– What’s up, it’s Chris
Heria, welcome to the blog. I’m just getting warmed up. Today we’re gonna be doing a five-minute fat burning workout. This is gonna be quick, maybe not so easy but highly effective. But you need to incorporate
fat burning workouts at least once a week to
maximize your physique and build your endurance. Another great thing about
high-intensity interval training and fat burning workouts, is it helps you reduce
and regulate body weight while maintaining muscle mass. This style of training also
helps raise your energy levels, which means you’re gonna do a lot more within the same amount of time, which is perfect if you’re
just getting started on your fitness journey or if you’re looking for ways to maximize your time at the gym. So in this five-minute
fat burning routine, we’re gonna be doing five exercises, one minute each with no rest. And keep in mind, while
doing these exercises, the quality of your reps and keeping form. You can do a bunch of reps in a minute but for your reps to
actually be effective, you need to have an amount
of time under tension and full range of motion. So take time with your reps
and as long as you don’t stop, you’re actually training
harder and smarter than if you were to speed
through all your reps. So get ready to focus for
five minutes straight. We’re about to get started. The first exercise we have is push-ups. Throughout this routine, if
you feel like you need to stop, go ahead and stop, take a
breath and then keep on going. Eventually, the more you do this workout, the more your endurance
will start to increase and you’ll be able to
last longer and longer and eventually you’ll be doing
this whole entire routine with me without stopping. So with that said, take a
break to catch your breath or slow your pace if you
need to but don’t stop. Let’s go for it. (lively upbeat music) ♪ Heria music ♪ ♪ Heria music ♪ ♪ Heria music ♪ – Three. Two. One. The switching lunges, let’s go for it. (lively upbeat music) Regulate that breathing, make sure you’re
breathing this whole time. Cause if you can’t hold your breath, you’re definitely not gonna last. In fact, the more you learn to train
while regulating your breathing the longer you can be able to last you’re gonna be able to
perform a lot better as well. (lively upbeat music) ♪ Heria music ♪ – If you’re finding you’re losing balance, separate your legs more. It’s gonna be easier, keep
balance while you do this. (lively hiphop music) Three, two, one. All right, let’s train into bicycles. Let’s go for it. (exhaling) One knee, fully extend arm. Let’s go. Full extension in the legs. (breathing rythmically) Keep the pace up guys. More than halfway there. (lively hiphop music) If you need to slow down, go ahead slow down catch
your breath but do not stop. Get right back up, keep it going. It’s only five minutes
go as hard as you can. Here we go three, two, one. Hooo, are we gonna burpees next? But if you have an elevated
surface, go right into. Box jump burpees. (intense music) ♪ Heria music ♪ ♪ Heria music ♪ – Wooo. Alright, last ones. Make these count. Seated in and outs. (lively upbeat music) We’re gonna go between
these light flutters and in and outs guys. Last once, keep them going. Let’s go. Last ones speaking and
count as hard as you can. Three, two, one woo. Alright. That is round one right there fastest way to break a
sweat in five minutes. So congratulations for passing round one. If you’re just getting started and you’re able to go through
the whole entire thing, whether you stopped or
not, that’s amazing. Although this routine is
only five minutes long, it’s definitely super tough. So if you wanna continue to push yourself, then playback the video
and try it for round two or come back to this
video at least once a week to make sure you’re getting enough high-intensity interval training and fat burning into your
weekly workout regimen. And to get this workout on your phone and more workouts just like this, getting in the best shape of your life, then go ahead and visit heriapro.com and sign up to become a member. Then download the Heria
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100 Replies to “5 MIN FAT BURNING WORKOUT | 2019”

  1. Awesome, with 90 Kg Hoe i can make strength to do Brupee’s. Hard load on my erist when going down. Please suggest exercises as per weight to start and build strength

  2. I feel like a boss now I just hit 60 pushups in one round after a week of your 100 push-up morning routine 🤙🏻

  3. I honestly find his tattoos more mesmerising than his muscles. As though his muscles define his tattoos more than the other way around. Great body though.

  4. Hey can i lose my belly day in 30 days or 50 days with this ? I will control my eating habits! Because i am a student i am 1.60 and my weight ia 70 kilo i want to lose altleast 10 or 15 kilo

  5. I'm a mother of 6 and I've gained some weight. I haven't worked out in years. This is so hard for me but I'm determined to lose some weight.. My second day doing this. I'm hurting. Lol..

  6. This workout is like a suicide or a torture. But i will do this in the future. Im not up to it to do this. Im still increasing my strength and endurance to your old videos.

  7. Chris Heria, You are better, You are an example, I motive every day, when I saw your videos, I was happy, because I found what I wanted to do, I will still reach this level, now I am a big fan of yours. I am Brazilian Viva Calistenia Strong hugs! Chris

  8. Damn it's harder than it looks. It's just 5 mins but my heart is pounding like hell and I kinda stop a few times but hey it's my first time trying this. I hope I improve my stamina because I'll do this every day

  9. May i suggest the do's and don'ts before and after working out. If that would be okay chris?🙌 I know its common but I want to hear it from you💪

  10. Cris can you do full body work out for building muscle 🙏 i already watch all of your videos. And im confuse what exercise i do.
    Begginers only cris thanks a lot. 😊🙏

  11. I started training push ups about 2 months ago. I could do only 2 reps then. Now I do 25 perfect push-ups, but it's not enough to keep doing them for 60 seconds. Is it okay, if I start the HIIT showed on this vid with 30 seconds and increase this number by 1 second day by day until I reach 60s?

  12. Hey man im proud of u …your video was the one from where i started my workout for beginners and i love that u do with us ..
    Thank u for the hardwork
    Best of luck😁

  13. I am so impressed with your amazing attitude my friend. You are winning at life, never change please.

  14. people are fucking stupid nothing in this life is free this guy has motivated a lot of people and i am on that list and you can clearly see he loves working out is his passion, but a man has to eat and is not free either more peace and less hate keep up the good work Chris

  15. Why do people hate chris heria for doing legitimate exercises. Everyone says he’s misleading you and that he leaves out vital parts to workouts but he includes all information I’ve heard you need, time under tension, doing the reps, etc

  16. My emotionally broken wife brings me Wendy's three times a day and I remain sedentary throughout the day. That's good right?

  17. Реально Крутая тренировка! Крис на высоте! Успеха тебе! Главное не останавливаться! Let's go!!!

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