5 Below $5 workout with Crossfit Salt de Terre

but aha I have my own money it actually it’s a great purchase you wear it well thank you and it’s feel so soft yes so I got some cool stuff with the games and I’ve already broken out the puzzle at the house we’re putting some pieces together so that is awesome yeah so a win a win and then I did great when it came to picking out exercise equipment especially on a budget huge selection there yeah I mean when you get this kind of stuff you want to do workouts at home so we reached out to our friend Amy saltmarsh from CrossFit salt de terre she’s come up with some exercises we can use with the gear and you can do this stuff at home so thanks for hanging out with Amy absolutely um some how do you guys start with the resistance bands here so if you each grab one of those these are like a super versatile tool um so I’m gonna have you do a squat variation okay have you do a row variation and I’ll do a press variation okay so then we’re just gonna work multiple different muscle groups so you go ahead and stand on top of the band all of y’all are actually gonna stand on top of the band to make sure you just right in the center there so mark you go ahead and pull it up to your shoulders get your feet outside a little bit here good and your elbows straight up we’re just gonna squat there you go we’re gonna pretend like we’re doing this on a circuit so maybe we do three five sets of each of these five 10 reps of each depending on how difficult it was Hey so now you are gonna do your row variation so you’re gonna lean over a little bit good and then just pull these up elbows up and back good just kind of squeeze at the top cool all right and then you start up here at your shoulders I think he’s got the most resistance on his band there we go well maybe if that had a little less resistance we could do single arm presses or we could do double arm presses I think I’m gonna do broken band presses you could you could alternate to the to the bicep curl here it’s better there we go yep damn so this is for the shoulders correct that’s for the shoulders here we’re working chest and back and then we’re working you know fun damn strings one things I like about this too is when you have weights a lot of times when you’re doing like the downward movement the weights pushing you down but here you have to control it with the band’s yeah and this will give you really good feedback too because you know a lot of people when they squat their knees will kind of fall forward here you can kind of actively press out and try to touch the band as you’re sitting this will help keep your chest up nice good posture you know if you’re having kind of hip mobility issues you could spread your legs a little bit wider you’ll still be able to reach into that deep squat by finding that wider stance so you’ve already given us three exercises and these could go in a suitcase very easily affordable super portable hotel like I do go on vacation and I don’t work out like parents let’s say you’re a stay-at-home mom and you have a baby or something you can’t get out to the gym you have to buy these bands and get a full body workout I think it’s easy not to get bored with it you know if you come up with your three to five exercises cycle through do these um these come separately if I below you buy them but they’re all obviously $5 or lesser you get a variety because obviously for some exercises you need more resistance yeah and the colors how you tell exactly yes I think the black line one cuz you are the strongest edan you get that one wait she was what were you doing earlier that was like crazy oh yeah so I did kind of a lunge press so if you put one of your feet through the band and then reach into a lunge position you can get both of your hips kind of active and then if you drive from the shoulder up overhead if you sink down with your back knee down a little bit then you’ll be kind of actively holding that lunge there’s gonna drive up and back I can manage this here you’ll feel this in your back and in your shoulder here let’s take a look at some of these other items we don’t have to necessarily demonstrate but I mean you really could get so many different ranges of motion with some of these things all right absolutely I’m working on the plank okay I do feel it I do feel it and then let’s talk about what these are Amy because a lot of people don’t quite think of these for anything other than shirts but isn’t sure where you can do with them well you can do you can do some core stability stuff too um so like we were playing around with earlier so these these are gonna give you better range of motion in your push-ups if you go in here then this is gonna basically create a deficit pushup so it’s a little bit deeper than you could go if you were just going to the floor it’s gonna give me couple of extra inches kind of increase that pushing more of our range of motion than correct correct um so we’re gonna come back and visit this again these are some good exercise tips these are some things that you can see right here in River City live in River City live TV Carra thank you Amy for showing mark get it feel the burn Amy thanks for hanging out with us we’re gonna have her join us again show us some more tips then deep core push-ups were on that more River City live right after this [Music]

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