3 Minute Bikini Booty Workout

Hello everybody! Today I have a 3 minute Bikini Booty Workout for you. We are targeting the booty because spring is coming and swim suits, and you only need
3 minutes. You can do it longer if you want to. But
one round of this workout is 3 minutes and it’s going to burn. We are using the Runtastic Timer app today. We have our workout set at 30 seconds, our rest at 5 seconds because we are just going to go straight into the next workout. There’s 6 sets, 1 repetition you can do more repetitions if you want to, but we are going to start now, okay? So I am starting the timer, the timer is on.
First we’re gonna do a squat to side leg raise. Are you ready? Booty, here we go! Squat, side leg raise, squat, side leg raise. Get down deep, low into those squats & lift that leg up. Digging into the hip, the side of the booty. Thirty seconds here okay? Starting it off, squat to side leg raise. Make sure your core is engaged, it helps with the balance a lot. Lift it up. Breathe. Alright, exercise number 2 squat kickback. Here we go, squat, kick the leg back, squat kick the leg back and
kick. Stay low in that squat and really kick that leg back. Kick, kickback. Make sure you’re breathing, you should start to feel your quads right now you should start to feel your booty when you kick that leg up. Five more seconds here, breathe through it. Awesome, now we have a lunge to high knee Left leg goes back first. Lunge, high knee. So you should be squeezing the right booty, the right side of the booty. Lift it
up. Boom. Get low in that lunge, get deep in that lunge. Get as low as you can. Breathe it out. Remember it’s only 3 minutes, so if it gets hard keep going! Alright, other side. The right leg is gonna come back this time, okay? Good job, and lift and squeeze. Good job. Awesome! Squeeze that left side of the booty all
the way at the top. Give it love. Breathe through it. I’m even out of breath, this is not easy. Curtsy lunges are next, alternating sides, here we go. So, you bring that leg all the way around and back. So, it’s like a step back lunge but you’re stepping back and around. Good job after this we only have one more move left. Bikini Booty, how bad do you want it? Breathe and focus. Alright, next one we’ve got to get on all fours. Here we go. Donkey kick, push up then switch sides. Push it up, lift that leg up. Kick that heel up towards the sky,
it’s your last chance to get that booty. 10 seconds left. Timer completed, workout is done. If you want to do this workout again you can repeat it you can make it a 6-minute, a 9-minute, 12-minute,
15-minute Bikini Booty workout. Whatever works for you. Leave comments and subscribe to the Runtastic Fitnesss Channel, because I’ll teach you how to get a better booty. Bye!

45 Replies to “3 Minute Bikini Booty Workout”

  1. Hey there! Loved this workout! Working on the glutes for the summer! if I do this daily, say for at least a month (I'm going to continue more than that don't worry) think I'll see results?

  2. Sah I loved it!! I could really feel my booty working :)) I often dont feel it when I do butt workouts but even with this short one I do. Awesome!! 😊

  3. I love this workout! I'm doing it every day for months now. I'm really have a better butt right now, thanks!! 😘

  4. that is sooo terribly awful! I hate it! it burns soo much!!! why did you made this video!! now i have to practise every day cause it burns sooo much!!! i was hoping i will find nothing that good and could stay on the couch all summer

  5. Actually I'm sofee with you dear, Edgar is my husband name. so kind of you. I hv my lower potion very too my , big tummy.

  6. Please tell me what camera you use – it looks great. In the process of setting up my own channel and need good camera advice. Great channel btw.

  7. I have been doing this workout an average 2 times a day, 3-4 days a week, for about two and a half, three weeks now, and I see new definition in my booty! I definitely think other workouts (I live in a very hilly city and power-walk in addition to my workouts most exercise days) are necessary in order to see best results, but this will work! And MAN was I sore the day after my first go!

    EDIT: Not sure I am getting the form right on my donkey kicks, as I never seem to feel anything while doing them, as opposed to the burn I feel doing all other sets. Any advice guys??

  8. Love it….most folks can do 3 minutes to increase strength and tone in biggest muscle in the body. If do more than 1 round, awesome!

  9. I've been working out daily for over 2 months now with various youtube videos. I can't believe I just found you now! I feel like I've hit a plateau recently. I'm not overweight but it's still frustrating because I want to be making some kind of progress (gaining muscle, stamina, etc.) and I feel like I haven't really been doing that despite doing multiple workout videos a day. I am so glad I found your videos! Many of them are HIIT or seem to be HIIT inspired, so I tried a few tonight since it seems to be the general consensus that HIIT or Tabata workouts are great for weightloss or muscle toning/strengthening or both. I understand now why some of them are such short workouts! I could tell how effective your videos were even after just one night. I haven't felt this great in over a month! I think I found something to get past my plateau! Thank you so much!

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