30 Min. Jump Rope High Intensity Workout

oh yeah you look really cool like dancing sup man thank you but you a jumper oh yeah right the guy jump rope looking like a fool you’re wrong hey Zen dude nation what’s going on guys today we got a similar format to what we’ve done before it’s a minute of some sort of jump rope 20 bodyweight exercises repeat that pattern three times that’s one circuit repeat the circuit four to five times and you are going to beat I ended and if you want to hang off this every day and learn how to become a jump rope ninja yes I said it a jump rope ninja like karate like moving up different belts then showing the jump rope master class it’s basically a system for getting really awesome at jumping rope and also getting really good at like certain bodyweight exercises and travel like heating and stuff so that you don’t get you basically never have to go to a gym again and you can look awesome alright ladies and gentlemen so to get started we are going to start off a jump of regular bounce and all we’re doing is the form it’s the most important thing guys so I always talk about form and just not worrying about if you are messing up just making sure that you were jumping low about an inch or two only off and round your knees are slightly bent you can see more as I turn inside here the wrists are jetting out to the sides my hips and my arms are bent at around 90 degree angles they kind of rotate between 45 and 90 as I’m spinning a rope but if you’ll see guys the only thing that’s really doing a lot of work is my wrist my wrist control everything and that’s one of the biggest challenges that we see you know that a barrier that people face when trying to become proficient at jumping rope and changing their body good guys keep going keep going now this is more of an endurance type of workout even though we’re going to be doing some high intensity sets and you only have 10 seconds to rest this is still a great way to mix in long cardio with fast intense exercise so up next you have three step twist feet out and this is a calisthenic move so you’re not actually doing jump rope just turning your feet to the right and then putting them out in the middle turning in from the left putting them out in the middle so it’s a couple step then you go left out right out so when you come back into the middle when you meet back in the middle you’re going to spread your legs out you’re just turning to the side coming back to the middle and the topping your legs out good guys we’re doing one of these and now when I count 20 of these what I mean is 20 of your feet separated my guys I know I’ve talked about this before but you don’t need to spend hours upon hours in a gym to get an efficient workout if you’re looking for a lean physique and you’re looking for that kind of physique that you see with that I have in this video that Brendon has that kind of lean sprinter soccer you know athletic type of physique the jump rope especially weighted handle jump rope is a great way to build the skeezy because you’re combining great components of cardio so in endurance with the heavy weight earth sorry that the weighted handle rope which helps you hang on to some of that lean muscle mass and shred fat even faster good guys keep it going keep it going if you mess up by the way you’ll see me mess up like multiple times look I just keep jumping it doesn’t matter you’re gonna mess up guys and trust me at the beginning I sucked I was doing this you know couldn’t do it for more than 15 consecutive seconds and when I have a new rope by the way this is the cross rope premium starter set it is freakin ridiculously awesome and this black rope is kind of new so I’m actually messing up with it a little bit more than I would some other videos but it’s totally fine because it is one of the best rope so as you get used to it just understand that you will get better same one just completely starting out next up guys jumping lunges jumping lunges so all that we’re doing here is making this the front angle that you guys are saying but make sure that you’re pressing off when that watch foot comes down make sure you’re on your heels not your toe you want to press back off so that you activate your glute muscles in the process good guys good keep it going and I can see if you notice I throw my arms up a little bit to gain some momentum guys perfectly fine as well and lastly we’re gonna go into our last set of regular bounce so a lot of people ask me guys you know how many hours minutes per week do you work out there and honestly my my answer to them is I work out no more than 30 to 45 minutes per day because I’m doing so many of these jump up exercises and these fast high intensity exercises that focus on you know hanging onto lean muscle mass and strictly burning fat I don’t need to you know nutrition is one of the biggest factors guys in that when I talk about nutrition I’m talking about eating the right amount of food not just healthy versus unhealthy but what amount of calories and what amount of macronutrients carbs fats proteins are you getting that plays a big factor as well if not actually bigger than exercise in terms of look these exercises are meant to supplement a you know an already well oiled machine of eating right and nutrition so just make sure guys that if you’re looking for this kind of you know Z it’s very it’s the process assemble you have to eat a calorie deficit do high-intensity exercise like this while mixing in some weights every now it doesn’t have to be this difficult you suck last one ladies gum and tricep push-ups on this one what I really want you guys to do is get your elbows and elbows in because a lot of people make a mistake having a shoulders spent out so what that does over time is it actually hurts their shoulder socket it can cause a lot of pain and that is no bueno so keep the shoulders into the elbows in and when I’m coming down here my body is really funny pretty far out over my hands and that’s where you really need try we’re gonna ever what we wanna hurt soon ever you can smell it every everybody really doing that’s why I’m back doing you all y’all can’t sell my dick autumn days at the County Building I’m about to make my momma rich cartoons and I felt

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  1. I just did this not only did I have fun but I was tirrred lol. I cant wait to this again tomorrow!!!!

  2. i am a truck driver and i had a baby in January im cutting my calories and i am going to use this workout starting tonight with my new jump rope. i will leave a update in 30 days. great video!

  3. Hi, I like to jump rope, but I kinda broke my knee 1 year ago, i can't twist or bend my knee a lot without feeling pain… (example: no jumping lunges)
    For the moment I only do regulars jumps, but I want to do more, do you have a workout for me ? (like :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N48YPUvY_pk)

    Thanks you, I tried a lof of cardio, the jump rope is the only one i can do without hurt me)

  4. This is awesome I cannot wait to try it out! I am on a weight loss journey and training for a 5k!! I subscribed because I love to jump rope!! Leg day was yesterday so Im dying. But I am struggling with what to eat. I am trying to eat better and consume less calories..It is a battle! Thanks!

  5. Hey guys, recently start the skip mostly motivated from u funny guys, but my shoulders and arms seem to get sore and fatigued way before my legs, any suggestions how to prevent this. cheers

  6. Absolutely killer exercise, just tried it in the gym today and it has earned its place in my routine. Thank you man

  7. Sooo,i have some questions.I am 16 years old and i am a cyclist so i don't really care about huge mass and stuff,i want to be as lean and as light weight as possible so that i can be mobile and explosive for the races,that is why i came here but i am wondering exept from burning fat and improving coordination does this workout help on growing some muslce?.Also,i dont have a rope..is it the same to do this workout without one?,i mean doing the same motion but without a rope

  8. Great video..some good tips. Maybe the music could be a little less intrusive? Just ordered a jump rope to build into my current program. Channel looks great…

  9. I love how you guys keep it real in the videos with your mistakes on the rope… no edits, just jumping…. well done

  10. thanks for your wonderful help , I am doing this workouts, just want to confirm that what shld i do after doing this same 3 to 4 times . as i am done so now what shld i eat and drink ?

  11. One question, idk whether you guys answered this or not already, but is it okay to lift weights in between days where you only jump rope for cardio?

  12. New to this channel….seems y'all are good at responding back…can I jump rope everyday or do I need to give my body a break?

  13. this is one of the most annoying youtube channels out there. You guys are up there with youtube minecraft gamers

  14. lol i started with one of those plastic jump ropes a few weeks ago, never did many workouts with it but i'm getting into it. 5 workouts in and the rope snapped in half. guess i'm off to the shop to buy a decent rope

  15. hey, this is great workout to start with but i would like to know I twisted my ankle 30 days ago and was under treatment was wearing a plaster of paris anklet and was on complete bed rest. I am going to get the plaster off in 2 days. could you please tell me if jump rope is recommended or when I could start!!!

  16. is this okay for someone starting out and doing this workout every other day ? also I stopped going to the gym for a while now and never did cardio more than 5 minutes .

  17. First time doing jump rope workout. Great exercise for warming up before hitting the weights. Did a modification. In between the rope changed for push-ups, squats and mountain-climbers. Very happy! 🙂

  18. Yo fellas just wanted to show some love here. Your guys' content is absolutely on point! Through doing your workouts and seeing a nutritionist, I am now 30lbs lighter then i was a year and a half ago. Talk about doing it for the feeling because i feel amazing right now! Love the workouts and the philosophical content is really great as well. Definitely thinking more outside of the box in terms of how I'm living my life and constructing my goals. Keep up the great work and content. I'll be sure to shout you guys out and point people your way if they are looking to get healthy!

    Much Love!

    – KB

  19. whaaaaaaat? you dance AND listen to good rappers????? (kendrick) AND look like a beast? are you like a zen dude or something? dayum

  20. I've been a boxer since I was 8 (20 years old) and I must say some of these workouts are actually routines in our training. for those of you who need validation.

  21. 30 Min. Jump Rope High Intensity Workout

    WATCH NEXT: Become A Jump Rope Ninja: https://goo.gl/ZRS6al

  22. Hey, you suggested in one of your videos the best weighted jump rope to buy. However, i cant seem to find that.. so could you offer a few suggestions please? Thaaaaanks 🙂

  23. I do 45 seconds of jumping rope(only that) with 10-15 seconds rest for 30 minutes,tops 40.
    I do it every 2 days,but my question is,will it be enough to lose belly fat ?
    My top and middle abs are visible,but bottoms are not.
    I've been lifting and doing street workout for 4-5 months now.

  24. Love that i can always come back to these older workouts and still get a great session in as well as laughing at your classic zen dude flair 😉

  25. Hey is imaginary jump rope also burns same calories as jump rope workout if not then how much less? second could you please post difference between moderate jump rope vs Vigorous jump rope.Thanks

  26. does anyone know how many calories this burns approximately? trying to eat a calorie deficit so wanted to make sure im not over or under-eating if I do this

  27. just tried this for the first time yesterday and my whole body is in pain today – even in places i didn't know I could ache. Really determined to commit to jumping rope everyday now!

  28. Does jumping rope make me lose my boobs? Sorry but I am scared to try it coz I've heard it's not good for women.

  29. How many calories will you burn with this circuit?

    This was my first time doing this workout it was hard but at the end i was so proud that i finished it!!

    *My english is not that good, i'm from The Netherlands.

  30. Woah you dance pretty well! And thanks for the workout. I always use to do the reg. skipping for 30 minutes for shedding fat but I hope this helps.

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