1. Love your guy's video's. I Workin myself back to health from a broken mishealed lower vertebrae. Slowly but surely im gettin back to a curl bar and basic calisthenics push-ups crunches sit-ups Etc but every Sunday I see your guys's video and it really inspires thank you.

  2. Very informative and valuable video as always. Keep doing the good work and keep inspiring people, you've got our support. ✅🙌💖

  3. I would like a video about how to do a strength workout in calisthenics either by using a weight belt or a weight vest. I mean how many reps and sets/rounds. Should we be working circuit style or reps and sets ? How often? etc

  4. Day 7563: Still waiting for Chris to relese the rest of the music… It's getting cold and dark… I don't know if I can last any longer.

  5. I have sort of a dumb question but when they say do this routine for the next 30 days what exactly do they mean? Do the routine 3X a week for 30 days or have 30 days of doing the routine with the adequate rest days?

  6. Pretty good.
    These are good ones for building a bigger chest: compound exercises.
    So this is why I built a larger chest. (Actually, larger than I wish it was. I'd rather bigger arms, haha)
    I believe Chris whe he says "exercise or movement that you're not doing is where you're gonna find your weaknesses"
    That's why I'm introducing isolated moves in my routines as well. These are only 20% of my training, though.
    My frontal delts always got fatigued before pecs or tripeps. This is my weakest spot. Isolated dumbbell moves for delts are helping a lot!

  7. I am 14 just turned 14 though and i made a deal with myself to train just to build some mass and grow and my bro he has been training and building mass for awhile and he told me to follow you so here am I

  8. Pretty sure he said NO weights or little to no equipment 0:40. Proceeds to NOT show us how to have proper form using kitchen counter or chairs. Also shows bar exercises once again, which we DON'T have at home.

  9. How would you recommend exercises like the pseudo push-up, for someone who has screwed up wrists. I really have to do all push-ups on my fists. Any ideas?

  10. I like your videos and information. I have started incorporating some of them in my workouts. I just found your channel a couple days ago and it is driving me crazy – the name? THENX – what does it stand for? meaning? I came up with a possibility – The Natural Extreme. Please respond if any of you know what it is. thanks.

  11. How can we incorporate weights with calisthenics for beginners.. Intermediate program is there on thenx app but not for beginners…We want a guide on it..please

  12. Merry Christmas bro awesome video thank you for the gift and that gift that you gave me at the workout video bro thank you Merry Christmas to you bro lots of love I got your back finding

  13. Can you add workouts or tips on how to get around injuries such as golfers elbow or anything related to injuries involving tendons in your arm?

  14. To the people that have premium membership in thenx app is it worth it, because there is a lot on information in the channel , I am asking because I am considering buying it and want some opinions. Hope the answers are not like ''yes'' but more detailed ones

  15. Can you make a video on how to fix interior pelvic tilt. please man I really really need to fix my hip to have a good posture.

  16. Hello
    I am from India and I work in IT. Can you tell some exercise for people who are having jobs with 12 hours Monday to Sunday.
    Make some video for people like me who are business men or does long hour sitting jobs.
    Give some exercise that can keep us healthy . I just want to be healthy and stay away from hospital. Exercise that can be done by middle age person regularly 5 mins or 10 mins max

  17. Hi Chris! I have some pretty intense shoulder, elbow and wrist pain and popping from practising the planche. Do you have any tips for gixing that?

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