5min. Home CHEST and TRICEPS Workout 2.0 (DUMBBELLS ONLY!!)

– What’s going everybody it’s your boy, Tanner Wyman of Barbarian Body. Today we’ve got a gruesome
at-home dumbbell only, chest and triceps workout routine. For reference I’m
personally gonna be using a pair of 25 pound dumbbells. We’re gonna be going through the first round right here together. If you guys wanna push
yourselves I challenge you to repeat the work-out two total times. If you really wanna
push it I challenge you to nail it three total times and as always be sure to let me know down in the comment section
how far you were able to get. Let’s get straight into this one. Alright we’re going to
kick this thing off here by starting with some
standard upper chest flyes. Dumbbells out nice and
wide to the sides here, bringing them up at the top focusing and contracting that pec as
hard as you possibly can. We got ten total repetitions ready and go. (heavy controlled breathing) So bringing those dumbbells
up, focus on using your pecs, squeezing with your pecs as opposed to just swinging the
weight up with your arms. Good you’ll notice that
I’ve added in sort of a half of a second of a nice metric hold at the peak of the contraction
just to make the exercise a little bit more difficult. Four more… Three…two… One more…and good. Hitting the deck here,
dumbbells to the side. We’re gonna be getting
into some dumbbell squeeze presses for 15 total repetitions. Hitting the deck, focus on
squeezing those dumbbells together as hard as you possibly can. Contract the pec 15…. ready? And go! Coming down in slow controlled
tempo, back up good. (slow controlled breathing) Contract those pecs we’re
not just pressing up. We’re squeezing together eight more. Six…five…four…three…two…one
more. And good. Dumbbells up here, but
we’re gonna be getting into are some half repetition
flyes so arms coming down, gently touch the ground,
bring them up about half of the way, and we get a total of another 15 repetitions, ready? Try for the scapula and go! Now the reason I’m only getting you guys to only go about halfway is because that’s where the tension is. That point when you bring those
dumbbells actually together, not as much tension. So to make
the exercise more difficult we stay in the zone where it’s more, where we’re able to add
more tension on the chest. 10 more. Again squeezing those pecks, we’re not just moving our arms. Seven…six…five…four…three…two…one
more. And good, dumbbells down for a second. Next we’re gonna be getting
into the tape press. So with both dumbbells up,
you’re gonna be bringing them down towards the
chest and then flaring those pinkies back out and we got a total of ten repetitions here. Ready and… go. Coming down slow and
controlled, touch the chest, back up. Nine…eight…seven…six. Letting those elbows flare
out to the side there. Five…four…three…two…doin’
good. One more. And good, dumbbells down for one second. Next we’re gonna be getting
into some skull crushes here. Bringing the dumbbells down with the tops of the dumbbells, just touch
the tops of your shoulders, and then right back up.
Elbows shoulder width apart. Ready and go coming down
slow and controlled. Keep the tension on those triceps. Eight…seven…six…five… control the weight, use the tension or create the tension from your triceps. Keep it there the entire time. Minimize the role momentum plays. Two more…last one…and good. Tossing the dumbbells down. Just gonna quickly move my shirt here. Bringing those dumbbells
little bit more narrow than shoulder-width apart
we’re gonna be getting some close grip push ups
here. Finish off the chest. Finish off the triceps.
We got a total of 15. Ready and go. (heavy controlled breathing) Ten…breathin’ push. Five more…four…three…two…one
more…and good. Whew so there you guys go.
That concludes the first round of this chest and triceps
home dumbbell workout routine. As always if you guys
want to push yourselves, I challenge you to repeat
the workout two total times. If you really want to
push it I challenge you to nail it three total times
and be sure to let me know down in the comment section
how far you were able to get. If you guys enjoyed the video
then be sure to smash that like button down below and
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tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss. Thank you so much for joining me guys. I’ll see you all in the next video.

80 Replies to “5min. Home CHEST and TRICEPS Workout 2.0 (DUMBBELLS ONLY!!)”

  1. Have you considered adding a second camera? If your video editing software can handle PiP it should work with multicamera too. It is easy to sync multiple videos shot at the same time by the audio track.

    Certain exercises would benefit from multicamera as it would allow us to better observe the correct form

  2. Exactly what I need. I don’t have a bench at home. So, these floor exercises with my 25 lbs dumbbells should be both fun and effective. Tanner’s channel is such a mighty motivation to never slacken in my work out routine. Can’t thank him enough.

  3. I was getting ready to do my third round, when my next door neighbor, who is a catholic priest, started trying to touch me and messed up my rhythm

  4. For a guy like you, were those durmbells heavy or not much?
    I’m 16 years old so i’m not very strong like a bodybuilder but would you recomend your audience to use heavy durmbells for this exercises or just regular ones?

  5. Hey Tanner,

    I'm a fatty noobie wuss who alternates between 10 and 15 pounds depending on the lift right now. At what point do you advise adding weight? Or adding sets?

  6. Another short, sharp and quality workout. I’ll be giving this a go for sure. Thank you Tanner. 👍👍💪💪😎

  7. Thank you so much for these wonderful tips these help me a lot I have changed so much I have nailed it 3 times!

  8. This is just what I needed man, I been doing home workouts recently coz I have exams coming (I’m English so the exams are really tough) but it’s meant that I’ve had no time to go to the gym. Thanks man

  9. BarbarianBody i need your help…i do two weeks in gym and now trainer wants give me classic split routine i dont want it you have something? I believe push pull legs is nice also for beginner

  10. Tanner, I’m 14 now, when I was 13 I lost 30 pounds. Now I’m 6 foot 2 170 pounds and skinny fat. I’ve been skinny fat for about 7 months now I am bulking lifting weights. Not doing tons of sit-ups just weights and running in PE class. Am I doing something wrong? Plz respond Tanner. Starting to see little results tho in the lasts few months.

  11. You are beast mode only managed 1 and a half sets before total arm meltdown lol but will continue that in my routine thankyou brochacho and keep them coming

  12. Im always looking forward to your dumbbell workouts man 👍 appreciate all the work you put into it bro good shit lol

  13. Home Invasion Workout Baby! Break a Window, Cut an alarm, Get Pumping and keep an eye out for the cops and an ear out for dogs. TRY IT TODAY BABEE! Shirtless of Course.

  14. Hey, Dude all your exercises are working great on my body. I have a simple request reguarding a video on "how to build quads size bigger" . It would be a great help to me and some others struggling with the same problem.

  15. This is been a good week to do your dumbbell workout videos your booster confidence in me have not missed a day yet I do my cardio first running 2 miles and then head up to you double exercise I do upper and mid and going to do lower body later on next week thank you ❤️

  16. Finally get the workout down right this time I complete it without a struggle next time go for two and increase weight

  17. Pausa o video e repete o exercio 3 vezes, ou assiste o vídeo inteiro e faz os exercícios sem pausa e assiste o vídeo 3 vezes?

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