15 WEEKS BODY TRANSFORMATION – FREELETICS – Fitness4u – No supplements no diet

I’m Victor from fitness for you and I’m nineteen
years old and I’m here to talk about fifteen weeks of change with Freeletics I’ve been always that kind of child who really doesn’t like sport not
just because it was tiring but mostly because I was fat. Maybe I’m closest friends
my family insisted I was OK but in my 13’s… I had not a lot of self-esteem. my
parents always tried to encourage me to do sports so I did swimming, karate, Taekwondo
for almost five years and I won’t deny it my body changed a lot but I wasn’t happy
with it because once I stopped doing sport I gained weight In fact, now in my first year of college, in June with my final exams, I weighted 67-68 kg And I’m a short guy so that makes me feel and see round easily I have to admit it, I did Freeletics before and I did… 2 weeks or less. It was too hard for me and
I get frustrated I… gave up Since then I tried a few times later successfully until now Since I created fitness4u it has become my
motivation to show and encourage you try to change because it is possible but it won’t be easy and I won’t talk any more here are my results. I hope you enjoy it I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you had… Comment your experiences And don’t forget to check the link down below where you can check Freeletics official website* So… See you on the next vid!

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  1. Hi man I am so proud of you. I bit chubby I have no upper body weight strength as well. Can you tell me, how many times you was eating and the average the daily calorie intake plz. Also I cannot afford freeletics. Can I do push ups and some certain stuff you have done to get my dream sucess??. Thank you man. Plz rply I would so happy it means a lot to me thanks again.

  2. After seeing you… I had started freeletics… It's my second week now… Feeling strong and motivated… Thanks bro… 😄😄

  3. hola, soy de mexico, empecé hace 3 semanas y aun no veo cambio… hiciste algún otro ejercicio mientras hacías freeletics? mas o menos cuando empezaste a ver cambios notables?

  4. Did you use the coach option? If so, do you strictly recommend it? I'm about to start freeletics, and I just wanna clarify some things first. haha

  5. great video ! and i totally agree with no diet and no supplement 😀 check out my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7q_ktaHjfA

  6. Hola Victor, cómo estás? Ante todo, felicitaciones por la transformación! He visto el vídeo en donde contabas que ibas a comenzar (de hecho te hice unas preguntas sobre Freeletics allí, jaja) y se nota realmente el cambio. Quería molestarte de nuevo con unas preguntas… He hecho las rutinas para acondicionarme con los ejercicios, y tengo ganas de adquirir el coach que te brinda la aplicación. Mis dudas son las siguientes:

    1- He leído por ahí que si por ejemplo no puedo salir de mi casa, la aplicación automáticamente te regenera una nueva rutina para ese día en cuestión. Esto es cierto? Dado que no tengo ni el espacio ni un parque cerca como para poder hacer dominadas.

    2- Otro tema que tenía dudas, son sobre esos días que hay que hacer dos rutinas en una. Se puede programar eso para poder hacerlo durante un fin de semana? Esta pregunta va orientada a que por una cuestión de tiempo podría hacer una rutina, pero no dos seguidas, sino se me va el día.. Jaja.

    Desde ya muchas gracias!

  7. hey, bro….I have a question about nutrition…why i can't lose weight with white rice ? what's the different between white rice and brown rice ?

  8. how much volume usually you do for each workout in freeletics ? do i have to do Aphrodite or Athena for 2x or 3x ??

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  10. You should make a video of you doing 3 months of strength training with heavy weights. Specifically heavy duty training Mike Mentzer style.

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