1. While you guys are enjoying this video…. I WILL FINALLY BE ENJOYING AVENGERS – END GAME BABY!!!!!!!!

    1. Goblet Curl With Dumbbell
    2. Shoulder Press On Row Machine
    3. Standing Oblique Crunch with Weight In Both Hands
    4. Smith Machine Leg Press
    5. Chest Fly To Curl
    6. Hip Thrust On Leg Curl Machine
    7. Dumbbell Seated Calf Raise
    8. Chest Fly To Leg Press

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  2. I see the 2 plate oblique crunch all the time. Inside i go WTF and laugh a little but feel like i should go over to them and explain what they are doing wrong.

  3. Nah fam, have u ever seen 2 dudes standing oppositing one another holding the same barbell and doing bicep curls with 1/8th the range of motion? Shit gets ridiculous sometimes

  4. worst thing i see is people loading leg press machines with weights that are below theyr own body weight like this girl that weighs above 130kg (dont know real weight but know from experiance that by the looks of her she has to be 130+) and then she does 30kg on the legg press. like fine dont go 130kg legg press but atleast push it to 80ish. main reason people fail att the gym is becaus they do not push themselfs with the correct weights

  5. A wise man once said "You don't need to reinvent the wheel. It's already been invented…and it comes in cheese form."

  6. Your accent is a bit off. You say bah for bar. But most of your other r’s are pronounced normally.

    Also, put a real shirt on.

  7. Not gonna lie i tried the hip thrust on the leg curl machine when i saw it on ig because all the benches are always taken in my gym or are far from barbells. Well i tried it and felt nothing plus it was awkward so now i do them on the smith machine.

  8. I see people doing deadlift in the smith machine, and I cringe.It literally lets you put like 80 extra pounds, try a real deadlift, but I’m pretty sure people would be offended, and embarrassed by what they can actually manage.

  9. I've seen so many idiot personal trainers who do that hip thurst on lying hamstring curl machine,, and I am so tempted to walk and say "Stop wasting your money on this fake trainer"

  10. “Hip thrust is too embarrassing I won’t do it” and then proceeds to show a clip of him doing it

  11. Plz stop correcting people like a dick just tell them the right way to do it or dont no one asked for that opinion

  12. I am sorry scott but you need a lesson on anatomy. The reason I say this is because when you train calf in seated position you train gastrocnemius which doesn’t function to a greater degree while standing or walking . It aids in plantar flexion of foot and knee . So even if you are training it seated with dumbbells you are most definitely getting more out of your calves than just “ standing “ or “ walking “ .

  13. I'm so glad there was a sequel to this – sadly, I've seen a fair few of these in person at my gym… they are still funny as heck though
    One question RE: seated calf raise – I program both seated and standing into my routine (I do a different one on Leg 1 and Leg 2 days) because I thought that seated calf raises place more emphasis on the soleus, whereas standing does more for gastrocnemius. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is it useful or am I wasting my time?
    I definitely agree that doing it light has little to no benefit, but I'm using the seated calf machine with around 170-180lb – worth it or nah?

  14. Brett Contreras lists the hip thrust on the leg extension machine as a valid substitute for the normal barbell hipthrust if you dont not have access to a barbell.
    Some leg extension machines do go up to higher weights, and by placing a box under your feet you can achieve hip hypertension. Doing hipthrusts on the leg extension machine can be advantageous as it requires minimal set up and the bar will not dig into you as it is padded.

  15. Smith machine leg press

    Follows the same sort of principal of vertical leg press

    But I wouldn't do on the Smith machine as it's very hard to unlock and keeping the bar hitting the safety bars

  16. hmmm the first exercise I’m not so sure on. I used to do them a lot and I had no issues with pain or them bouncing around, feels great on the peak. I don’t do them anymore but I didn’t think it was bad. Could you elaborate more?

  17. I have seen many photos of Arnold doing the Smith machine leg press… So it's a old school, don't think it's that dumb.

  18. Well I guess I have to get an entire new routine now… Pretty much just said all the exercises I do are gahhbage.
    Also, how tall is he that he looks like he does and only weighs 178? I'm 196 but I'm 6'3" and I look like a damn toothpick next to him. I'm quite jealous of short people sometimes.

  19. I think every gym has these types of special people. I just let them do their thing, and ignore them. If i pay too much attention and get distracted, my own workout will end up taking too long. Whatever to them. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  20. I've learned to never correct form at the gym. Best to let debilitating injury speak for itself, unless of course the moron is bouncing the cable/belt machines.

  21. People that do stupid shit annoy me to but leave it up to the gym owners to tell them it's wrong. People get way too butt hurt.

  22. No hate, but I think you gotta relax a bit more ^^ your neck veins are so tense like you were screaming at someone xD

  23. I was with you on all those moves being dumb until you got to the seated calve raises with dumbbells. Hitting the bottom portion of the calves require bending the knees at a 90 degree angle. The soleus muscle, the bottom part of the calf, is a slow twitch muscle and is best worked with high, controlled reps. Here's a comprehensive explanation I copied from Muscle and Strength LLC:
    Seated calf raise
    The seated version of the calf raise takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to what it stresses the most. As it mainly works the soleus muscle (located underneath the gastrocnemius and running along the length of the entire calf inserting to the Achilles tendon) it is best performed with at least a 90 degree angle at the knee.
    Sit on a seated calf machine with the pads over your thighs and a 90 degree angle or a little less at your knees. Lower the weight slowly (not rapidly) until you are at full extension. Pause for a moment to prevent any recoil action of the calf muscle. Slowly raise the weight by using the balls of your feet (not your toes) all the way up to contraction and squeeze for a count.
    Pros: As the only exercise to position your knees to effectively work your soleus muscle, the seated calf raise will stress the thick muscle under the gastrocnemius and give your calf width toward the outside of your lower leg. Unknown to many, the soleus makes up a massive portion of the calf area and if developed properly will add to the overall size and shape. The straight leg, standing version is less effective at developing the soleus.
    Cons: As predicted, the seated version is not a great activator for the gastrocnemius muscle. Mostly for the soleus, the angle of the knee dictates where the stress will go. Of course, as with any calf exercise, bouncing and using too much weight are norms which will prevent gains and increase injury. Perform any calf movement with control and a full range of motion.

  24. Hip thrust on a leg machine? Leg press on smith machine? As a person who loves and enjoys working legs(specially leg press) and glutes i have right to say this is blasphemy

  25. Number 7 is working the inner muscle underneith the calfs, its a muscle that activates more when you have knee flexion.

  26. I challenge you to make a video called 'One Month of 100 Seated Squat Flys per Day!'

    I'm not convinced it is so bad. It builds coordination, legs and chest all at the same time! Bet you get massive seat squat gains!

  27. I don't mind about these exercises. I don't do these but it's absolutely hilarious to watch other doing them.

  28. 2:55 im so glad you said this. its funny coz the only time i ever saw anyone do it this way was when they had those "personal trainers" telling them to do it. thankfully i only did it once and then realized that i should never ask a "personal trainer" for advice…EVER!

  29. 7:20 the seated calf raise is used over the standing to target the soleus, it's a lower and deeper part of the calf that also gives it mass along with the higher gastroc, which is used during standing when knees are in full extension

  30. 8:06 listen scott i only live once and i aint got time to be at the gym when i could be getting skanks

  31. In my gym the smith machine is broken, so I saw a person putting in a regular rack the bar on the security levellers then pushing the bar against the rack up and down I guess between the shoes and rack friction the barbell didn’t fall, but I got quite scared about really seeing someone doing that. I never imagined that someone would really think to do something like that in real life.

  32. I actually get really pissed off when I see girls doing the Smith machine leg press. It's really filthy and unhygienic to be pressing with your shoes where your hands are suppose to be going. I don't know if that person had stepped on dog shit before.

  33. Well you miss the point with #7, the seated dumbbell calf raise. A bent knee angle calf raise actually targets the soleus, while the standing targets the gastrocnemius.
    The soleus is 80% slow twitch type 1 fibers, so aiming pretty high for reps isn't bad at all for development. I quite often do a ladder to hit all the fibers:
    25 reps, 20, 15, 10, 5
    With the focus being on the slow twitch. So I'll even go as far as to limit my rest period as type 1 fibers are endurance related. Don't have to, but it can work if you haven't done it for a while as a tool.

    But as for the dumbbell weight, you are probably correct in that people don't use heavy enough weight. I do 40lb dumbbells for each leg to get 20 reps
    65lb dumbbells to get 10 reps

    But MOST IMPORTANTLY, this exercise has no stretch at the bottom. So you'll need like 2x 45lb plates to put your feet up or something.

  34. Seated calf raises with dumbells on your legs isn't bad. Doing calf raises standing up doesn't target the soleus muscle, which is the largest muscle in your calfs. It instead targets more the gastrocnemius which is the muscle that is the w shape of your calfs. So it's not a matter of weight, but a matter of which part of the calf is being targeted.

  35. Those people who do bicycle kicks/various ab exercises while bench pressing at the same time, really grinds my gears.

  36. This video really made me laugh, especially the smith machine leg press and the dumbbell calf raises!!! IM DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. With regards to the smith machine leg press I respectfully disagree. Having 7 titanium screws holding my right ankle together (and very much immobile) that is the only way I can manage something even loosely resembling a squat. Admittedly, it looks atrocious, but it's the best I've been able to come up with so far.

  38. And the scary part is….soooo many women do these exercises every friggin time i'm in the gym…Jesus christ kill Instagram please!!! Scott save the world from this disease!!

  39. IG girls squatting on top of the hip abduction machine, with the whole stack of weights loaded up (Their body weight essentially acting as counter to the machine's weight). The hip abduction machine at my gym broke because of this bullshit. One of the arms sheared right off at the weld.

  40. Number 1 should be leg press ego lifters who use all the 45 plates in the gym. Then, after hogging all the weights, they bust out 3-5 reps while going down about 2 inches. Fucc them.

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