3 YEARS at the GYM…But I’m Still Skinny

[Music] the fields are here done with exams three years of training at the gym but I’m still small I started the channel to be a relatable channel a channel that could you know target students and show students that you’re able to balance the lifestyle and obviously show my progression over the years but been training for three years but I’ve been able to document two years of my training as a student you know the downfalls as well and my journey and bodybuilding and fitness it has his or her weight vest let me go to the gym it is cold it is cold man time for ten jr9 acted all alright had no need to fight tonight tonight and drank all night after all right had no need to fight tonight [Music] so there are a number of topics I need to talk about that I need to get out the way before I talk about why I would consider myself small after training for three years and those topics have to do with one steroids number two Instagram and fitness models and number three expectations versus reality but for now let’s go squat so the squat rack is occupied so let me cover top in one and I’m going to try in YouTube and Instagram fitness and steroids now a lot of the most amazing physiques that you’re seeing online the ones that are competing there’s a high chance that those amazing cookies are on gear is their livelihood that is what they market their bodies and that is the purpose of it so naturally if me putting myself or anyone putting themselves their bodies online naturally that’s what you’re going to get compared against that is what physique that is what bodybuilding there’s a lot about and you know sometimes you need to accept that and that is totally fine so you need to be able to distinguish from what is real not real [Music] good too bad Matthew I am ecstatic idea I don’t understand so the first topic I want to talk about when with regards to myself why I haven’t made the most gains I have in my few years is number one training and this is something I didn’t know and I feel like this video should relate to a lot of the people who are I’ve gone through the journey who are about to start with a journey is that think of the analogy let’s use the analogy of a car if you’re gonna build a car and you just take a bunch of metal pieces and you just put them together you’re not gonna get the most aesthetically looking car what you want to do is you want to be able to design a car and mold the car to have an aesthetic feel to it a beautiful feel and that was my first year of training there was no structure to it there’s no design to be able to maximize my gains and to be able to bring out the features you want you to have a holistic aesthetic physique so that is a lacking part that is why I feel like my first year wasn’t efficient as it could be obviously got better in my second and third now when I speak about the training regime it’s up hitting the frequency number one is also focusing on progressive overload so making sure you’re hitting your weight and your reps every time you’re going into the gym you’re looking to improve obviously it’s not a linear linear positive line but I mean they’re stagnant but as long as your graph is positive in your training that is what’s going to give you the most efficient gains in my opinion so training was lacking in the first year and that is what a lot of the newbies don’t don’t get like when I got into the gym I just wanted to hit chest and arms and that is all that I wanted and even hitting it with proper form the quality of the work I wasn’t there and that’s what happens with a lot of people they skip the whole learning how to do the movement hitting the movement correctly doing progressive overload so once you have a really good idea of what your training structure needs to be and how you can hit that efficiently and effectively then you have training down then you’re able to build the car that you want you’re able to build that Aston Martin or that Maserati you know those classical physics you know the ones like Arnold and so and so forth so that is the idea is able to mold the car that you dream of and you can’t mold your car without having a design without having a proper training split that focuses on good form frequency and progressive overload over time if you’re trying to build the physique of your dreams so I’m gonna catch you at home and I’m gonna talk about nutrition up tangent all right after all all right have no need to fight tonight [Music] [Applause] no need to [Music] you have your training down you’re able to sculpt the physique you dream of you’re you know you’re tracking your weights you’re tracking you doing progressive overload you’re tracking the number of reps once you have that done I think the most important out of all of them is nutrition so if you think of nutrition as your fuel and you think of a car in a road that road represents how far you get into your your physique and the distance you can go the physique if you’re putting in the right fuel in your car your car is gonna travel a longer distance so your physique is gonna you know progress at a faster rate of view from the get-go putting the right foods in your body compared to putting the bad foods in your body you’re not going to travel as far as you need to and you’re not going to see that much progress that was one of the things for me as well was my nutrition my nutrition in the first year was terrible I had no idea and once I got into the realm of YouTube I start to understand more and I started taking more interest in reading more and actually show you guys two physiques of when I didn’t know anything and when I did [Music] seeing from those two clips you can actually see there’s a difference what happens when you put nutrition and training together and finally but not least I’ll catch me after I eat this meal and I’ll tell you what I think is important and the last thing I wanted to bring up that is a big big factors genetics we all respond differently to different stimulus when it comes to training and nutrition and how our body reacts to the different types of pressures we have a lot of people are genetically blessed and that’s why sometimes you do see these amazing physique and those are the one percentiles those people are able to stack on a lot of muscle whose body reacts the correct way have amazing insertions to give them a more aesthetically looking physique and those are things that are out of your control and in conclusion of the video if you use the training on the gym why am i so small one me myself I don’t believe I am small I trained for myself and I’ve never I never compare myself to someone else maybe it gives maybe seeing other physics give me a good idea of what direction I want to go but for me I do it for me I don’t do it for anybody else I don’t do it look bigger than the next bodybuilder and look better bigger than the next guy there I do it for my own pleasure and obviously I also want to see myself progress it’s cliche to say it’s you versus you but that’s what Fitness is so the last thing before I end the video guys I know YouTube is having a glitch I know a lot of people being I’m subscribed to the channel and there’s a lot of things going on so what I want from you guys I have so many dope video ideas coming on I have a 10k challenge coming up that I wanted to keep it a surprise but I think I don’t want you guys to miss it so in the corner around there where it says my diamonds is the little bells short right on the screen click it so you guys never miss another upload or at least you get a notification that the videos uploaded so you guys can only see the 10k and I have a lot of unique video ideas coming through guys I promise you so leave the video like follow me on instagram mike dams 23 subscribe if you’re new and i’ll see you in the next one peace go do damage in a scab

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