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  1. WE JUST RESTOCKED THE THENX SHOP! https://thenx.com/shop

  2. Love how precise and thorough these videos are! It has really helped me changed the way I plan my weekly workouts! Can't wait for more inspiring and motivational content!

  3. whoa a response too! next certificate is in the mail. i am up at 430am Australian time to do a proper workout before my kids get up so ill be free to help them play around. i recycled and re-purposed all our equipment.

  4. im a very self motivated and self sufficient person but to put on your videos first thing while im getting ready to hit it makes my life easy. thanks again mate.

  5. wide chin ups?? i tried it once and my wrist did not recover from it 2 weeks later, too much stress on the wrist, TOO MUCH

  6. I like this Channel mostly for being professional. He isn't Just a guy who started doing pull ups on a bar. He knows a lot i really enjoy this channel for this.

  7. I wish i could get your joggers man.. The shipping to Europe makes the $39 dollar joggers $72 for me :/ too bad

  8. Hi Chris, you are a person who transmits inspiration. Congratulations! I would like to see someday a tutorial of the Hefesto. Greetings from Venezuela.

  9. Lifted weights from 14-30 had two years out now youve inspired me to start training again using body weight and calisthenics.great vids and explanations top man. 12 pull ups 15kg weighted vest already

  10. Wheres my gym bros at…..i love some calisthenics but on arm day i like me some tricep extensions db curls cable curls and skull crushers

  11. Problem with this is..Bicep is a small muscle and this much volume is not possible ..
    Have to be ultra selective

    Or you'll gas out

  12. Your videos are really amazing!
    I am a beginner with calisthenics, but working hard and making some good progress.
    The how to start calisthenics were great!
    I would love to see a new video covering a workout with the basics and tips for form and faster progression.

  13. Which kind of resistance band should I get that will help me do pull ups? I know you have different colors with different resistance

  14. Man you're a beast, such an informative video ,sure gonna give all those exercises a try .
    Love from Pakistan💪

  15. I think Bruce Lee would have loved to claim you as his son – you’re incredibly amazing! Hope to see you on Big Screen soon 🙏🏼👏👏🙏🏼

  16. Yo Chris, you are amazing! Discovered you last week… no one explains better than you! atlean-x and the other are nothing compare to you!!! KEEP GOING! Cheers! Will try these tomorrow 🙂 🙂

  17. I'm transffering to calisthenics from bodybuilding, and your videos are a hugeee help due to the fact that i know nothing about
    cali iin comparison to bodybuilding

  18. I have a suggestion for you, so I see you do not have tattoos, you could get a tattoo on your arm, something discreet, it would look good, but I think you're not to use tattoos, what are you thinking man (irony)

  19. That neck tattoo is distracting . I can't even hear what hes saying . He should work on that scrawny as neck 😂🤣😂🤣

  20. Can't wait to try this routine, but no way can I manage the whole thing at once (more likely between 2-3 sessions) or I won't be able to lift my arms or get into work the next day haha…

  21. This video deserves way more views than this, but why does Chris look way cooler when he does hifesto & assisted one-arm pull-ups?
    When do them it looks like I am clinging on for dear life haha~

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