4 Exercises For A Bigger & Stronger Back

sculpting a bigger and more important the stronger back comes with a long list of benefits for one you will stand taller training your back targets common weak spots and leads to a better posture doing back exercises also helps you to stabilize your shoulder joints because a lot of muscles of your back approach to the shoulder or the shoulder blade another benefit from back training and especially from the exercises we will show you is that you train a lot of muscles at the same time the back contains some of the biggest and strongest muscles of the upper body in this video we will show you a complete back workout routine which consists of four exercises the first and the hardest one is the front lever race if you aren’t able to do this exercise with complete extended legs you can adapt the difficulty to your level by simply changing the label if the full lever race is too hard do one leg level raises if this is also too hard to the Tuck version it’s also possible to do full room level raises or to stop in the horizontal position [Music] just [Music] [Music] [Applause] anyway [Music] [Music] when you do the lever race always let your arms extend it don’t betray yourself by bending your arms pull your shoulder blades down and bring them together the strength comes from your back and shoulders and not from your biceps it’s also important to do it without momentum control the movement the whole time without swinging the last mistake you should avoid is a band hip if you’re not strong enough don’t cheat by decreasing the lever by raising your legs extend your spine and your legs as much as possible your body should be straight as a ruler and under complete tension [Music] the next exercise in this routine is to pull up here you can also vary the difficulty for your current level of performance if normal pull-ups are quite easy for you you can work with an additional weight if not you can make the exercise easier by using a resistance band or by placing your feet on a box when you do pull-ups always try to pull your shoulder blades down walks and together and try to bring your chest to the bar [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] always aim for a full range of motion and don’t use any momentum like swinging and kicking [Music] the next exercise is the body roll here you can adjust the difficulty by placing the body more vertical or more horizontal the more vertical the easier the more horizontal the hardness [Music] [Applause] [Music] always aim for straight body and bring your shoulder plates together when you do move as well as with the collapse avoid any kind of half wrapping and don’t lose your body tension [Music] last exercise the C option here you should aim for a complete extension of your posterior chain tuck your chin place your arms in a u-shape and bring your shoulder blades together do the movement slow and controlled instead of as quick as possible [Music] if you do these four exercises constantly you will be able to build up a strong and muscular back the complete routine with all necessary points like sets rest time and reps can be found in the description if you want to get a workout with several full body routines check out our workout programs on our website if you have further questions just leave a comment thanks Alex

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  2. Question about the arch-up: aren't you arching your back while under load (which you say is bad in your pull-up video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGo4IYlbE5g)? What if you add weight to it (say, by holding dumbells in your hands)?

  3. Awesome video Guys!! Do you have a video on a big and stronger chest? If not, it would be nice if do one! Cheers your videos are the best.

  4. "When you're doing pullups, try to bring your chest to the bar." Makes me wonder if arched back pullups are superior for back development than rounded back chinups, especially since they weren't mentioned here.

  5. Great so I can do a total of one of these exercises cuz I don't have a bar in my house or a stable place to install one… nice lol

  6. There is no gym like this around me that isn't a crossfit gym that has that type of calisthenics equipment. I would do this in heartbeat if there was

  7. How can I possibly do these things while i have peanut biceps, man? These workouts are for people who have past on gym.

  8. Why when he was doing the weighted pull ups he was les say bad form (not rly bad) . when he was doin only pull ups he had better form and retracted scapula etc.

  9. Hey guys, would you please make available the complete routine with sets-reps and rest times… please. The old links aren't working.

  10. I cannot even do the tuck front lever without an active hanging, which I see you are not using in this video. I forcedly need to do the active hanging in order to do the tuck front lever. Am I weak? Should I train aonther thing or am I ok in using the active hanging?

  11. What diet you will suggest for these exercises if one has to start preparing for this from age of 16…??please help

  12. I love this channel. Covers all the bases, gets straight to the point…and there's no flash. Ya got two guys, obviously strong as hell and capable, demonstrating the exercise, without all the ego BS hype. Love this channel. Don't change a thing! -Signed, A Woman in America.

  13. can someone please help I can do 15 clean pull-ups but not one single tuck front lever raise I don’t think it’s my core either cause I do an a workout everyday

  14. Thanks for this perfect video. However, I would add to this workout a good exercise for strength AND back mobility : Bridge push up, and even more: elevated feet bridge push up.
    Peace ✌️

  15. Hi i purchase your mobility program bur i can not stand more than 5 second passive hang what would be an easier way to progress thank you

  16. Doing front lever raises with straight arms doesn't harm the articulation or the elbow? When I do this, it is a bit painful round my elbows, you know why?

  17. Hii.
    i wanted to let me know about background music played in this video.could u kindly tell me of this track.
    very glad listento this while watching this wholevido and enjoyed alot.

  18. I would say that Arch Ups are helpful too even though I haven't done it before. Will try that excercise thanks Calisthenicsmovement good content as always.

  19. I just found your channel. You're unreal! I've already picked up a few good tips. Thank you 🙏 I look forward to diving into more.

  20. Notes:

    1. The back contains some of the biggest muscles in the human body.


    1. Lever-Raises
    2. Pull-ups
    (Bring your chest to the bar)
    3. Arch-ups
    (Slow and controlled / keep your chin tucked / keep your legs off the ground)

  21. Guys, I love you but can you please explain the front lever raise in more detail. Sometimes you show these great but ultra hard exercises without much explanation.

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