4-Part Simple Powertec Leg Workout Routine

hi my name is Amanda Barbian and I’m
personal trainer today I’m at the Powertec headquarters and I’m gonna put you
through a circuit today focus on the legs so the first part of the circuit is
going to start on the machine squat and then the second is going to be on the
reverse hyper extension then we’re going to move over to you some reverse lunges
and then we’re gonna do some lateral step ups so one of the great things
about doing the machine squat is that it pushes your hips back into a better
position to isolate the glutes one of the other really great things about this
is that you can push pretty heavy on it while being really really safe because
it has all these safety features on the machine already so for a foot placement
I like to take my legs wider and slightly put my toes out to focus a
little bit more on your glutes as well as trying to focus on making them a
little bit more Brown so for this workout we’re working a higher rep range
so between the 12 and 15 rep range so you’re not going to be going to that
heavy what we’re really focusing on here is that my muscle connection so the
second exercise is the glute ham raise it’s really underrated but the great
part about this is that it can be used bodyweight or you can add weight to it
it puts a great emphasis on your hamstrings and glutes when you use your
hips to drive into the pad versus lifting up with your torso so I
personally really love to also do that same foot placement of slightly pointing
my toes out and then also a little bit wider just to again focus on creating
that roundness so the third exercise in this circuit is
reverse lunges we’re doing reverse lunges because they focus more on your
glutes and here you really want to just take things nice and slow and make sure
that you’re driving through the heel of your foot while keeping your whole foot
planted on the floor but really putting in tension through that heel and feeling
that glute squeeze at the top for lateral step-ups we’re using the squat
rack here with it’s an additional attachment
lean into that side lateral lunge and then drive the platform away think about
pushing the platform down to the floor versus pushing your body up that allows
you to really only use the working leg as well as just getting a better glute
contraction through that whole movement thank you guys for following along today
with my leg program if you guys want more tips you can follow me on Instagram
my handles at Amanda underscore Nicole underscore Fitness and let me know how
the workout went for you today

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