2017 Regional Event 3 Standards

2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Regional Individual Event 3 consists of single arm overhead walking lunges, double unders, wall balls, and rope climbs. Athletes will begin at the far side of the floor, and at the sound of the beep will lunge for 100 feet towards the rig. If at any point the dumbbell is lowered, the athlete must restart from the last five foot increment they successfully completed. Upon crossing the red line at the end of their lane, the athlete will perform 100 double unders, 25 reps of wall balls on each target, for a total of 50, and ten rope climbs. After each successful rope climb, the athlete will move their rep counter to the appropriate number. Upon completing the rope climbs, the athlete will retrace their steps back through the wall balls, double unders, and walking lunges. Once the athlete crosses the red line onto the green mat, they will lower the dumbbell and carry it to the finish mat to record their time.

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