3D Shoulder Workout|Shingo Ishigure

Hey what’s up,guys Shingo Ishigure from Japan. Today is houlder workout. If you want 3D shoulders, you train front, side and rear delts. You put raise exercises and press exercises in shoulder workout. I start shoulder workout from barbell shoulder press to make shoulders strong stimulation by heavy weight. Second and third exercise is raise exercise for wider shoulders. First exercise is barbell shoulder press. My shoulder press is narrow range and heavy weight. Main set is 3 reps. This is main set. Main set is heavy weight and low reps like a 3 to 4reps. My range is narrow but it is good because I feel shoulder works. Way to grow muscle has many so, it is depend on people. Second exercise is dumbbell side raise. Ny side raise is sitting bench because the trunk is stable and shoulder works more. Rotate your wist when you raise dumbbells. And bend your waist little. Main set is heavy weight, too. Next exercise is dumbbell front raise. This exercise train front delts. shoulder has front, side and rear delts. You can 3D shoulders by training front delts. When you train front delts, you can squeeze more front delts by rasing dumbbells in cicular motion. Let’s try this Next exercise is back shoulder press. I did fron shoulder press in first exercise, but I do back shoulder press for training rear delts,too. This exercise is difficult movement for me. Do not down too much not to have pain in your elbow. It is good for shoulder even if we down little. It’ ok. I do dumbbell rear rasie after back shoulder press. It’s high reps. If you raise dummbell too high, trao works. It is enough to raise dumbbells little. Raise dumbells until you elbow is horizontal. Last exercise is face pull. This exercise train rear delts. This is high reps. If you pull too much, your trap work. So, pull rope until ypur elbow is horizontal. Keep going broo.

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