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(soothing music) – Hey guys, I’m Dr Andy. Today I want to introduce a five minute core workout routine. So this is something very simple that you can do every single day that’s just going to give you
a really good stable core. Now, this is not a video to show you how to get a six pack and you
know, in five minutes a day. That is not the purpose of this, right? This is about core integrity. This is about being able
to go about your day and not hurting your low back, right? So if you already have some low back pain, certainly employ some of these exercises and you might actually start to realize your symptoms improving, right? But again, this is not
about a beautiful six pack. This is about core
integrity to prevent injury in your low back or if you
already have some pain right now you can try em’ out and
see how they do, okay? I want you to start with a side plank. So again, this is a five minute routine so we’re gonna do five
different exercises, each one for about a minute. Now, your not at the
beginning gonna be able to hold and do each one of these exercises for a minute and for the entire time. Like, for a side plank for 60 seconds, if you haven’t been
doing any core exercises to begin with or to start, not gonna be, not gonna happen, right? But if you can do 10 or 15 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds, and then do another 10 or 15
seconds, I’m happy, right? When you do your side planks, you do need to do both sides however, so think maybe at the beginning maybe hold for about for about 15 seconds and then switch, you know
and give yourself a break for a second, you know, do the other side real fast, alright? So, a side plank is just a plank but this time you’re on your side, right? So I wanna show you the
most advanced form of it. A less advanced form would
be to do it on your knees and hold yourself up,
but the best way to do it is to have your legs perfectly straight and you’re supporting
yourself on your feet and on your elbow and your
body is completely straight. If you can get to the point where you’re holding this for 30 seconds and then switch and do the other side for another 30 seconds,
absolutely perfect, okay? So that is the first exercise you’re gonna do for one minute. That is the side plank. The second exercise I want you to do is called the McGill Curl Up. This is named after Dr. Stew McGill. He is a PHD. He is an unbelievable genius when it comes to the
low back and rehab, okay? So, a McGill curl up is different from a normal sit up. A normal sit up is, you know you’re gonna come
all the way on up, right? That’s not what I want you to do, okay? So, you’re gonna start as if
you’re doing a normal sit up. Bring yourself down. Bend one knee. Get the other leg straight. Take your hands, put them under
the small of your low back so you can maintain good
core posture, alright? And then when you do it, you’re curling up to get your
shoulder blades off the mat. Not all the way on up. So shoulder blades off the mat,
and then bring it back down. And if you can keep your
neck perfectly straight, that’s even better, right? Do 10 for one leg, 10 on the other leg, okay? That’s the best thing that
you can do for that, okay? The next exercise I
want you to do is called a Glute or a Hip Bridge, okay? Go back down like you’re about to do
a sit up again, alright? So, like a sit up, this time put your hands
directly on your side, driving with your glutes and your core, not with your legs, okay? So you can push up with your legs, but we don’t wanna do that. With your hips, drive forward, squeezing your glutes, squeeze your butt, pushing your hips to the ceiling, okay? That is a Glute Bridge. The next exercise is called a Dead Bug, and this is a little bit more complicated. So, legs and arms out straight. Keeping your belly like a board, you’re going to do opposite
arm and opposite leg. Bring them together. Two seconds up, two seconds down then the other arm and other leg. Two seconds up, two seconds down. If you can do 10 on each side
that’s absolutely perfect. And then lastly, is the Bird Dog, which is almost the same exercise but now you’re on your hands and knees. So, hands and knees. Hands are shoulder width apart, directly underneath your shoulders. Knees are hips’ width apart,
directly underneath your hips. Keeping your back
completely straight again, you’re gonna do opposite
arm and opposite leg to parallel with the floor. Two seconds up, two seconds down, opposite side. 10 on each side, it’s that simple. If you have any questions,
if you have any problems, maybe pain preventing you
from doing one or another, send me an email or send me a question, I’ll try and come up with something as an alternative for you. If you have any questions,
send em our way. That is our five minute
core stability routine. If you have any questions as
I said, just send em our way. Thank you guys very much. (soothing music)

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