6-Minute Post-Workout Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

(upbeat music) – Alright let’s start standing,
feet hip width apart. Take a second to
stand up nice and tall, squeeze your
shoulders up to your ears, take a deep breath in,
smile, and then exhale. Shoulders down, relax, starting
to cool off, stretch out. Inhale, squeeze and lift. Shoulders to
the ears and exhale. And one more time,
squeeze and lift. This time really press
your feet into the earth, squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, breathe in. And exhale, let it go. Awesome. Interlace the fingertips
behind your tailbone, knuckles draw down and away. Inhale, just open up
through the chest and, there’s an option here
to really square the wrists, or bring the palms together. Just finding
this nice activation in the upper back body as we start to
stretch the shoulders. Lift the chest and
then exhale, break free. Awesome. Shift your
weight over to one foot, doesn’t matter which one. I’m just gonna
bend the opposite knee and grab the opposite ankle. Now squeeze the
inner thighs together here. If you want you can
bring one hand to the heart or fingertips to the shoulder. And we’re stretching
the quad, pressing away from that standing leg. Option here to point the
toe, or to flex the foot. Breathe in and then breathe out. Awesome, release. Switch to the other side,
take your time. Squeeze the
inner thighs together. Nice stretch in the quad
and the hip flexors as you lift your heart,
stand up nice and tall. Breathe in,
point or flex the foot. And breathe out to release. Awesome work. Alright big inhale as
you reach for the sky. And exhale Forward Fold,
bend the knees. Deepen your breath here. And just continue
to bend the knees maybe pedaling
out a little bit here. Stretching through
the hamstrings, the hips. Shake the head loose. If you’re nice and
sweaty when you start this maybe take some
strong exhalations out through the mouth. Let go of some of that heat, start to cool it down mindfully. Alright fingertips
come to the mat. Big inhale. And exhale, step the
left toes back nice low lunge. Go ahead and lower
that left knee down. Front knee over front ankle. Hair toss for me. Loop the shoulders
and we breathe here. Open the chest. So the chest
tends to round here, the upper back tends to
round, so open the chest, activate the upper
back body again here. And then if you want
you can walk the right toes right foot out,
just a little bit. Get a little deeper in the hip. Take a deep breath
in and then exhale. Send the right hip crease
back, flex your right toes towards your face,
big stretch here. Keep a soft or
generous bend in that left, excuse me, right knee. Breathing deep here,
left toes stay curled under to stretch that foot out. Inhale in and then exhale. Roll through the right foot,
come back to your lunge. This time lift
the back knee, inhale. Then exhale, just step the
back foot up to meet the front and we’ll switch. Right toes step out, breathe in. And breathe out. Lower the right knee down. Stretching through the
front of that right hip, right quad. Making sure to stack
front ankle and front knee. Breathing deep here
you can widen your stance if you wanna bring
it more into the hip. And then everyone just
remember to lift the chest, lift the heart here. And one more big
breath in, maybe smile. And then exhale, send
the left hip crease back, left toes towards your face. Runners lunge or
runners stretch or half splits. You can tell your friends
you did half splits today. Take a deep breath in,
right toes are curled under. Feeling nice
stretch in both feet. And then use an exhale to
slowly roll through, come back, nice low lunge. When you’re ready lift
the back knee, let it hover and then inhale, open the chest. Great exhale, step the back
foot up to meet the front. And Forward Fold. Awesome work. This time clasp the elbows,
rock gently side to side feeling nice
stretch in the back body. Bend the knees. Wonderful, then
fingertips come to the ground and we’re just gonna
open, open, open the feet, a little bit wider
than the hips and toes. Turn now and then send
the hips down, hair toss. Here we come we’re gonna
end in a little froggy pose here today or a
nice low yogic squat. So yogi’s choice. If your workout
was you know, maybe a run or a dance cardio or something
that was really focusing on lower body, you might rock
a little back and forth here, stretching out through the
feet, the ankles, the calves. Another option would
be to get down low here, bring the palms together,
and find a little resistance as you press the
arms into the legs and squeeze the
legs into the arms. And wherever you
are we’re here for three breath cycles more. Breathe in deeply and exhale out
through the mouth. Two more, inhale. Exhale really let it go. And one more time you got this,
big inhale, lift your heart. And exhale to release. Awesome work. (upbeat music)

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  1. Adriene, not sure if you've done anything like this in the past but could you do some kind of yoga for focus and motivation? I'm a uni student… Exams season is fast approaching and I always lack motivation to ever do work or revise. It's had a bad effect on grades in the past! I feel like if yoga can answer so many of my other problems (anxiety, self-esteem etc) it surely can help with this! Thank you <3

  2. I feel so good right now! Thank you for another great yoga practice! I enjoy them so much, that I forget the time. It just feels like a few seconds, but I know that it's longer!

  3. Just heard you for the first time and love how easy you make it seem. Your voice is clear and you speak very well. And that's why I subscribed. 5 ***'s

  4. I did a combination of one of your abs videos, with the hip quickies and this, and it was amazing
    could you do a short glute video, please?

  5. I take a few short 5-10 min "yoga breaks" throughout the work day (I thankfully have my own office). The phrase "a little goes a long way" is unbelievably true, especially when dealing with the public. I love these short videos that do not involve much sitting/laying on the ground and can be done in work clothes. Your videos are a lifesaver. I greatly appreciate all that you do!

  6. Can someone please help me? Whenever I do the cow part of the cat-cow pose (dropping my belly and raising my head up to breathe in) I feel like I cannot inhale any breath? What is wrong with me? 🙁

  7. What a fabulous little practice to do just at the end of a tough workout. Thank you for this lovely present!

  8. Thank you again, Adriene for helping me feel better. I am nearly 64 and have lots of arthritis but have avoided any major surgeries now that I "met" you. I've done the 30 days about 3-4 times and am nearly ready to start again.

    And, I'm going to Austin in a couple weeks to tour with a friend for a few days. Heard it's a neat place and can't wait to check it out, the music, food, weather, and all……

  9. Done this after running a half-marathon… Feel a tiny little less dead, thanks Adriene 😀

  10. done this after a kettle bell workout i thought i was going to collapse in forward fold my legs are jelly 😂😩

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  15. HOLY CRUD LADY! I have just started working out 5 times a week and I have been trying different post work out yoga videos. Yours are by far the best for loosening up before bed. Your personality is Devine and you're so easy to follow without my gut getting in the way and inhibiting my stretches. This is my first video of yours I've watched, and after 11 different post workout videos your the first one that made me want to subscribe

  16. I haven't felt motivated to take care of myself for a long time, but I managed to work out today, and saw this on your channel. Thanks for providing me with a great yoga experience.

  17. Good Morning Adriene this was excellent for after my power walk this morning, thank you for having this option. Have a blessed day; Namaste.🙏

  18. I love this video! It would be amazing if you could do more short sequences related to work outs/weight lifting/training. I do this sequence or the runners' cool down whenever I get back from the gym, and would love additional post-work out options if possible 🙂

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  20. lol, i can't figure out how to end these practices because it doesn't end with a shivasana or a seated pose 😛

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  24. Very nice cool down video! Finally started working out again for the first time in a while then jumped to this right after! Your videos always help bring me back into a clearer mind set. Thank you! 💛

  25. Always good as kind of practice, short but full to do. To stay heathly is important to me and the yoga offer help for that. Thank you.

  26. This was absolutely AMAZING! I had a vigorous workout today and my body THANKED ME for this! I feel great! Thank you!

  27. I did this for the first time today. Very awesome. I must admit, I had to use a wall to keep my balance at 1:06. ☺️🖐

  28. Can somebody help me out please? When she says open your chest, I can’t while touching the mat and I think it might be bc my arms are too small😂

  29. Adriene, you are amazing! So loveable and wonderful at what you do, please never stop – you are truly an inspiration to all us wannabe yogi's 😀 <3

  30. Random question, where do you find your favorite leggings for yoga and workout? Also, I love your videos! Sooo amazing for the body and mind! Keep up the great work!

  31. Before this practice I chose your Hips and Core Vinyasa on beautiful Nicaraguan beach for my morning session so this quickie was perfect for me to wind down . I missed our little namaste together at the end but of course I did my own ☺️🙏see you tomorrow for our last day of CARE 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

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  33. CARE day 27

    As CARE is nearing completion, I can’t wait for what is coming for next month.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the content you provide us with. I am thankful for this experience.

    Awesome quick session, nice post-workout stretches.



  34. Something I've struggled with this month is only doing short practices. It's more because of the time I've allowed myself for these self care videos, which wasn't a lot, than anything else but this month has left me feeling like I need more from my practice. I'm actually so happy to come to this realisation and wanted to document it for myself 😝

  35. Wonderful little practice, I felt the yogi squat, have a amazing practice everyone, Namaste Everybody 💞💕💖💗🙏

  36. coming here to adriene after a bunch of these hardcore workout videos is like, when you were a child, seeing your mom pick you up after a teacher was mean to you

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  38. I've just come back from football training (soccer for you yanks) feeling totally exhausted and stiff! This was exactly what I need, thanks!

  39. my legs were shaking HARD i did a biggggg workout beforehand… i’m sure my quads will be glad tomorrow that i did this

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