5 Minutes With Billy Gene: How To Deal With A Pissed Off Client – Episode 11

Reena>>Hello! Billy Gene>>Is it us you’re
looking for? I can see it in your eyes… Five minutes with Billy Gene. Shimmers, music,
we’re gotta play the instrumental with that, too. What’s up everybody and welcome to Five
minutes with Billy Gene and Reena and today we will talk to you about something that you
must be able to do if you want to grow a successful business at any industry. At any industry.
You know what that is? Reena>>How to deliver bad news Billy Gene>>and how to deal with
pissed off clients. It happens. The clients get mad, they get happy they get sad, they
complain about everything… shut up! And learn how to deal with them because it’s a
part of life. So today we’re gonna start off by talking about how to deliver bad news to
a client. How to deliver bad news to a client, so a couple of things. There’s really three
parts to this. Number One: And I get on this guys about it all the time go ahead and tell
them Reena Reena>>Do not text or email a bad news Billy Gene>>What do you have to
do? Reena>>Pick up the phone and call them Billy Gene>>And can you leave a voicemail?
Reena>>You can leave a voicemail to call you back Billy Gene>>Yes exactly. You see
that? You don’t want to deliver the bad news on the voicemail because that’s the type of
shit when they get it like ” Oh my gosh what happened?” and then they don’t call you back,
they e-mail you back with a long written shit how they want to cancel and they no longer
want to work with you so you make sure you get phone, the phone and you actually explain
what’s going on, why? Because when you’re on the phone you can hear tone, compassion,
emotion, right? And it’s the best if you can be in person cause then you can see me, right
now you can see that I’m smiling! And so is she! So, again, that phone to phone has got
to happen. Second part is, remember this. They mimic your behavior/emotion/demeanor,
so if you call a client and you go “Oh my god I can’t believe it fuck we totally messed
up on your campaign I don’t know what to do I’ve never seen anything like this happened
before we’re done we’re screwed oh noo” they are gonna feel the same way. They are gonna
feel the same way. However, if you call them with some confidence, show them Reena>>Reena
Hello Hey, how are you doing Billy Gene>>I’m doing good, how it’s going Reena? Reena>>Oh,
it’s doing okay, umm, we… Billy Gene>>To many umms, so you need to pick up the phone
and say “Hey John, how are you doing, just wanted to talk about something that happened
today got a couple minutes to chat?” “Sure.” “Okay cool” If you are cool, calm, and collected.
Let’s get a saxophone going. If you are cool, calm, and collected. Then so will they. If
you’re freaking like oh my god oh no, they are going to freak out too. Remember that.
* it’s all that, they mimic your behavior. Even when you’re talking to someone. Here’s
a test for you. If you’re talking to a someone, right? And you’re actually having a conversation
face to face, and you’re standing there with your arms crossed, they are probably going
to cross their arms, right? Just watch. People mimic behavior including your body language.
Sound effect on every chop! And finally, make sure if you’re calling somebody and you’re
stating a problem, then you damn well better have a… Reena>>Solution! Billy Gene>>You
better have a * solution. Don’t just call bearing bad news, right, “Hey, this happened
but guess what? And then you get excited about the solution like it’s the best thing that
ever happened like thank God we have this problem because now we got this fantastic
solution. Reena>>So, Billy, can you tell them how to really deal with a pissed off
customer? Billy Gene>>Hey Reena, I sure can. Here’s the reality, we’ll leave you with
this: dealing with a pissed off client doesn’t happen after the fact, it happens before.
It’s about how you set proper expectations. For example, if you tell someone you’re going
to have something done in a week and you give it to them in a week and a day or two, that’s
how you piss off a client. And then from there, you need to be delivering bad news. But realistically,
if you know something takes a week to do, what do you tell the client? It will probably
be done in two weeks.So when you get it done in a week, it’s “oh my God you finished a
week early! What the fuck! You’re incredible!” I don’t know why I’m this high pitched * mood
but non the less how you set the expectations before you go into a relationship as how it
goes not just in business but in your dating life, in your friendships… So, that’s all
we got to say. Ok then, you just had 5 minutes with Billy Gene and Reena>>Me. Goodbye.

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