5 Dumbest Forms of Cardio (DON’T LOOK STUPID!)

JEFF: What are you doing? JESSIE: Battling the ropes. Battling these ropes. JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. That is not a battle rope. Jessie was certainly not going to battle the
ropes, but this is going to battle with the ropes. If you’re going to use these things, guys,
then you’re going to want to make sure that you’re increasing the effort that you’re using
them with. It’s not enough to use the latest fad when
you’re trying to do cardio and get a conditioning effect. You want to make sure you’re doing it right. If you don’t trust me, check out The Rock
over here, too. He knows how to use battle ropes. Guys, today I’m going to cover for you, not
just this, but four other, more popular ways that people use cardio to try to get themselves
in shape, and lose weight. However, it’s not that these things are bad;
it’s how we’re doing them that’s rendering them pretty much useless. We’re going to fix that all today, one by
one. Okay, so if we’re going to start fixing problems
let’s start with a big. That is this, right here. I’m not talking about the fact that Jessie
is actually texting while riding the bike, or the fact that he can slump over here like
a hunchback, as he’s walking on the treadmill. Frankly, we see this in every gym and it’s
happening right now, I guarantee you, in some gym across the world. But what irritates me, and why I consider
machine-based cardio a dumb form of cardio, is that it actually allows you to get away
with this. At what point could you actually walk around
like this without a machine holding you up, and get away with it very long? You couldn’t. And you couldn’t walk up a set of stairs and
ever confuse it with how it would feel if you were on a stair climber. The fact is, guys, machine based cardio will
never replicate what it actually feels like when your body is out in space doing these
activities for itself. We need to train ourselves to be more athletic
– that’s what this channel is all about – and that’s why I want you to start doing
more of. JESSIE: What, bro? I’m running. I’m off the machines. I’m doing what you told me. JEFF: Okay. Yes, Jessie might be outside, and he’s jogging. However, I like to say jogging is the redheaded
stepchild of locomotion. We have walking, and we have sprinting, and
jogging is kind of stuck right in the middle. The fact is, we know that there are some benefits
to each. However, jogging seems to reap the worst of
all of them. Now we know – look. If someone’s overweight, especially, it’s
not a good idea for them to get out and start sprinting at a high impact because of the
amount of weight that they have to carry. So walking would be a great option for them. However, we know if we can sprint we can get
all the benefits of a high intensity exercise and keep the duration short so while there
might be higher impact on your joints here, the duration is short, so we can maximize
that. That’s not what’s happening here with jogging. Jogging actually provides the same amount
of impact, pretty much, as a sprint does, for the duration that you would for a walk. So you’re really getting the worst of all
worlds, here. If you’re going to do one, or the other identify
whether or not you need to slow it down and go for a little bit longer time to assist
in your condition, or try to ramp it up, if you’re an athlete, and you’re looking for
a high intensity exercise, by opting right for sprinting. Wait a second. What are we doing here? This is supposed to be cardio. That’s a good deadlift, though. But what’s the – what? Oh, my God. I see now. Now I get it. Okay, I get it. This is not an effective form of conditioning. It’s a popular form of conditioning right
now, but this is what we call ‘poorly formed HIIT training’. Now, if you’re going to try and do HIIT training
you’re not going to want to mix your exercises where your benefits are optimal strength and
conditioning. One of them is going to suffer. Likely, not just that, but your own body is
going to suffer as well when you try to start maxing out your deadlifts in between rounds
of conditioning, and jump overs, and things like that. Guys, remember; be singularly focused. If you’re trying to train for strength, train
for strength. If you’re trying to train for conditioning,
and a cardiovascular benefit, then do that. But don’t try to mix the two because it
just becomes stupid in the long run. Last, but not least, is a really popular way
to train for fat loss, and conditioning, and get your cardio in. that is Tabata. Now, what you see Jessie doing here is pretty
much what you see a lot of people do. Tabata, for those that aren’t really familiar
with it, is a 20 second on, 10 second off interval of doing an exercise. It can be any exercise, but in this case Jessie’s
doing jump rope. Now, my first gripe with Tabata is, I actually
love the protocol if it’s done as it was originally programmed. When Tabata developed this protocol he was
using it with his Olympic athletes to do high intensity, maximum intensity efforts for 20
seconds. That meant 100%, pretty much as close as they
could get, to maximum heart rate, for 20 full seconds. How did we bastardize that? How did we screw it up? We never do that. We apply Tabata meaning it’s just the ’20
on, 10 off’ sequence. So we take 20 seconds, but we take about 5
seconds to ramp up to whatever activity we’re doing, and we take about 5 seconds to ramp
down. So we wind up only doing about 10 seconds
of any type of effort. Now, if you choose the wrong exercise – id’
say jump rope would qualify as one of those bad exercises, because you never get going
right off the bat at your peak effort. It usually takes a little time to get going. So properly using the right exercise to either
get you going at the top effort right away, or even better – if you want to improve
this – opt for a 30 second on, 10 second off interval and you’ll accommodate the fact
that you are ramping up and cooling down so you’ll get the maximum benefits of all 20
seconds of activity. Like my mom always used to tell me “It’s not
what you said, Jeff. It’s how you said it.” in this case here, it may not necessarily
be the forms of cardio you’re using, but if you’re doing them like everyone else is you
may look stupid doing it. More importantly, you’re not going to get
anything out of it, and I don’t want that to happen to you. Guys, this channel is all about putting the
science back in strength, just like all of our programs are. If you haven’t already, head over to ATHLEANX.com
and use one of them. I promise you, you’ll get the best results
you’ve ever had by actually putting science behind what you do. If you haven’t already, subscribe to this
channel and click the bell notification to make sure you never miss one of our videos. Of course, you can always catch one of our
latest videos right here. All right, guys. I’ll see you again soon.

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  3. Legitimate question- I’m coming off a nasty hip injury (almost needed surgery- complications from a labral tear and a hip
    Impingement) and getting back in shape has mostly been swimming. Land based cardio, I’ve opted for an elliptical machine set to very high resistance to try and take pressure off my hip while at the same time getting high heart rate and some leg strength back. Good, or not?

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  5. In my opinion, machine based cardio should only be used for injury recovery or other types of physical therapy.

  6. I tried implementing HIIT last year and I was able to do it again 3 months later. That’s when I caught my breath.

  7. Honest question. I'm starting to get back in shape and have a gym in my garage. I've been out for a while with a broken vertebrae, and most recently a pacemaker… pacemaker was 4 months ago. I have been down for about 8 months total. I was wanting to do a 2 part workout. With weights first and then cardio. Treadmill, heavy bag, and eventually sprints. And weight training with bench press, dips, curls, deadlifts, and pull ups. I did some pushups 2 nights ago and my shoulders and elbows sounded like a creaking floor. Haha

  8. I had to downvote because anything that keeps people active instead of just sitting around is good. What's wrong with just going slow on a machine and watching videos versus staying at home and doing nothing…

  9. Love your videos and you always make really valid points, including during this video… but you're so wrong about jogging. It is much better for you than sprinting, and can even be considered a replacement for it if you're jogging really fast. Walking is absolutely amazing if you are overweight and can't jog easily – you're right about that!

  10. You said no strength training and no conditioning …..i incorporate both on the elliptical I use long periods of time at a very high resistance …is this doing more harm than good?

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  19. I’d argue machine based cardio is 100% necessary for any athlete, and actually the optimal choice for anyone not competing in a sport. They are non or ultra low impact which preserves joints and aids in recovery. Also cardio is solely dependent on heart rate and duration. When it comes to receiving a cardiovascular training benefit, these are the only two factors. 150 BPM (arbitrary number) is the same whether you are on a stationary bike, running sprints, or doing Zumba. The idea that sprinting or any other activity is “better” or “burns more calories” is a farce.

  20. Your vids are great , your science is great but I should say that in this point I don’t agree. Jogging is the Most important aspect of an iron man or a guy who runs marathons. Those guys are Athletes and know that jogging is a MUST in those competitions.
    Take care

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  32. I usually don't have a problem with any info you put out. However on the treadmill not being a good tool for cardio, I'm afraid I do. I do sprint/runs on the tread mill. Fact is that treadmill is easier on my knees in which I have some chronic pain. Generally I can run for about 10-15 min off the mill and almost an hour on the mill.

  33. I've always found jogging to be a very effective way to loose weight and improve endurance. Whenever I've suffered a rugby injury which meant I couldn't do cardio (such as a broken leg), jogging for a couple of weeks always brought my weight down and endurance up. However, my jogs pick up pace as I go and end up as a sprint.

  34. Serious question, though, would those rope things be reasonable to limit loss of fitness in someone with leg injuries?

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  36. Elliptical machines I have found to be effective, like the elliptical bike or any other elliptical machines. You can change the restiance settings and burn more calories. Its worked for me. It's also a good low impact cardio for those in the beginning of their weight loss journey. I generally do about 15-30 minutes (depending on motivation and time). Its worked so far for me and I've noticed improvements.

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