3 Cool Ways To Stand Up Explosively!

So you’ve just finished your push ups, but
you know no way to get up, and you stand up like this? Well, here are three ways to stand up in a
cooler way, as a beginner. The first exercise is the burpee get up, like a
a burpee, or a push up in the lower position. You start by pushing from your shoulders,
like pushing up in a push up, and then you pike your hips and initiate a really explosive
push with your hip – so that your legs can follow almost passively. Once again: initiate with shoulders, pike
the hips, and stand up. Second exercise is the plow get up, like the
plow yoga pose. You roll down, or lay on your back, initiate
a pike with your hips again, and while bringing your feet forward, and extending your hips;
and bending your knee, like this – you have a very strong momentum to get up. The third exercise is the side plank get up. You lay in a side plank on the floor, and
then you place your hands on the floor first, and then push with your feet. So that you can jump into a squat. Once again: jump into a side squat and then
you just stand up. So these are just three ideas how to get up,
in various positions on the floor, obviously this is for beginners and there are much more
variants; but you could add them to your repertoire and i hope you learned something new today. Goodbye, and please subscribe to my youtube
channel, if you haven’t already and see you next time, goodbye!

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