5 Exercises To Fix Hunchback Posture

>>MARK: Hi, I’m Mark Perry, the creator of BuiltLean and one of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to improve posture.
And so while posture is a very big topic, I’m hoping to touch
upon how to improve rounded soulders
or hunchback posture. Which a lot of working professionals
get from sitting in a chair. And so if you’re slouching in your
office chair all day long, what happens is your chest
muscles tighten which internally rotate your shoulders
and also pull your spine fowards while at the same time, your upper back
muscles can loosen and weakened, and so these five exercises I’m about
to show you right now are gona help leave tension in your chest,
while at the same time strengthening those posture muscles in your upper back. What I’m hoping for you to do,
is choose three of the five exercises I’m gonna be showing you with one of the
exercises being a chest exercise. Okay, so the first chest exercise,
is actually a chest stretch. So how it works is you’re going to do
is face the corner of a wall, extend your arm outwards, and really
kinda cupping the wall, turn left so if you’ve right arm now you
are gonna turn left and then feel the stretch on your left. You are going to hold this position for 30
seconds, repeat with the other side, for a total three sets. The second exercise is a chest compression
with a massage ball. You can also use a tennis ball as well
if you don’t have access to a massage ball. How it works is you are goint
to apply pressure using the ball onto your chest. Size the ball into your chest
for about 30 seconds and then repeat for the other side of your chest. you are gonna do this for, again,
30 seconds each, for three sets. The third exercise is the upper back
foam roller. And how it works is, you are going
to lie with your back on a foam roller. Right underneath
your shoulder blades you are gonna lift your
hips up, and roll fowards about an inch, and then drop your
hips down again and you are gonna repeat this until you get to right about
the bottom of your neck and then you are goint to come
backwards again so that it’s back right behind your shoulder blades.
you are going to repeat this for three sets and one more thing if you feel any tightness,
lets just say right below your shoulder blades you can actually roll that area out for a good 10 to 15 seconds, it’s gonna feel
really, really good. The fourth exercise is the Prone-y extension and this exercise is particularly good because you are going to be heading
your shoulder blades, you are gonna be strengthening your upper
back postural muscles and your lower back as well. And so, how it works is, you are going to
be lying face down on the floor, you are gonna put your hands above your head
in a Y with your palms facing down. You are going to lift up your torso,
as well as externally rotating your shoulders. You are gonna hold the position for
5 to 10 seconds, and then go down. You’ll be doing this for 8 wraps
of 3 sets. The fifth exercise is the close grip row. And so, you can use either a cable machine
or a resistance band, which is the one I’m gonna show you right
now. So you are gonna take a resistance band,
wrap it around a stable object, roughly chest height. You are gonna extend your arms, and slowly pull in and retract your
scapula, which means you are squeezing your shoulder blades together. It’s helping lengthening your chest.
You are gonna slowly resist the band and lower it, and repeat for 15 repetitions
for three sets. I think that if you apply these exercises,
a few times a week to your exercise regimen it’s gonna make a huge difference
in your posture. Your shoulder’s gonna be back,
your chest is gonna be out, your posture losses are gonna be
much stronger and you’s gonna look and feel
a lot better. So, I hope this was helpful for you,
thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week

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  1. excellent video, i bought those muscle balls several months ago and u just demonstrated a new way to use them – thank you! I am subscribing!

  2. Going to buy my dad a foam roller tomorrow and force him to do these exercises. I just now realized this is why he has such back problems and a hunch back.

  3. Hi! Great video. Ive been having a lot of problems with posture and anxiety. been to the physiotherapist and tried to loosen up a bit, but exercises like these are really great. Question; How long will it take to see/feel improvements? I am training strength regularly so i want to add this to my regimen.Also I am having a bit trouble standing ups straight for longer than just a few seconds, will this be related or is other muscles used here? Thanks

  4. Can anyone help me please .. will doing back workouts like lat pulldowns, seated upright rows help improve posture ?

  5. Hello how long am I supposed too do this exercise for my hunch back go away if i do it everyday for week how long will it take ps great video sorry for the bad English

  6. Is it okay to have 2 chest exercises out of the 3? I dont have access to a foam roller and a resistance band

  7. Hey I had a question. I'm a 14 year old gymnast and I don't have the best posture. My solders role in and I slouch when I sit and I arch my back when standing. I have had back pain in my middle back and was wondering some strength exercises to strengthen that area of my back.

  8. Hi Mark,
    Many thanks for the great video first of all. I would like to ask you, what is the practical difference between a static move that doesn't use weight and a dynamic move that uses weight? For example, are there any practical differences between the Prone Y Extension, and an equivalent move that you can do using free weights or a machine?
    Thanks again

  9. "Wall angel" & inverted rows are also supposedly good.
    Some others were also recommending face pull rows.

  10. Hello, These are good exercises. I have severe posture back problems and my Physical Therapist also helps me do two of these. Can you tell the name of the 5th exercise please. Thanks

  11. Have you got any tips or videos for week glutes and hamstrings? I get really tight shins and flat fleet and my glutes turn off from standing all day

  12. Hey man. I'm 14 and do karate and rugby. Everyone says I am hunched, and that I have very bad posture. I see that my shoulders are literally curved inwards, thus I cannot stand straight. This video seems great, and I was wondering, are you supposed to do these 3 exercises every day? It would be great if you tell me what the routine is for these exercises. Because I really don't want to overdo it and hurt my upper back. Thanks

  13. hey man when I sit to do my assignments I automatically bend down and my lower back pains what should I do about this man I don't look good without a good posture and it pains two

  14. My fiance keeps hunching it's annoying I keep telling him to stop.

    I told him the more you do it by the time he is 40 his head will be hanging low by his chest..lol

    I've seen it.

    his excuse is I'm tall..


  15. i had to watch this more than once because the first time i was just focusing on how good looking you were. sry lolz

  16. Why “Texting Neck” Is Killing Your Confidence,Sleep, Brain Health & Performance www.facebook.com/Forward-Head-Posture-963734057035707/?sk=app_190322544333196

  17. The pulling motion you show just works your lats, I think it's best to substitute it for an exercise that works your rear delts for more effectiveness in improving posture (i.e pull the band to your face).

  18. am having a really sucky hunchback am 17 years old and am afraid pf it getting worse i visited doctors and yoga instructors but i cant feel any improvement can these exercise treat a c shape back please help

  19. Omg finally thxs man I finally don't have a hunchback now but doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing this exercise lol

  20. Can hunckkback or postural kyphosis really be corrected at any age? I´ve had a terrible posture since i was 15. Im 31 now and I have a postural kyphosis. Can posture really be corrected completely or at least dramatically? I´m already exercising and I feel great. I´m ready to get rid of that horrible thing.
    Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

  21. Great piece of advice thank you for sharing! Would you recommend doing it after or before workout at the gym or maybe separately ?

  22. thank you so much very useful and informative , for how long should i practice those exercises and then i will see a result ? and ho many times a week an so ..cause i don't do work out i will start soon but wanna start with this posture exercises ..any help on how should i start ?

  23. Thank you for your advise, I am almost 50 and it's my time to put up or shut and this is something I really need to work on. I have a question, if you have time to respond. Is it ok to still do weight training, chest exercises, on the same days as these exercises or should you rotate?

  24. Thanks! Gave this a shot today – my back is rounded enough that with that roller exercise, if I go too far in the "neckward" direction, I can't come back… lol

    Feels like I stretched all the right muscles though, so I'll give it a few months 🙂

  25. Hey I also have a hunchback and I like your videos :)! I will do some workout to correct this (if it works) :)!
    (I'm from Germany)
    I'll definitely post the progress! ;D

  26. The stretch that works best, IMO, is to hold a stretch band above your head, stretch it wider, then rotate your arms behind your head, allowing the band to pull your arms together behind you.

  27. I'm a dancer and I was born with a hunch in my back it makes me really insecure while dancing because I cant stretch as well will theses help???

  28. As someone who actually has professionally Diagnosed Scheuermann's Kyphosis, I find it sad that there seem to be no actual kyphotic cure stories on youtube. Aside from radical surgeries, and health experts, with normal-ass backs, suggesting exercises, there seem to be no other tools for us mutated humpies. Subscribe to my channel as an accountablibuddy and let's see what we can do to stand up a lil straighter!!

    P.S. First video comes out tomorrow (:

  29. Caught my shadow on the wall and I looked like a hunchback, so got on here to look for a fix. Thanks yo, Ill try it

  30. absolutely loving the standing row thing included it into my gym regime, it's resembles a posture exercise my physio recommended, where standing you just pull your shoulders back. this takes it to the next level exactly what I needed thank you!

  31. It would b kind of uh if u tell me what material u used in dyz video… Tennis ball… Foam roller n what ws d other one dt u did wd ur hand… N where cn I get dyz material I mean cn I get dyz material in gym shop?????? Kindly reply 🙂

  32. Great exercises for people who only need help with posture. But after years of hunched over a desk your entire body makes adjustments to this position. The tightness you feel in your chest is not only from tight pecs, but from deformation of your rib cage, sternum, and internal organs. Anyone can pull their chin in and pull their shoulders back and still have excessive curvature of the thoracic spine. I'm not saying that the exercises in this video are bad- they are very good, but if you really want to fix your problem you need much more aggressive exercises. Now think about that pillow behind your head which curves your spine and pretty much every chair you sit in, including your car seat. They are all designed to add curvature to your upper spine. So basically you spend 12 hours destroying your body and you think you can fix it with a 15 minute exercise program? I've been doing these exercises and much more aggressive methods for over 8 years now with very small improvements. I do trail running up to 6 miles, mountain bike riding up to 30 miles, ocean swimming, I box with men 15 years my younger and they tire out long before I do- so don't think I am a wimp. I'm just saying that for a lot of people you are doing more than just fighting a muscle imbalance. You are fighting internal organ and skeletal changes which require hours of treatment (easily done while you are sleeping) and very aggressive exercises to strengthen your erector spinae. Any muscle you strengthen is good, but strengthening your trapezii only pulls your shoulders back (good). It will have minimal benefit for spinal curvature. No one is going to give me a million youtube views so I won't waste my time, but I hope people with real problems some day can find REAL solutions- good luck!

  33. Im following a push, pull, leg plan and wondering if i should only stretch my chest after my push workout or also before pull workout?

  34. I heard a crazy theory that doing pull ups and chin ups and the exercise where the hands are in between chin up and pull up can help posture too. Is it true?

  35. Mark-Thank you for this video on hunching. I subscribed to you awhile ago. I just wanted
    to make sure I acknowledged your no nonsense, mostly basic approach to a lazy. confused
    older guy like me. You have helped me immensely and helped teach me discipline. All the Best, Paul

  36. good exercises, but way too much talking.In my early 20's, I randomly just started using the row machine at the gym every day. I didn't really know what I was doing. But I noticed my posture got way better. I was standing up straight all the time. That went away after a while when I stopped using the row machine. So I bought a resistance band, started using it almost every day, and my posture is improving again. So… Back muscles = better posture & better stomach…………………………………………………

  37. Cassy! I have been having lower back problems since I was 12 years old (tinyurl.com/y6rm4z6u ). I tried all the moves I knew of to try and pop my back but nothing worked! I love your videos and I came across this one and it felt amazing. The cobra look-back actually popped my lower back! Thank you so much!

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