5EW Exercises: Lizard Push Ups

Okay Guys, I’m going to lizard push-ups.
This is a really good exercise to prep us for locomotion,
so there’s lizard crawls you’ve been seeing on YouTube lately. This is a
really good exercise to actually to develop that skill and that strength in
the bottom position, okay? So first off, we’re going to come into a plank then
what we’re going to do is bring our right foot on the outside of our right
hand bring, your left elbow into your hip, left ear to the floor as long as you can,
push back up, changing legs, right elbow to right hip, right ear to the floor,
pressing back up, feet together, okay? You’re gonna do about 10 in total, so 5 each
side. Nice little low in that full depth
position, okay? Don’t cheat. Make sure elbows are squeezing in and try to get
your ear to the floor. Have fun.

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