30 Min Beginner Strength Training for Beginners Workout – Weight Lifting Dumbbell Workouts Women Men

30 Min Beginner Strength Training for Beginners Workout Weight Lifting Dumbbell Workouts Women Men

57 Replies to “30 Min Beginner Strength Training for Beginners Workout – Weight Lifting Dumbbell Workouts Women Men”

  1. Hey, I've been doing your 15 minute weight workout for the past two or so weeks. At the moment I weigh around 13 stone 5, and trying to lose some weight more than anything. I am going on runs the days I do not do the weights work out. I'm going to try this workout today, see how that goes. What else would you recommend?

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  3. Great job with this workout! Any chance you will put together a calendar which would incorporate your videos targeted at a specific goal?Right now I usually pick them out on the fly.

  4. you guys are the best! i suggest you give it your all, using these fat burning workouts ive managed to go from 245 to 221 in just over 2 weeks! and from doing 1 round to doing the whole routine, and il tell you now, im going keep going till i hit 185 pounds!! feel the burn babbbby

  5. Hey guys! Excellent workout, so glad to have found your channel on YouTube. I have a couple of questions: 1. Could you mention the weight of the dumbbells each of you is using in your strength training workouts just so that we can use it as a reference? 2. How many HIIT workouts per week would you recommend per week for someone who is starting with this kind of training?

  6. This one is a bit too much for me. Which of your HIIT workouts would b a good place to start? Remember, I'm a senior. TIA

  7. amazing! I love that the warm up and cool down are included! Thanks to help from yall I have have lost 27 lbs so far!

    one questions though… my back seems really shaky and stiff on some exercises (specifically on the rdl's).. I work through the shakiness but is that doing harm?

  8. I wasn't sure what to expect since i just started strength training today, but I'm in the break and so far it is amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ will incorporate this into my workout routine now ! Update: Just finished and feel great!

  9. Hey coach Kozak thanx 4 Listening and including the warm up and cool down in one single video to make life more easier, I hope you continue doing that and of course u r a great listener, once again congrats for Ur new gym and new book to both of u

  10. Very nice workout for a 50 year old man like me. not soft not hurt just the right intensity
    thank you very much guys!!!!

  11. JUST what I was looking for !!ย  love the 30 min workouts ….ย  and the explanations of proper form on the moves !! I will check out more of y'alls videos !

  12. Thank you guys so much. Out of ALL the YouTube workouts I've attempted, yours are the ONLY ones I'm able to complete. I've only lost 7lbs so far….but I am so much stronger. I actually look forward to your workouts each day. I cycyle through about 5 per wk. I plan on working out with you for a long time. ๐Ÿ˜„

  13. I love your workouts. They are easy to do and you still feel the burn. Other videos were to hard for a beginner like me so thank you for starters. I'm going to keep watching and trying these out

  14. this is kinda random lol but if i want to do hiit on a treadmill for 20=25 minutes, what should i do after it? because i think i want to split up my hiit and strength days such as abs, arms and legss (3 days hiit and 2 days strength) or should i just do hiit and be done with the gym after that lol anyone's response is great thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I subscribed and I do this (and another 15minute weight exercise) almost twice a week. It is really easy for beginners like myself. You guys are awesome. Thank you for the videos!

  16. Hey guys!! Thanks for helping me get started with weight training! I have horrible knees and can't do lunges but if my weight is equal I can do squats just fine. Any leg exercises that you can recommend without putting too much on my knees??

    Btw 3 weeks in to my program (plus Zumba and a good diet) and I'm down 8 pounds!

  17. Cool and easy workout. Thanks! Any chance your calorie counter is a bit off? The total on the right side seems like a lot for such basic exercises. Did you actually measure the numbers using a calorie monitor or it's just some kind of estimate?

  18. Great workout, I sweat but I was able to follow you all time, beginners options are really good and there is no impact for joints, thanks for sharing and keep going.

  19. I really like that there is no judgement, and I like the time interval rather than rep focus. I'm sweaty and I can tell I worked my muscles, but I don't feel awful like I often do after exercise.

  20. I did it. Maybe not perfectly but at least it got me moving and my joints feel loosened and free now ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps you're both beautiful โ™ก


  22. I stopped doing this for a few months due to mental health issues but today I made myself put this workout on and I feel SO MUCH better, I feel accomplished even though it was hard and even though I cannot do 2 of these moves AT ALL (I can't do even half a push up and I can't put my back knee down at all in a lunge). You're both so positive and motivating, your content is excellent and if people can go on patreon and help keep it free they definitely should!

  23. After a few months of being lazy, stressed, binge eating, and regrets….I'm back at it. I start my day at 5:30am with this workout, gotten back to healthy eating, and throw in my Zumba routine in the evenings. I feel like I dropped years as well as the pounds! I love you guys! So glad I found you and I'm back at it!

  24. Guys.. actually I am thin, so I decided to do workout to get better body and strength… So can I do this workout???

  25. Great videos Coach!! I was just wondering if it is fine for me to do this training every day for 5 days in a row? Or should I leave some resting days in between? Thanks, keep up the good work!!

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