45 Replies to “3 Easiest Exercises to PERFECT POSTURE! Look Better & Feel Better”

  1. Bob and Brad, Intro was missing the positive quote of the day. One of my favorite part, still enjoyed the video, keep them coming!

  2. My husband will enjoy Watching you:) You'er demeanor is
    kinda like the guys this Old House . :(An old PBS TVshow) I'm hoping we can do some of the exercises you demonstrate together 🙂
    Thank You!

  3. My wife is having really stubborn back pain in and around L3 and L4. She's been fighting it for two years now and it's starting to affect everything, like her ability to exercise and even our sex life. There is no structural damage. But her back pain is not getting any better. Medicine, acupuncture and chiropractic give temporary (like an hour) of relief. Medicine lets her sleep at nights, mostly. are their any things she can do that can help relieve that pain and put her on the road to recovery?

  4. Hey Brad, you can toss one or two of the pillows over to me 🙋‍♀️✨🤩🤣 I’m going to need them and the bed lol – going to have total replacement shoulder surgery after clearance for my Drs… Omg 😱 💁🏼‍♀️ I’m scrraaddd

  5. Make that video again,but with that person who have very bad posture…with a correct posture it is very easy to all that…plz do it with bad posture person…who can not do all that exercises with ease…..

  6. Posture, strengthening and not expecting to turn your head beyond pain is the best way to improve the neck and prevent injury not pseudoscience chiropractors.

  7. I had a PT who had me strengthen the lats because stronger pectorals can pull the head forward especially when lats are neglected

  8. My little girl, 12 yo, has "deviated spine". Can you post suggestions to help? She loves you two and always sings your song. Lol

  9. When you hang, you want to "pack your shoulders", it's not a shrug but you shouldn't be pulling them out of the socket either.

  10. Guys, the first 3mins of this 8min video are self-promotion. You're already wildly famous with 1.6m subscribers, do you really need to sell this hard for more subscribers and emails?

  11. Okay you two are just the *best*. I just discovered your channel searching for why on earth my shins are so sensitive and painful to the touch (since I was a child, strange) and I just hit and injured the left shin: Ouch. I also was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (I'm 43) about a year ago and it's progressing aggressively. My posture needs help, I have problems sleeping due to joint and nerve pain, and my neck, back, hips, etc . I have a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter so must somehow stay active. Just followed your Instagram ❤. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of you great guys!

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