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Hello I wanted to show you a Workout that is already known on Youtube It’s 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels I bought this DVD last year after the lovely Kossi started this Workout and Ithought let’s try it too Then I did it for 10 to 12 days and then I did some pauses because something was hurting or I got a cold and ahm then I just did it every other day and You should do this workout every day so I stoped it after a while and this year i thought do finally the whole thing and proof to yourself you can train for 30 days So I started it in March and did it till the beginning of April and because of that I can tell you now what Ithink about it For those of you who don’t know Shred It’s a Workout thats divided in 3 parts or Level Level 1 is the easiest one Level 2 is a bit harder and Level 3 of course the hardest one Every Level is for 10 days and every Workout is about 30 Minutes long that means its idial for your everyday life everyone has somewhere 30 Minutes time a day thats why everyone can do this and ahm so to the workout itself next to Jillian Michaels you have two other women who do the exercises a bit easier or a bit harder so you have the option if you want to have a more intensiv workout if you are a bit more advanced you can do the harder version or if you are a beginner you can change the exercises a bit and do the easier version when Istarted Level 1 on day 1 I was shocked because my muscles where still tired after 1 1/2 hours after the workout I was so tired and I had sweated so much and ahm I slept like a baby that night but the great thing about these workouts is the next day your muscles are just a bit tired but not sore that means you can do this workout again the next day and the day after without feeling like you cant move anymore because of it thats why I thought it was enjoyable and well done and I noticed from day to day I got stronger even if I did not see that much of a difference on the scale or that I lost some cm of body peripheral but I noticed that I could do more and more and that every day every day I could do one more exercise or even the harder version of it and that was pure motivation that you could see your own progress and every day was better I have to admit that Level 1 got even boring after day 8 or 9 because I felt like it did not challenge me that much anymore and at the perfect time after 10 days I would not have done it any longer because it got too boring you have a little intensification and you feel like Level 2 is starting and now I can power a bit more and that what it was like the only problem I had was that every Level had some exercises that were not that easy for me to do and I realy had a problem doing it Level 2 had 2 different exercises I specially have a problem with my wrist if I do to much with it or if I overstretch it it realy starts to hurt and Level 2 has a lot of plank positions and after day 7 my wrist started to hurt that much that I hade to change some exercises or I would have not been able to cuntinue and I had to pause for one day because I had to give my wrist some rest So I did that Level one day longer because of that one day pause Level 3 was hell Ihave to admit I never sweated that much in my life and haven’t been that tired after a workout and it was the hardest and worst workout out of all 3 the other two made more fun but Leven 3 had some Moments that I thought she can’t be serious Jillian just wants to torture you and one thing was the walking push ups and that was aproblem because it was hard for my back and shoulders I easily get pain in my shoulders because my muscles cramp when I use them too much and at the end the pain was in my shoulder and the whole arm and i couldn’t move it anymore and even if i was just sitting or if I was in bed and wanted to move it hurt sooo much so I had to completly leave that exercise out because I couldn’t do a simple push up or hold a weight and ahm that was kind of bad that this exercise was that much of a problem for me I don’t think I did it that wrong but it’s still possible the good thing is you can do a lot of exercises a bit easier if its to hard for you but in this case I noticed it too late when everything was already hurting all together I’d say I can recommend this workout the best thing is that you have to do it every day and that helps you to stay focused because it is made in that way that you have to train every day I bet you all waited for a before after picture I will show you that in a second I did not lose a lot of weight but ahm I gained a lot a muscles so the weightloss and weightgain was balanced I lost about 4 cm everywhere and I think this is great for 30 Days and yes here is the picture If you are now interested in trying this workout too I link it in the Info box and If you already started this workout write me a comment how you like it so far and how are you feeling If you finished it you can write what you think about it I’d love to hear from your experience and I see you next time bye

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