by just bouncing in place so you’re going to start with both feet getting off the floor at the same time and then both feet landing at the same time we’re just going to bounce in here for about 20 seconds try to be soft on yourself remember this is first time in the morning so you don’t want to be killing yourself and getting your heart rate up super high try to feel loose that you release all the tension that you may be carrying fro for all this eight hours or nine hours of sleep that you’re guarding hopefully next one we’re going to do some shaking so instead of bouncing with both feet you’re going to switch up one feet then the other one and you’re going to start incorporating your arms in the process so you’re going to start shaking up your wrist then the forms and the shoulders and then basically your entire body there is no right or wrong on this exercise you just want to be feeling loose and just waking up your body keep your attention on your breathing throughout your entire practice movement is as important as breathing in anything basically catch your breath stop shake up your arms a little more ground yourself in the ground grasp the floor with your feet so you feel nice and grounded with the earth the next one we’re going to do is waking up a little bit on the arms what I like to do is open your palms facing forward and you’re going to open as much as you can and then close open and close so working up into the forms and into the entire arms now from here you’re going to start raising your arms at the same time you’re opening and closing you get here to a 90-degree angle and you keep racing all the way up overhead now you get a nice stretch on your lats look up if you want to this or coming down open and close keep this motion going and again keep your attention on your breathing the entire time now to release all that tension that we just got from waking up into the forms what I like to do is doing circles to go to the outside first for ten times that’s four five six seven eight nine and ten out to the inside ten nine eight seven six five four three two one shake your arms shake your wrist next one we’re going to do some join articulations in our forms what I like to do is the right arm is going to go clockwise and the left arm is going to go counterclockwise because if I mean if you try to do like both clockwise I don’t know it just feels like kind of weird so with the right one you just go clockwise to the right and with the last one just go counterclockwise with the left at the same time so we go ten times three four five six seven eight nine and ten now switch sides left arms going clockwise and right arm is going counterclockwise one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten you will little shake to the arms now we’re going to do some side Bend so place your feet are about shoulder width apart you’re going to place the left hand on your left hip you’re going to raise your right arm up to the sky you’re going to push your hip towards the right while your right arm is going towards the left and I don’t want you guys to like compress your own words fine but imagine like your right ribcage is going up to the sky so it’s going up and then is when you push and then you side then as much as possible don’t try to go too far here just go to a place that you feel comfortable for five more seconds here and five four keep lifting the chest three two one now go back to centre switch sides right hand is on your hip left arm go across up and all the way towards the right lifting again your left ribcage up towards the ceiling or towards the sky whichever place you are doing this keep your attention on your breathing the whole time you want to all little deeper push your hips towards the left lift the left side body and go towards the right [Music] now go back to Center now we’re gonna do some back bending when I do different variations of them the first one is going to be again with your hands overhead which is kind of the more intense one I don’t want you guys to go too deep on this one just push your hips forward and open first through the shoulders then then upper back then the middle back and then finally you can stretch your lumbar spine but I don’t want you guys to compress so much right here and if you’re finding hard to breathe just back off a little more and just find a place that you can breathe comfortably lift through the chest open through the shoulders and breathe only five more seconds five four three to one and release next one is going to be with our hands behind our back you’re going to pinch your elbows together lift through the chest push your head forward pinch your elbows again together and open through the chest and breathe [Music] if you want a little more you can always push your hips a little more forward but always keep lifting the chest I don’t want you guys to compress the lumbar spine now you’re going to place your hands behind your head again we’re going to go now for extension I want to take a deep inhale then you’re going to exhale bend your knees round your spine and go into flexion keep that exhale nice and long then once Excel is done you’re going to inhale extend your knees open through the chest open through the elbows lean back and then exhale round forward stretch the neck and also connect your elbows towards your knees hold it here now extend your knees grab both elbows with your hands and inhale if your chest exhale fall all the way until you can go again you’re allowed to bend your knees or bend one knee at a time I’m going to force any stretch too much and from here what I want you to do is rock to the left rock to the right relax the neck let’s go five on each direction we’re ready to so this is three this is four and this is five now we’re gonna get into a squat let me face the camera so if you cannot get into your squat and you can always put something beneath your sit bones to elevate yourself so make the position more accessible but if you’re here with me inhale your chest lean forward and push your knees to the outside with your elbows and again rock side to side even if we’re doing a static pose I like to always be moving so on the squad I like to come lean towards the right and open in my right hip and I’m leaning towards the left and open it my left hip just bounced in there [Music] maybe if you feel comfortable in the squat you can bring your hands forward and send the hips back to open up a little more into the hips now we’re gonna do some twists by putting their right hand behind our back left arm is going to go across in our knees and we’re going to twist and I don’t want you to bring your entire body to the to the back of the of the room but I wanted to keep your hips square and only twist from your belly only until you can go then you go back to Center switch hands so left arm is in the floor while I’m is across you keep your hips square and you twist towards that side and every time you’re twisting I wanted to do a big on long exhale inhale and then exhale twist one more to the other side inhale and exhale now the next one I’m going to face this way so you can see what the exercise look but we’re still in a squat position what we’re going to do is instead of twisting we’re going to place start with the left arm behind our back and you’re going to lift your hips you can take your heels of the of the mat if this is it having it here is too uncomfortable but if you can keep your heels towards the mat what I want to do is raise your hip your right arm is going to be up you’re going to extend into basically a single arm reverse tabletalk then go back into your squat place the right arm back to the to the room inhale extend your entire body then lean forward left arm it’s in that go back to your squad last one through around goes back inhale if your chest and then go back into your squad now next one we’re going to do just a simple yoga vinyasa so start in plank take a deep inhale now exhale by leaning forward lowering down into chaturanga lower all the way down to your belly touches the floor until your toes inhale for Cobra send your shoulders back and down to open up through the chest and then on the next exhale you go to downward facing dog again if you if you’re doing this first time in the morning you should feel pretty tighten your hamstrings so I’m allowing you to bend one knee at a time to stretch each hamstring individually keep your attention on your breathing as always so from here you’re going to bend your knees lower down into Child’s Pose so get your knees towards mat untuck your toes send your arms forward open your knees to the outside with your feet stay close together both of your big toes and then lean forward to release all the tension in the low back again move side to side slowly come back up and go into a seated position so the seated position is going to depend on whichever position you feel comfortable and you can be just cross-legged like this I like to do is just place one foot on top of the other one it’s not lotus pose it’s just basically having one leg on top of the other one this is the position that I find more comfortable for me but you can be in any seated position that you like from here we’re going to finish off by a stretching or neck we carry a lot of tension around the neck area so stretching the neck first time in the morning and even throughout the day it is a very smart thing to do so you’re going to place your left hand met with the right hand you’re going to grab your head and you’re going to stretch your neck towards the right at the same time your left hand is pushing you through the other side so you feel all the stretch on your left side of your neck we’re just gonna hold here for like five seconds only five four keep breathing three two one now you’re going to keep this position where you’re going to use your hands to bring the neck up so now you should feel it a little bit more on this area of the neck okay four five four three two one now you’re going to keep that position and you’re going to look up so now you’re feeling it all in the front part of the neck you can release his hand use both hands to push your neck up now we’re going to do the same on the other side place your right hand on the mat left hand on your head and stretch the right side of your neck keep that position use your hands to look up but your neck is still going to it to the side now you should feel it all the way through this part of the leg now finally your neck up again to stretch one more time on the front side last neck stretch I’m going to do is doing the opposite so grab both hands behind your head just tuck your chin towards your chest you should feel the stretch right behind your neck all the way to your traps your upper traps Rock side to side that feels good for you [Music] release and finally as always I like to always finish with a twist so place your left hand on your knee right hand is behind inhale lift your chest exhale twist [Music] go back to centre to the other side right hand is on your left knee inhale lift your chest and exhale twist go back to centre place both hands in your knees close your eyes and this is the time that I take to myself to just focus on my breathing and meditate for 5 10 15 minutes or however long you want to do the meditation you can stay in this position for as long as you want thank you guys so much for sharing this moment with me namaste so there you have it guys this is basically the routine that I do every single morning as soon as I wake up again if you want something longer and a little bit more complex you can take my full body immobility routine I’m going to link it down in the description but again this is something very quick and very easy if you don’t have enough time and you just want to get your body awake and ready to do all the things that you want to do in a day if you enjoyed this video make sure to give a big thumbs up to support the channel also share with somebody that is not a morning person and is struggling to get some energy in the day and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any content in the future and as always guys I’ll see you all next week [Music]

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