30 Minute STRESS RELIEF Stretching + Mobility Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

– Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B from pahlabfitness.com and on tap today I’ve got a
great dynamic stretching workout that is perfect for
women of a certain age. You guys, there is absolutely
no equipment needed for today’s beautiful
all standing stretch, so when you’re ready for
this one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go. (cheerful music) All right you guys, let’s
go ahead and get moving and grooving and that means
that we’re gonna get started with some arm circles with high knees. Yes, we’re doing our
normal warm-up (laughs) before what could be truly
what could be a warm-up. Today’s dynamic stretching routine, it is, I personally am using
this as a stress reliever. I think that we could all
use a little stress relief right now and so that’s how I personally am going to be (bell chimes)
showing this workout today. The fact is though we are
dynamically stretching, which means that at some point truly this workout is gonna
start to feel like cardio, which is pretty funny
when you think about that, but dynamic means moving. We’re not doing any holds of any sort. We are actually going
through a really gorgeous handful of exercises that
you already know and love at a different pace and we’re
thinking about moving our body beautifully through its
full range of motion. This is all about mobility
today, but here’s the thing, depending, depending on what
you wanna get out of it, this workout could be a
really extended warm-up for something else and you know, depending on what you wanna get out of it, I’ve got some information for you. Make sure that you open up
the description box below and get my five-page information resource that will tell you how to
make any workout work for you. Even something that is
so obviously moderate and gentle as today’s workout could still be a push day for you. Part of, not entirely, but
part of a push day for you. Let’s go ahead and do some arm
crossers with booty kickers. Ooh, and yes, I’m keeping
this very deliberately slow. Like I said today, today is
gonna be familiar exercises at an unfamiliar pace. What I’d like you to
really think about today is truly working on not just
going through the motions, but thinking about how your
mind connects to your body. When we’re really thinking
about how we’re moving, when we’re really truly focusing
in on feeling the stretch, feeling the work, thinking
about the muscles, thinking about balance,
thinking about your body moving through space and time. Even familiar exercises can
have a whole new twist on them and that’s what we’re doing today. Now we are going to get some work. I mean, we’re going to
not only work our heart and lungs a little bit,
but we’re also, by doing this dynamic stretching,
we are simultaneously doing some body weight strength. I know you feel it when we’re
standing here on one foot like this, but we’re
also working on mobility and flexibility, which really, again, apropos of the whole world right now being mobile, being flexible,
thinking about your body and thinking about your health. It is all good timing today. Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes. Oh, holding in that welcome position. Really feeling that
stretch through your chest, through your inner thigh
maybe, your outer thigh, definitely in your abs,
working on holding that open, holding that twist, having your
arm there at shoulder height where actually I’m already feeling it. We’re actually going to get a fair amount of work in our shoulders today. So as I mentioned, there are a
good handful of very familiar exercises that we’re going to
take at this kind of a pace. My heart rate is up, we are warm, but we’re not aiming to go fast. These are cardio exercises
that we’re taking at a stretching pace and because of that, I don’t have a timer for us today. I really want to focus on
the movements themselves, not trying to get a certain amount done, not trying to move at any
pace other than something that just feels good to you. And my friends, it feels good to move, you know, at our age, really at every age. But at our age specifically, I think a lot about my mobility a lot
more than I used to. I never really used to think
about how my body moved. I never really used to care
about trying to get anything more out of my workouts
than calories burned and some kind of, in my case, particularly some kind of weight loss results for the most of my young life. But now, now I take my
workouts at a different pace and a different mindset. Now I’m thinking so much
more about my future, not just six months in the future when I might look a certain way, but six years in the future when I’m hoping to still
be able to move like this. You guys, let’s go ahead and
do some windmill tap backs, which means that we’re
gonna have our hands up nice and wide. Feel that stretch, feet out nice and wide hanging here in this
stretch and then reaching your opposite hand down towards, Oh, let’s get all the way down. As low as you can go. When I’m really thinking
about it, ah, look at that. I actually can get my hand all
the way down towards my toe. You know so often when we’re
doing this as a cardio exercise I can barely get past
my knee because I’m not, well, because I’m not trying to because I’m not doing
that for flexibility. I’m trying to get
something else out of it. But today when what we
want to get out of it is a beautiful hamstring stretch, a little bit of mobility in
our inner and outer thighs. A lot of mobility up
there in our shoulders. It feels different, doesn’t it? It feels good. I’m hoping that today’s stretch just opens you up to feeling good, to looking at things in maybe a new way, especially for my younger Bs. I have to tell you, it cracks
me up how many comments I get from my lovely Bs who are not yet 50 who really truly need to tell
me that they are not yet 50 actually, because I make such
a big deal about being 50 and my exercises being for women over 50 I do get a lot of comments about your ages and I love, love, love
that women of all ages and men of all ages enjoy these workouts. You guys, I welcome you at every age, at every level of fitness, we’re always working on
something that is good for you. Like my balance. (laughs) I almost just lost. You guys, you’ll notice when we move
slower, it’s not easier. It’s really not, and in
fact, in so many ways, today’s workout might be
tough, might be tough mentally because we are moving
slower on cardio moves, but might be tough because
this is balance work. It always is. You guys, we’re gonna go ahead and transition into sidestep side bends. Oh my gosh. So we’re going to step to the
side and bend to the side. Oh my gosh, really feeling that stretch all throughout the side. Now, ordinarily when
we’re doing side bends, you’re focusing on the crunch. You’re focusing on using
your abs to pull yourself in and then pull yourself up. But right now, all I want you to feel is that beautiful, glorious stretch all along the outside of your
body, underneath your arm, all the way down this side of your abs. Even for me, because I’m
doing this little bit of a step back deep down into my hip. I love, love, love to stretch out my hip. I’m also finding that
this little bit of a bend with that tap, Oh yeah, this
is balance work (laughs) and therefore it’s not easy for me. You guys, no matter if
today feels way too easy or not very easy, thinking
about where your body is and how it is moving is
actually really beneficial for every single workout
you might ever want to do, when you can find your
body in time and space. It’s called proprioception. It’s a fancy way of saying
the mind body connection and the fact is lots of us
really have to work on this. When we were like really
young children, young, not like just in your 20s or
30s but when we were very, very young, we had a little
bit better sense of our body. I mean it’s such a focus of education to think about your body,
to think about holding still for example, or when you’re
learning things in, you know, physical education when you’re
thinking about your body so much, but then lots
of us through the years really start to lose that connection. Really start to lose thinking
about what your body is doing and where it is and how it feels, and sometimes we find ourselves
at whatever age we are, not really knowing what
to do with our bodies. Sometimes we find ourselves
with extra weight. Sometimes we find ourselves with injuries. Sometimes we find ourselves
we’re struggling with balance. Sometimes we find ourselves
in all kinds of situations where we’re simply not
connected to our bodies. This kind of slow moving work,
which is still, by the way, get my heart rate up and
making me a little bit sweaty. This kind of slow moving
work can really help you. Just close your eyes for a
second and think about your body. Think about where you’re
feeling that stretch. Think about how you’re moving. Think about how it feels. Awesome job. You guys, next up we’re
gonna do one of my favorite exercises and boy, oh boy,
are we gonna do it slow. We’re doing forward hinge arm flappers, I’m gonna turn to the
side just a little bit. Gonna have both hands up
and this is gonna be so good for you when we are doing this fast because you can really think
about pushing those hips back, back, back, back, back. Oh my goodness, and when
we push our hips back, but keep your legs kind of straight. We can touch the ground
almost a little bit. Sort of, oh, and then
really feel that work in your booty to come back up. This is a great stretch on the way down, making sure you’re not
rounding your shoulders. I know some of you really
wanna round your shoulders and reach down for the ground,
don’t worry about that. Yes, you can see my legs shaking and squeeze from your
booty to come back up. Oh my gosh. How good does that
stretch feel on your back? Even though you’re keeping
your back really straight, you’re stretching it out (exhales) and squeeze squeeze
squeezing from your booty. And of course, oh yes, there’s shoulder work to be done here. Your arms get to relax when
we’re in this down position. But then as we come up,
stretch, stretch, stretch from your chest even as
we stand up straight. I know some of you really wanna curl back. That’s fine if you want to curl back, but making sure that you’re
holding in your core, holding in your glutes,
controlling that stretch. You know that’s the funny
thing about stretching. We think so often that, well
especially in a position like this when we’re down
that gravity is stretching us and it definitely is, but
when we control the stretch and where we are moving
our bodies intentionally into and then out of a stretch, yes, that turns it into
a little bit of strength. I told you, we’re doing
strength and cardio and stretching and flexibility today. We’ve got it all going on plus balance, but when you are really
thinking about your body and how it is stretching
and controlling the stretch, you are getting even more out of it than simply letting your body flop into a stretching position. Think about where you’re feeling this. My hamstrings, which are
ordinarily quite tight are the ones that are shaking right now because they are, they’re
stretching all the way to their limit while doing
a little bit of work. You might notice it in your lower back. When you get down in this position, your lower back should
not be feeling this work and in fact it should feel
like a really nice release right up until we squeeze
those glutes to stand back up and then you might feel
it a little bit then. When you’re squeezing your glutes, you are automatically squeezing
from your lower back also. The trick is to ask your glutes to do more work than your lower back. That position, that dead lift position that we are in at the bottom of this forward hinge arm flapper is probably one of the trickiest exercises that I ever ask you to do and it’s funny because it is so simple, but sometimes, and this is that brain body connection. Sometimes our glutes
don’t know what to do. Sometimes after years of sitting
and disconnecting from them our poor glute muscles,
they don’t know how to work and we have to ask them. So moving really slowly like
this without any extra weight, without any extra expectation
of what to get out of this, you can really squeeze and
feel them doing their job. Awesome job. You guys we’re gonna do one more of these and then we’re gonna do
another one of my favorites. I’ll tell you what I chose
almost all favorites today. Again, with the stress relief and just really enjoying myself. This next exercise is
big arm side shuffles. Now sometimes, sometimes we can
really get this one rocking, but what I want you to think about today is coming all the way down. Oh, in that down position. Oh, and then really
balancing on the way up and then coming all the way down again. Now I know for lots of you you’re saying, “Oh, Pahla, that lunge
is way too deep for me.” Totally fine. It’s a little bit deep for me too. As you can see, as I’m
struggling to stand back up, feel free to have
something in front of you. You don’t really have to do the shuffle. You could absolutely
grab some kind of chair or the couch or something. As long as you can feel
that beautiful stretch on the side of your hip, it doesn’t matter how low you’re coming into that lunge. It is much more about the stretch so you can be hanging on to something and really coming deep
into that side stretch. For me, I can come a little bit lower. If you can’t go that
low, that’s totally okay. Yes, there’s work to be done
here on your inner thigh. I know you’re feeling it. It’s a single leg squat my
friends, of course you feel that, but if you can also focus on the stretch like we’re doing today, it’s
a glorious stretch as well. You know, all exercises have
pretty much all elements of balance and cardio
and strength and core. When we’re doing it properly, we can get any kind of work
out of any kind of exercise, making sure you’re breathing and yes, making sure your core is pulled in. We’re not doing cardio, it’s not fast, but boy did this turn
into work, didn’t it? We’re doing a little bit of hold on some of these exercises. I’m hanging here in this stretch position. If you need to move a little bit faster just because the stretch
feels a little bit too much. My friends, I mean, you know me. I hope you know me. If you don’t, hi brand new, (laughs) I will fill you in every single workout to make the workout work for you. However you can feel a stretch, however you can feel good about our day. That’s what I want for
you, it might be faster, it might be slower, it might
be hanging onto a chair. It might be modified some other way. It’s always, always,
always your best workout. My friends, this is gonna
be our last one here and then we’re moving
into something not easier. We’re gonna do frog reaches, which means that we’re
going to have our feet almost uncomfortably wide, nice and wide here. Make sure that your toes are
pointed out a little bit. We’re gonna reach up, up, up, and then we’re gonna come
down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and how low can you go? Oh, I got my fingertips on the ground. Just barely, and up
breathing through this one. This is a deep, deep, deep squat. This is stretching your inner thigh and for me that is the
hardest stretch of all. Making sure that your chest
is up, your head is up, your hips are back, you’re
not curling down into this, but you’re really feeling that work and that stretch on your inner thigh. We’re not gonna do a ton of these. I know that this one is a
particularly difficult exercise. I feel it too, my heart is pounding too. This is for me, the area in
which I am the least flexible. Opening my hips wide, like this is incredibly difficult for me and that’s why we practice it. You know, you guys, I get
questions all the time about, “You know what? I didn’t realize how bad my balance was. What can I do to work on it?” Or for me, you know, I didn’t realize how bad my flexibility was. What can I do to work on it? My friend, the thing that
you can do to work on it is the stuff that doesn’t feel good. It’s the stuff that’s hard. The stuff that you feel
like you’re struggling with, you are working on it when
you’re struggling with it. Being okay with a little bit of struggle is part of improving your fitness, part of improving your health. You’re not going to be
perfect at everything. And in fact, I mean if you’re me, you’re not gonna be perfect at anything. You’re just gonna keep on
doing your best day after day, week after week, year after year. You’re just gonna keep trying and you might be fantastic
at some of these things at some point, and you might like me many years into my fitness journey still completely struggle
with certain moves and that’s gonna be our last one. Let’s go ahead and do skiers next. Now skiers, pretty simple stuff. Usually a very cardio move. We’re gonna go our opposite hand and really think about
that, opposite hand goes up while the opposite foot stretches back and then we’re going to go the other way. Stretching across your body like this. You can feel it on one side and then right about your mid line, it comes over to the other side. Really thinking, oh my gosh, about stretching that calf behind you. Stretching the hip flexors on one side and the chest on the other. This is probably our most, well, it’s not our most difficult stretch, but it’s a one of our
most difficult stretches because so far we’ve basically been stretching our
whole body the same way coming across our body like this really brings into play a lot more balance and a lot more proprioception, a lot more thinking
about where your body is. We’re actually stretching a
lot of different body parts. Trying to get your heel on the
ground, stretches your calf, trying to pull your torso up really stretches your hip flexor, trying to get your arm all the way up with your biceps next to your
ear stretches your chest. This is all the way up and down your body. Now on one side I noticed
this side specifically my back foot doesn’t wanna go down. My back calf really doesn’t
wanna get stretched. Sometimes you’ll notice that
when you’re in the middle of something particularly difficult, that part of your body
really doesn’t wanna behave and it’s totally okay. Slow it down a little bit, (laughs) not the advice you wanted to hear. You wanted to move faster so
you don’t have to notice it. I know, I know, but today we’re getting comfortably uncomfortable with noticing where our body
is and what our body is doing and feeling this glorious dynamic stretch and work and mobility. Oh my gosh, you guys, you guys. So I know that I told you we’re gonna get a little bit tougher, coming up next we’re
gonna do some twisting Ys, now I actually really happen
to like twisting movements. I’m gonna do one more skier on each side really feeling that hip flexor, twisting can be difficult
for lots of us though. And then here’s our last one on this side. Especially for those of
us who do have some issues with dizziness, which I frequently do, or some issues with balance. This one can be, can be tough, but that’s why we’re doing it. Feet are really, really close together. We’re gonna stand with
our arms nice and wide. We’re making a big letter Y. We’re gonna reach our opposite
hand, across your body as low as you can go
reach the back of your leg and then just slide it on
down wherever you can get to. I, oh my gosh, I’m a little bit surprised I can get all the way down to my ankle. Really thinking about keeping that other hand all the way up in the air. This is a stretch for your hamstrings. Work for your glutes on the way back up and oh my gosh, shoulder mobility. I’m finding all kinds of
tension in my shoulders when I’m trying to hold
one of them up like this. Let it relax. (loud exhale) Rotate your shoulder blades
back and down and then back up. Yeah, I know, not easy. It doesn’t have to be easy. Nothing ever has to be easy my friends. Being easy might mean that you’re not getting enough work out of it. We want it to be just right. Just the right amount of difficult, the right amount of challenge. You might notice as I am really noticing on this specific exercise
that one side of you is a lot more twisty and flexible and the other side is not so much. This is my side that is not so much. Make sure that you’re breathing
and try and relax into it. It’s work, of course it’s work, but that doesn’t mean
you can’t relax your body into the work. Find the muscles that are
working, keep them working. Find the muscles that
are resisting the work and ask them to stop resisting. Ask them to relax a little bit. See if they can just stretch and be free and yes, remembering to breathe. What a good job you’re doing, you guys, oh my gosh. Okay, now I’m grunting even, woo doggies. This is our last exercise sort of. We’re gonna do a couple more of these and then we’ll be done. We’re not gonna be finished, I know. “Pahla, on a dynamic stretching video, you can’t not have a finisher?” I know that was a lot of negatives, but no, I can’t not (laughs) even when we’re doing stretching work I have a finisher for us. I have one more exercise that
is gonna challenge all of us all the way to the point
where we can really feel, especially if this is intended
to be a nice moderate day for you as it is intended to
be a nice moderate day for me. If this is a weight loss workout for you or a body shaping workout
for you that is moderate. My friends, I want always to make sure that you feel like you’ve got
a lot of bang for your buck, that you really, you got
a work out out of the day, so coming up next after this
very last part of our Y, we’re gonna do drinky birds. I know, I hear you, I hear you, but I’m gonna make you do them anyways because my friends drinky birds
are gonna challenge us all. Remembering that we’re thinking
about this as a stretch. We’re gonna go back and forth on our legs so we’re not trying to just stand on one, standing up really straight and tall, pulling in your core,
thinking about breathing. Your shoulders are
back, your chest is out, your leg is gonna come back while you are tipping forward and how low can you go
keeping your back straight. Can you put your fingers on the ground? Can you stretch that back leg up higher? And then, ♪ balancing on the way up ♪ Yes, I’m singing, that’s
how hard it is for me. We’re only gonna do a couple
of these on each side. This is very difficult for me too. Find your balance, find
your core, find your breath and let’s do that on the other side. Your back is super, super, super straight. Don’t let your back round forward. I know you wanna touch
the ground, so do I, but do that with a straight
leg and a straight back and then see if you can pull
that back leg up any higher. Awesome job, and standing back up gently. Easily. Slowly. As promised, not very many. We’re gonna do one more on each side. Catch your breath. I know, I know, that got hard, right? I know. (exhales) This is my left leg, which
is technically speaking more difficult for balance,
but it is more flexible, which means that I feel more confident that I’m gonna be able to put my hands on the ground at some point and then that means that my
flying leg is my stronger leg, which also helps me feel
like I can pull that up, but standing back up, Oh golly is tricky stuff. Okay, we’re done on that side
and now we’re just gonna do this last one on this side. You guys, here we go. Really thinking about
standing up straight and tall pull in your core, you’re
breathing through the whole thing and you’re focusing on the stretch. Where do you feel this stretch? For me, I feel a lot of
stretch in my mindset in how I’m even thinking about my body. If you can touch the ground or a chair or the couch or whatever you can touch, squeeze and pull that back
leg up as far as you can and stand back up. Oh my goodness. And yes, you guys we’re gonna do a cool down from our stretch. Let’s do some really gentle arm circles. Oh my gosh, and that tap. Wow, wow. That was amazing work you did today. I’m super, super proud of you. Now here’s the thing, if
today is a push day for you and you were using this as
a really extended warm-up, I don’t have a specific suggestion for you because honestly you could, you could do any kind
of a workout after this. You, you may choose
whatever feels best to you. I’m gonna assume though
that you’re taking today as just a really glorious
moderate, stretchy day, a stress relieving stretchy day. And because of that I do
actually have a static standing stretch that you
might enjoy after this one. Even more so than our normal, cause, I normally have an
extended cool down for you. This one is really more of a full body stretchy stretch where
we’re holding positions. So that’s what I’ll have
for you here on screen. And I also, I really wanted to mention you guys, it’s been a while since I have done some Patreon shout outs. Down here on the bottom of the screen you’re gonna see the letter
P and it’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where
you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
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who have pledged recently over the course of the last month or so and I would like to thank them all. I would like to thank Elvira
and Silvia and Cathleen and Cathy and Cherylyn
and Jessica and Kari who might be Kari and I apologize if I’ve mispronounced your name. Michelle, Anita, Lisanne,
Julie, Stacey, Cindy. We’re gonna go ahead and do
some arm openers and closers. Kimetra, Jennifer, somebody
who referred to themselves as W I R and I appreciate
anonymous pledges also, just so you know,
Alison, Tammy, and Erica, you guys, monthly pledges like yours make me so happy because I can continue to do this work for all of us. It is, it’s not just helpful for me. It’s helpful for everybody and I so, so, so appreciate your support. Now on the other side of the screen, you’re gonna see a picture of me and that’s actually a subscribe button. If you are not already subscribed, make sure that you
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felt amazing for you. Thank you so much for working out with me. Make sure you subscribe and
I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Oh wow did I need that! I am 33…34?😅 and I love these low impact workouts! This type of exercise video is one I know I will get my sweat on but it's approachable enough that my kids (4 and 8) like to join in as well! We live Paula B in this house! Thank you! Thank you!

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