2018 Coachmen Crossfit 22 CF Class B Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hey, welcome to the world famous Guaranty RV Super Centers right here in Junction City, Oregon Junction City, Oregon. I’m the van
guy I want to show you a new Coachman product. It’s very awesome on a Ford
Transit chassis, let’s pop in and take a look around. Nice wide entry step, nice step in, it
doesn’t move back and forth, it’s stationary, doesn’t have to move anywhere. Got a nice screen door and a handhold here so you don’t rip the screen door
off. Come on back I’ll show you around. So I have it in the flat position right
now in Coachman’s one of the think it’s the only company van that has an
absolutely flat bed in the back. Very comfortable, very easy, let’s roll it up. Seatbelts in the back that way if you
have somebody come back here catch my foot they got a nice space to sit back
in here they can talk as well as to the front. They have a flat-screen TV, a DVD
player. Life’s really good if you got five people rolling down the road very
comfortable. I’ve got reading lights, look at the finish on all this, finished off
very well. It’s got your screen here that pops up and clamps it up above. Window
opens up for ventilation on both sides. You have 110 outlet on this side, 110
outlet and on that side. I use a CPAP, I always look for plugins so I put my
machine someplace and if you need it we got it. Cabinets, there’s a lot of cabinets in this unit they’re all backlit easy to
see everything as well as your DVD player here. They’re all self closing and
they’re all 100% real wood. Everybody goes but gosh there’s just no
place to put stuff you got this huge overhead to put everything you don’t
have to have a big old closet to put stuff in you can fold the jacket up. This
is all the owners packet right here in this little box they tilt it over so I
could run the couch out. Moving into the kitchen area we have a recessed sink
easy to utilize and it goes flat for counter space. Induction cooking, again if
you put a magnet pan on here it’s going to warm up very quick when you take it
off it’s gonna cool down very quick not instantaneously but very quick. Garbage
can, where have I seen the last, oh, it was another Coachman product,
they have garbage cans and room over here for more scrubbers. Solid wood, drawer space, lot of drawer space wish
I’d put those on our kitchen when we did them, I have to keep closing the drawers
all the time. Oh, two shelves in here fully adjustable you move them up or
down and take them out good storage space. Microwave and then you have freezer on the bottom refrigerator on
the top. Now you’re scratching your head going the van guys crazy what are you
doing. Well you’re gonna get in the refrigerator a lot more than you are the
freezer and when you’re getting ice cream or maybe some ice out for cocktail
it’s okay because you that’s good but the rest of time you’re going to be up
above and that’s a nice design feature I really enjoy. So we’re gonna move up to
the shower, fiberglass, one-piece. Nice well-lit. Doesn’t have a shower nozzle, oh
sure it does, today so you use this for your shower no you really don’t put
there, that’s a place to hang it while you’re standing here because you can
turn it off and then you can also use it for your sink right down here.
Dispenser, how many times you’ve been in our bean you’re looking for the soap, the
shampoo, the conditioner well this has got a reservoir you just push the button
and out it comes, nice dispenser. Toilet paper is covered and as you all know you
come in here to take a shower in your van in your RV you’re gonna do it
quickly and efficiently and get out of there because if you’re dry camp you’re
not you don’t have a lot of water nor you do have none of a lot of storage
compared to a a 45 foot motorhome. And this does have a flap here that
gives you a little bit more width like that, isn’t that nice, a good design feature. Storage up on top, there’s a nice cubby
in here it’s pretty deep. And then if you turn it around we have the command
center up top. your Truma heater, Generator start switch, your tank
capacities up here, awning extension, awning power, awning light so it’s got a light
in the awning. Water pump, that battery disconnect switch so if you hit this
she’s turned off, your solar still working it’s still charging your battery.
Now I want to point out the passenger seat does swivel in a transit. The
driver seat has a emergency brake that prevents that. Nice big entry doors very
nice, that’s why Dodge got out of it, Ford got out of it and Chevy’s left because
they have the little doors and all these big doors are so nice to get in and out
of. The Truma heater throws out very little heat right here. Electrical outlet, magnet to hold your door closed. So you’ve got a screen that latches in right down here, if you want to open the
doors up you got screens on the other ones as well. Then you have a privacy
screen that comes down on top of that for at nighttime. Hitch wiring in the
back. Back up cameras down here so you’ve got a great view of the immediate area. It’s got the fisheye so it’s going to give you a good look of what you’re backing
into. Generator exhaust, water connection, fresh water, black water flush boy you
want to make sure you have the dump handle open on that bad boy or it fills
up your tank, goes up through your toilet and I’ll stop there. Cable hookup, 110, sewers down below and like a lot of the
Sprinter chassis when you open up the main cabin door you have access to your
fuel so that way you don’t have to worry about somebody getting in there and
monkeying with it one way or another. Great products, I know you have a couple
questions. My email is at the bottom of the screen. Oh yeah, better yet, give me
a call. 541-554-9581. I appreciate your time
and I look forward to working with you, thank you.

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