30 Replies to “45 Minute Total-Body Workout Routine”

  1. Great in-home workout routine! After many years of gym workouts, I have been working out at home with a couple of sets of hand weights, also. You’re a fantastic instructor! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much for this video. I will add it to my routine and congratulations to your first 1000 followers!

  3. Well done girl! I had a hunch you would give us a great workout. I have MANY DVD’s in my collection. Your workout is as good as any celeb trainers out there. Better, in its simplicity in fact. I will modify with less weight and reps as I am an older gal! Love the set, your soothing demeanor, outfit choice as well as hair. Can you show us how you styled it?

  4. Erica your ABS 😳 I want them & that figure, I think I am a little too old, however I am going on my calorie limit now & starting yoga, I am also going to follow this programme you have done for us, how often do you do this? or should I say , how often should I do this ? Really enjoyed it , thank you. 🇬🇧❤️xxx

  5. My first day back to working out…and my new workout room is almost done!! Perfect because I was just wondering what I was going to do for a workout after work. Thank you so much!! =)

  6. I just completed your workout! I feel great! Thanks so much! Please continue posting videos like this one 🙂

  7. Did you say you’re almost 6’ tall?!?! Holy crap!!!… Good routine. It’s similar to my workouts :)… You’re in great shape!!!

  8. 👋 holaaaa me encantan tus videos llevo un buen tiempo que descubri tu canal y no pense 2 veces en susbcribirme,pero soy mexicana y se me complica un poco entender exactamente todo lo que dices asi que me encantaría que pudieras activar los subtítulos para poder ponercelos yo a los videos. Bendiciones desde Mty.N.L.Mexico

  9. WoW, I just love your workout routine. Great idea ! You can offer us videos like this as often as you want !
    By the way, I am ending my grey hair transition after more than a year. I am leaving in Switzerland and here, it’s more and more common the see young ladies with grey hair.
    In your case, you look much younger with grey hair than brown hair.

  10. I just subscribed! Love your calm vibe. 😍 I'm currently working on toning my body. Is there a video on how to eat to tone and lose the skinny fat ? Meal plans…Love your hair. I'm going grey too. I'm 42

  11. Hi from Lithuania. I watched almost all of your videos as I am in the same age category and was looking for an inspiration to embrace my new me, my gray strands, wrinkles, and other unknown changes .. 🙂 After this video I straight away decided to follow you. You channel is so versatile and I love this. x

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