5K Every Day For a Year – Ep. 3

I can’t tell you how many times I started
and stopped diets. Started and stopped exercising. Joined a gym and then didn’t go for six months. I really wanted this this time. So I think I just kept with it. I didn’t know if I would. But I’m glad I did. I’m Bob Page. I live in Winter Garden, Florida, and I do
5K every day for almost a year now. When I look back at this whole year the main
thing I think about is I certainly did this for me. But I also have a family. I also have two adult daughters. I want to be there for their kids and my kids. So it..just the overall health aspect of it
has been amazing. A lot of people have asked. Oh, what’s your biggest advice. What would you do? It really is as simple as eating less and
moving more. And committing in your head to doing it. And make sure you put yourself out there. Cause your friends and family will become
your biggest support system. You’re not going to know how much they will
lift you up and carry you on days you don’t want to do it. So make sure you put your story out there. Tell people. Because somebody is in a worse off position
than you are and they will see what you’re doing and look up to you for what you’re doing. Just get out and move. If you walked, just started walking, it’s
better than sitting on the couch.

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