Subscribe for more! Oh, oh it’s not he is now it’s definitely not easy when play ready yo Hey guys, what is up? Welcome back who knows by putting self-pleasure talking to you here in back with a brand new video that’s promised So my past videos that I did I asked for 80 likes so I can go ahead and do the 300 sit-ups every single day For 30 days. Alright for 30 days That video that I did was even you know, seven days ago and I do want to say that you guys crushed it Literally, we achieved the goal that I asked for in literally just five hours after I uploaded the video which is like crazy So I want to thank you guys so much for the support and I truly appreciate all of your nice comments I read every single comment by the way, you kissed wand’rin and yeah I want to thank ya guys for the support and literally right now the video got a lot more likes than I have expected Literally the double what I asked for, which is crazy. Thank you guys so much for that In case you’re new I’m currently on the 300 sit-ups a day for 30 days Challenge video and so far this is day seven and I decided to make this video just to give you guys You know a quick update of the challenge I really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and Yeah In case you do by any chance remember to smash that like button and if you’re new Remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on that BAM notifications So basically you get notified once I upload the 30 days challenge video, which is gonna be literally after like three weeks from now Right three weeks from now. So I truly hope you guys go ahead and subscribe when we turn on that bill notification so with that being said Let’s just get right into it My reason why I’m sweating so bad right now I don’t know if the camera picks it up But I’m sweating so bad because basically I just finished my 300 setups for today for day seven And of course I recorded some of it using the action cam right here So yeah, let’s do like a quick recap and talk about each day. Right? So I haven’t recorded all the days. All right I haven’t recorded all the seven days the Midway’s ways because you know, no reason for it if you know what I mean That’s all we know if you if you’ve been sticking around you will know that all my challenge videos I only record you know day one day 15 and day 30. I don’t put a lot more than this So yeah, just because I wanted to do this day 7 update I had to record, you know some few days on this week if you know what I mean So I remember cool recording day 1 which is the video that I did 7 days ago I recorded on some few footage of me, of course working out to be honest Like as always as every single challenge I go to it’s not easy It’s definitely not easy to do like 300 sit-ups at first It’s definitely You know hard it took me as far as I remember like 4 eh minutes to finish the whole 300 sit-ups Which is like quite good to be honest Like for literally first time doing the setups and finish them like 300 setups on just 40 minutes There’s definitely you know a good time I could never done sit-ups as well and you want to go ahead and do like 300 sit-ups It won’t take you like 5 minutes or so It will take you obviously, you know a lot more than you know 40 minutes and mark my words if you don’t believe me go ahead and try it out So, yeah focus you’re in day to right day – I do remember waking up with having my stomach hurting me because once again the day before I’ve done, you know 300 set up for literally first time. So it’s obvious you’ll have some consequences if you know what I mean Yeah Yeah, um the second day was a little tough Especially in the morning and I remember that day like I couldn’t laughs literally I can’t laughs I start laughing Like my stomach’s are hurting me like so bad So the last thing I did on that day is laughing like no laughing for Literally three days not even one day like right now I’m good right now. I’m good. Just To be honest, I don’t remember what I’ve recorded I do remember like record in one day But I don’t know if it’s day four or day five like your typical sit-ups as y’all can see right here and I do remember like doing that doing them sit-ups on my And that’s a life hack By the way, if you want to do sit-ups go ahead and do it on your back like it’s quick. It’s good It’s literally much better than I’m doing it on the ground That’s for sure doing the setups on the bad is literally way better for for your back if you know what I mean Like if you do the sit-ups on the ground, it’s not like doing it on the bad You know There’s a whole different long story short setups on bad are much better than doing them on the ground for your back Of course like by the way guys, I hope you don’t mind me talking shirtless right now I just as I said literally just finished the three hundred sit-ups for day seven and You know as I’m sweating and I don’t wanna put my shirt on as I need to get out in a little bit So yeah, I truly hope you guys don’t mind me shirtless With a murder and a beat William er during asleep Will you murder in the street Young people, let’s talk a little bit about the shoes that I’m wearing right here Let’s just agree that they were looking like fire as fuck right We should definitely agree with that, right? In my opinion like they’re looking so so damn good and I don’t really think you will believe it If I tell you that believe it or not, these are taste the art of Italy on earth rise And the quality is just like crazy dude as they feel so good on feet as well So yeah I’m gonna leave the link of them down below in the description if you want to check it out if you want a cup yours Will fulfill you doing so and by the way the website didn’t sponsor this video at all They just hooked me up with free pairs and they asked me, you know If you liked it go ahead and share with your subscribers and to be honest with you. Like I freaking loved it So I just had to let y’all know it’s good. Anyways, y’all twisted into having them Imma, leave the link of them boots down below in the description, you know feel free to check them out if you are interested, of course, so yeah, so for day seven and Like so far so good. I’m really really excited to share with you guys the results by the end of this month I truly hope you guys are excited as well. Let me know them love the comments section. What do you think the results so far? Niccolo dare you let nothing be my parylene Beausoleil. I don’t already met nobody’s business Once again in my opinion the results are just amazing. And once again, I can’t wait for day 30 I’m hundred percent sure. The results will be way way better, which is great. By the way I have one comment on my past video For someone some of you actually asking for my traps like what I’ve done for my traps to get bigger I don’t work out my traps. I don’t work them out at all as you can see and they’re not really works out I just have my shoulders, you know down I don’t know how to pronounce it in English to be honest, but you know my shoulders are down That’s why my traps are popping out but trust me. I’ve never ever worked my traps out before as um I had this crazy idea of doing a challenge video working out my traps using some fitness bands like for whole three days Like that will be great. Right like that would be crazy. Right so 160 like I have literally a bunch bunch of challenges Challenge ideas my mind Using of course the fitness bands if y’all remember the squat challenge that I did like a few months ago I’m gonna use the same fitness bands for a little me like crazy crazy have more challenges So you truly don’t want to miss those out. So make sure to hit that subscribe button when turn on that Bell notifications I always ask for turning on the bin notifications and trust me If you do it, you won’t regret. It may be wise because if you don’t know like I always do Amazon gets go giveaways on every single challenge video I upload and keep getting them Amazon giftcards is basically being one of the very first people watching the video So you can go ahead and claim it Alright, so that’s why I’ve always asked you guys just turn on that bill notifications of that subscribe button down below So yeah, I believe that’s that for the video We hope you guys enjoyed watching this day 7 update on the 300 sit-ups challenge video And yes you guys later on a upcoming video. This is work for thank you so much for watching and peace

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