5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

Running is one of those exercises that simultaneously sounds ridiculously easy, and challenging all at the same time, especially when you’re first starting out. I’ve been running off and on for a couple years now and only in the past couple months have I felt like I’ve finally unlocked the key to a successful run. In this video I share five running tips for beginners aka what I wish I knew when I was first starting out running. First let’s talk about gear truth is gear is subjective and it might take a bit of experimenting to figure out what works for you including the gear that I’m about to talk about. That being said, the two pieces of gear that I wish I had from the very beginning are A) a good pair of running shoes and B) my flipbelt. Shoes, like feet, come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are built for a high arch, some are built for trails, some are built to mimic the bare foot. You name it, there’s a variation of running shoe for it. Therefore, shoes that work for me might not work for you and vice versa. But that being said, there are a couple things to keep in mind when you’re picking out a shoe if you’re going to be running in it. Can you wiggle your toes? You should be able to. Is your foot snug? It should be, but not too tight. Do you over pronate or under pronate when you run? If you’re not sure about how your feet actually move when you run, I highly suggest going to a specialty running store near you to get fitted for a shoe. It might cost a little bit more, but there they can stick you on a treadmill and actually record how you run and then they can stick you in a shoe that’s personalized for you and your feet. Alternatively, in the description bar of this video, I’ve linked a personal shoe quiz where you can find out what shoe might work best for you. Let’s talk about the flipbelt. Before I had this thing, I would struggle to find a place for all the things that I carry when I run. Granted, I don’t really carry a lot, but things like my keys, my ID, and phone are things that I like to keep with me even when I run. Arm bands were often too small for my Galaxy s7 Edge, way overpriced, and usually didn’t even have a spot for my keys. Workout clothes very often don’t come with pockets (WTF sports clothing industry) so I got very familiar with the sensation of foreign objects being stuffed down my sports bra as I ran (which, by the way, I don’t recommend, because ouch). After doing a bit of research, I came across the flipbelt, which I ordered almost instantly. It’s a belt that you wear when you exercise that has snug pouches all the way through it. The pouches are big enough for my phone, snug enough to keep my ID and other cards in place, and it even has a clasp to hang my keys on as I run. It doesn’t slide up my body as I run, even with my current 10 inch difference between my waist and hips, and i’ve never lost an item to date, knock on wood. For reference, I ordered a size small in the aqua color, and I feel like it fits perfectly for me. I’ve linked the flipbelt in the description bar of this video if you want to get one yourself. And I swear this isn’t a flipbelt commercial, I just wish I got one sooner. The second thing I wish I knew when I first started running is actually about food. It took me forever to figure out what and when to eat before I went on a run. Should I eat a big meal? Should I eat a snack? Should I eat anything at all? When should I eat? etc. The truth is, like gear, its kind of subjective. For me personally, I find that there’s two things that work really, really well for me. The first is a short, fasted run first thing in the morning. If I’m running without eating anything, I generally can’t go for a very long time, and it pretty much has to be right when I wake up, otherwise I get extremely light headed and nauseous. But after a fasted run in the morning, I’ve actually found that I have quite a bit of energy, and it makes me feel extremely productive and ready to take on the day. The second thing I found that works really well for me is having a light, carb-rich snack somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes before a run. Usually for me this means a banana or an apple or something of that variety. I found that a light snack gives me a good amount of energy to power through cardio, but it doesn’t make me feel sick or heavy like a large meal would. The third thing I wish I knew when I first started running were what apps to use. As a beginner, all of the apps that are available for you to use can be really overwhelming, and it’s difficult to figure out which exactly you’ll actually end up using. For me personally, there are three apps that I use frequently that I wish I had from the very beginning. Keep in mind, I’m running android, and these apps might be different on iOS and/or be better or worse on one platform versus another. The first is called Runtastic. Truth is, Runtastic is one of the millions of tracking apps that tell you your pace, gives you a map of where you’ve gone, give you audio cue to let you know how many miles or kilometers you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned, and so on and so forth. I really enjoy the simple, easy-to-understand interface, and I’ve never had any bugs or issues pop up with this particular app when I’ve had those things happen frequently on other tracking apps. The second is Couch to 5k. If you’re wanting to start running when you have absolutely no running background, this app is for you. This app essentially takes you through intervals of jogging and walking to slowly build up your endurance over the course of a couple weeks. It’s very easy to use, very simple to understand, and it’s a godsend if you’re just starting out. The third is Zombies, run! Zombies, run! is a unique app that is basically an interactive podcast that you listen to as you run. The premise behind it is that there’s a zombie apocalypse that is occurring, and you’re one of the runners for a small township that is trying to stay protected from the horde, and you have to collect virtual items for the township as you run. Basically, you’re running from zombies. It’s a fun app that turns running into a real-life game that you’re trying to win instead of a chore that you have to do. The last two things I wish I knew when I was first starting out running kind of go hand in hand, and they are pace and motivation. When you’re starting out running for the first time, it’s really easy to jump the gun and start running at an above average pace, especially when you might not be familiar with what your own personal average pace is. But after a couple blocks, if you’re running too fast, you’ll feel that burn in your lungs, your heart racing in an uncomfortable way, and it will feel impossible to catch your breath. Then you’ll slow down, stop, try to breathe, and feel so frustrated with yourself and defeated because you thought you were stronger than that. If I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be to slow down. Take notice of how fast you’re moving when you’re walking a brisk walk, how easy it is to hold a conversation. Very slowly, increase your pace to the lightest of jogs and get comfortable with your body moving at that pace. Breathe. Instead of trying to go at a lightning fast pace, try focusing on how far you can go instead. And the hardest part about running isn’t even your leg giving out, or the sweat pouring down your face, or your earbud popping out in the middle of it all; It’s your body telling you to stop, and that it’s too hard. My trick around this is to tell myself “Oh, I’ll just take a break at the end of this song.” and then when the song ends, I’ll tell myself “Oh, I can make it to that light pole up ahead.” and then when I get there, “Oh, let’s just get around the corner of this block first, and then we’ll take a break.” The truth is, my body always tells me I can’t do it, and every time I try my hardest to tell it that it’s wrong. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and that’s okay too. At the end of the day, when I finish a run, no matter how far I went or how it goes, I feel proud of myself because at least I proved that I could get up and move. At the end of the day, running, for me, is the embodiment of me telling my body who’s in charge, and that I won’t stop until I say so Alrighty guys, so I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And in the comments down below, let me know if you have any motivation, or tips for anybody else who is just kind of starting their journey with running. And also, if you have any requests for future videos, feel free to leave those in the comments down below as well. So I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you next time. Bye!

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  1. Hey guys! First of all, I'm SO happy that so many of you found this video helpful! Second of all, there are more videos like this to come, so if you haven't subscribed already, feel free to do so! ❤️ If you're curious about my day-to-day life as well, I invite you to come on over to my vlog channel and hang out! Things are about to be changing like crazy in my personal life (moving, new jobs, and just a fresh chapter in my life), so those vlogs are going to be a roller coaster for sure. You can check out the vlog channel here: https://www.youtube.com/culpfiction

    Happy running!


  2. ALTRA Paradigm Running Shoes are the best running shoes. Period. The cushioning makes it so much easier on your joints. I took 10 years off running and this is the only shoe I felt motivated me to start again. You're welcome.

  3. You really do have a great voice for these narratives. First time I’ve ever seen one of your videos and you’ve motivated me to go out and do even more cardio. Thank you so much! Subscribed and Belled!!

  4. when i started running my mile time was 12 minutes now it’s down to 6:30 pretty proud, but it took a while so don’t worry if you don’t see results quickly. You’ll achieve your goals through consistency.

  5. you don't need an app for Samsung or ios both have built-in Samsung health or in ios health, it has all the options you need.

  6. But there is no space for running, I’m a kid so I can’t just get out of the house whenever I want, and I don’t have a backyard, help?

    Edit: I want to run to lose weight, I’m overweight

  7. Advice would be to start doing some basic strengthening – injury prevention is so important because you truly discover you love something when you can't do it

  8. imagine gearing up to catch your meat in the Savanna and you need your banana fix so you don't feel lightheaded mid-hunt xD.. carbs are stupid and ruins the human health.

  9. I stank at running until I discovered a few things (some overlap w/video admittedly);
    1) forget about time and timing yourself etc; set increments of LOS distance and FORGET ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Now, obviously you need to be safe and watch out. But, the more you think about the act, the more tiring it becomes. 2) reach the "second wind" earlier by pacing yourself a certain way. Don't start out sprinting, go 2/3. Slow down to that lowest sustainable jogging pace; it'll help you achieve breath control quicker. Slowly increase pace from there. 3) I know it's mundane and many might disagree, but DON'T get "tech" running shoes. Light is good but they can obviously be too light and you'll suffer from impact despite their advertisements. And don't tie them too tight; you want to have a tiny bit of play around the ankle. You'll run furthest in the shoes you're most comfortable in, not necessarily the most scientifically advanced.

  10. I had asthma and lung problems as a kid and i havent tried to run in a long time because I'm scared I might literally die.

  11. I'll start eating:
    *An apple and yoghurt for breakfast
    *for lunch I will have two eggs with a few grapes or dates (timir) on the side ext ext ext
    * for dinner I'll eat pasta like I always eat cuz I love it and I'll use a small bowl to eat that with

  12. after watching this i got the feeling that i should get me a nice sports outfit, sports shoes, a banana, and a drone and start making videos.

  13. My beginner tip: I learned how to enjoy running by 1) listening to something that makes me feel motivated and 2) going at whatever pace I feel like going at (if I feel like walking I walk, if I feel like running I run)… The important thing is to enjoy it so that you'll want to do it again. I didn't think I could learn to enjoy running but I realized that it's not that I don't like running, it's that I was doing it wrong. I was pushing myself too hard too fast instead of listening to my body and learning what made running fun for me. I can't dance, but I like running to good dancing songs because I still get to move to the music.

  14. Cheers for this. The tip on speed was excellent. I slowed down and actually ran home without taking a break or feeling like I was going to die!

  15. Post motivational quotes all atound your room car and phone back ground so everywhere you look yout reminded of why your doing what your doing

  16. Running with apps? Some runners don't have a smartphone. Some runners don't want a smartphone. Some runners despise the idea of going for a run with some Godawful app talking rubbish in your ears. Much of the reason for running is to be alone and away from people and technology.

  17. I have bad asthma and it gets triggered so fast! I am fit I workout everyday for 30 minutes and on weekends for and hour plus the 30 minutes. But as soon as I start running or even walk a lil faster I can’t breath anymore. I talked to the doctor and she told me I couldn’t do anything against it but just use my inhaler. I want to run it helps with my anxiety but at the moment its so frustrating….

  18. I’ve finally become comfortable with my body and I’m not bothered about abs but I want to keep up running to make sure I have a good health and any weight loss is just a bonus so thank you this really helpled💕

  19. I’m doing cross country this year and I just started running again (I haven’t ran in awhile) and i just ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes which isn’t really good so I need to cut down my time quite a bit so I have done core workouts and eating so much better

  20. BTW, don't forget to actually flip the belt so the openings are snug against your body and nothing falls out!

  21. thanks for this. Here's a question if anyone is reading this. Should I jog everyday, every other day, 2-3 times a week? Do you do a long run one day, followed by a short run the next? What does a realistic schedule for someone who just started running and in their mid 40s?

  22. Also a very good idea to do cross-training. I run every other day and will take a longer walk on the days I don't run. Other cross train activities can be biking, swimming, etc.

  23. Hi iam already try running for sports.. And it doesnt work on me! I cant find my self.enjoy running, i always stuck on my progres and no improvement for month.. And i try cycling for my cardio, and unbelievable in 3 month i can ride 100 k. Its way more better than running.. Max distance for my run only 10k.

  24. This is by far the most helpful and realistic video I've seen so far for beginner runners!! So happy I found this and this video has made me so much more confident for my next run. thanks so much!!

  25. SUPER helpful! Loved the apps and the flipbelt idea (will probably be my reward if I start getting more serious about running) I especially appreciated your perspective and motivational tips towards the end. Thank you <3

  26. My running tip 6.. Achilles tendonitis is a bitch. So don't try and suddenly be an athlete if you're obese, in fact, probably don't run at all and consider weights or other forms of HIIT cardio that doesn't involve distance running or any sort of incline running until you're down to a sensible weight.

  27. I have a question for the male runners, does your balls hurt? Idk what’s happening but from some weeks my balls started to hurt while running. Not sure if it has something to do with testosterone which is produced. I’m training 4-5 days per week. Actually I’m in the hospital waiting for my doctor to come. I really hope that it’s just some “passion” that was piled up than something more serious

  28. Such great tips! I was so glad that you included the comment about the belt not riding up… fellow 10in waist to hip difference girl here and that's what I was most concerned about with something like that!

  29. This video actually helped me. I’m not out of shape at all but I am trying to get prepared for the Rose Bowl Parade that I’m marching in for Dobyns-Bennett Band. As a freshman, wish me luck 👍.

  30. I doubt youll read this but I am trying to do C25k and I just cant seem to figure why my shins are on fire at the first run. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Any tips?

  31. Watched video this then downloaded the couch to 5k app and did the first day of it. Best tip was telling me to slow down and go for distance of running over speed. Thanks for the tips and motivation.

  32. It looks like you should be putting your items in the belt and then flipping it so the openings are against your body.

  33. Hi…
    Thank you for this informative video….
    I am preparing for 3 miles running but I'm not able to complete in required timing….
    How I can increase my speed while I'm running without getting exhausted….

    Please share some tips…
    Love from India….🥰🥰

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