8 min Intense Full Body FAT BURNING HIIT Workout | NO JUMP Alternate Version Included!

Hi everyone, I’m April I shared a beginner HIIT workout couple weeks ago A very entry-level HIIT exercises I have received many comments saying the workout really worked Some of you lost a few pounds in a short period of time Considering that you have been doing the beginner HIIT for a while and want to burn the whole body fat more effectively Today I will share an intense Full Body Fat-Burning HIIT Workout OK, let’s start today’s exercises Let’s do some Warm Up There will be some running and jumping today So I suggest you better wear shoes If you don’t like running or jumping No worries I has included no jump low impact modifications for every exercise OK, let’s do Arm Circles now Turn forward X 12 times Ok, go in the opposite direction This Warm Up can prepare our body for the coming exercises to avoid injuries It can also help us doing this workout better Then Knee Rotations Six turns in one direction OK, repeat it in the opposite direction This exercise can also rotate our ankles and stimulate the muscles of legs and hips The first exercise is High Knees Lift up your left knee to your chest alternating legs and moving at a running pace If it’s challenging for you You can do High Knees without running as shown on the left screen Pay attention to tighten your abdomen at all times Straight up your back This will make it easier for us to run Watch your breath, don’t hold your breath For you who are doing High Knees without running Please straight insteps as you raising legs have your toes perpendicular to the ground This will stimulate core and legs more effectively The second exercise is Reverse Lunges Lower your hips until the thighs of front legs are parallel to the ground The knees of the hind legs are close to the ground but don’t touch the ground Tighten the core and squeeze the hips can help us keep balance Pay attention when we are doing exercises especially some squats and jumps Please do keep your knees and toes stay in a straight line Which can protect your knees In other words, if you toes pointing straight forward The knees rotate inward or outward unconsciously when squatting You knees will hurt The third exercise is Burpee It can exercise 80% of our body muscles When jump your feet back to a plank position not to let your back sag or butt stick up in the air Also please tighten the core Beginners can do the Burpee Walk When doing Burpee, it’s very important to tighten the core all the time Especially when jumping to plank and jumping back to squat position Tucking the core use the abdominal force to assist the leg to jump will make the jumps easier and lighter Also protects our spine and reduces pressure on the limbs which can protect us from injuries The fourth exercise is Superman Lie face down on a mat Raise your arms and legs off the ground Hold for 2 seconds Slowly relax back to the original position Be careful not to bend your hands and legs Don’t lean your head back This exercise can stimulate erector spinae muscles which we usually ignore while doing workouts The muscles are located in the lower back Please do this exercise slowly and control To lift hands and legs up off the ground with force from your lower back and abdominal muscles The fifth exercise is Plank Jacks Don’t let your hips be too high or too low Pay attention to tighten the core so the pressure will be much less when the foot is on the ground thus we can jump much lighter and easier Beginners can do the Plank Toe Taps as shown in the upper right corner Pay attention to keep the body in a straight line Don’t let your hips be too high or too low Always tighten the core Are you tired? Try your best to keep going No one can lose weight easily Fighting! The sixth exercise is Bicycle Crunch Lying on the floor with your shoulders off the ground Cycling legs slowly and control Keep your elbows close to the knee of the opposite leg This exercise can work well to get the 11 line abs and slim down legs Straighten your toes every time your legs stick out imagine you are trying to reach something with toes hold for 2 seconds Pay attention to moving slowly and control Can you feel the burning of your abs? If you want to go further Try to touch the outside of the opposite knee with elbow You will feel more burning on your abs The seventh exercise is Squat Jump Beginners can do Squat When we jump back to squat position hold for two seconds This can stimulate our legs and hips more to burn more calories It also ensures the action is performed by the muscles not driven by inertia When squat, keep toes and knees pointing out Sit back and down like you’re sitting into an chair Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible with your knees over your ankles and Keep your upper body straight I know you are very tired but we have to persist It’s almost done FIGHTING! FIGHTING! The eighth, also the last exercise is Mountain Climbers Hands are slightly wider than shoulders arms are perpendicular to the ground Keep your upper body parallel to the ground Tighten your belly and pull your knee into your chest quickly Keep knees as close to chest as possible Beginners can do it without running Pay attention to tighten the abdomen do not raise the hips too high Watch your breath and don’t hold your breath You guys who made it here are really AWESOM! Come on, it’s almost done OKAY, It’s DONE! Let’s do some cool down stretching Let’s relax our abdomen and back first Push your upper body off the ground slowly tilt your head back slowly and control Now, let’s stretch the front muscles of the thigh Hold your feet with both hands lift your thighs off the ground Slowly lean your head back Can you feel the muscle stretching? Okay, get up slowly to stretch the muscles on the inner thighs You can adjust the amplitude of the exercise according to your own situation OK, switch to the other side OK, let’s stretch the calf If you bend the toes closer to the front of the leg The more you feel stretched OK, switch to the other side last one, let’s stretch our arms and shoulders Many of you left comments saying It’s really sore all over the body the next day after exercising Well, it is very normal As long as we keep doing the exercises on Day 3 it will be much better and we can barely fell the sore around Day 4 or Day 5 So the next day is the key many people just gave up on Day 2 OK, let’s switch to the other side Well, the workout is done As long as you can persist doing exercises Then properly control your diet Like eating a little bit less carbohydrates eat less dessert Or don’t drink soft drink that often Then you will be able to lose weight for sure You can also pick up the phone to take a short video Record how you looked before you started exercising And what it looks like after a period of exercise With these Before and After images You can discover your changes very intuitively You will be more motivated to do this workout routine Okay, we’re here for today If you like this video Please give me a thumbs up and click the button to subscribe to my channel See you soon in the next video Bye

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  1. شكرا لأنك وضعتي الترجمه العربية انا سعيدة بفضلك .. اتمنى لك الأفضل (:
    thank you do ARABIC SUB iam happy because u .. I wish u all the best (:

  2. Je suis la seule française ici?😅🇫🇷❤️ Sinon continue comme ça! Tu es définitivement la meilleure même si tu ne comprendras sûrement pas mon commentaire❤️😅🏋🏻‍♀️

  3. Me encantan tus videos, pues cada que subes uno sobre ejercicios los hago, son los único que me han servido y he notado cambios en mi cuerpo, aunque aún me falta con seguir el cuerpo que quiero pero solo es cuestión de tiempo, muchas gracias por siempre dar una rutina, son muy efectivas 💗✊🏻

  4. Vou tentar fazer
    Dia 1✅
    Dia 2✅ quase morri mas eu consegui fazer
    Dia 3✅ acabei de fazer e nunca fiquei tão eufórica (deve ser o sedentarismo)

  5. 很不錯的運動視頻,不會過於困難到一開始就想放棄(最近試了一個其他Youtuber的健身影片,做第一次就放棄了,體力實在跟不上),但也有一定強度,重點是要能堅持下去啊~~ 大家加油!!

  6. He empezado hoy, apenas ví que subiste un nuevo video me emocioné. Amo tus rutinas y sigo cada una de ellas, gracias por brindarnos este contenido, eres la mejor. ❤️

  7. I am very obese according to my BMI and I don't know to what extend I can stay motivated and keep on exercising to lose weight but I really want to do this one at least for a month, 5-6 per week. I will start tomorrow as today's my rest day (I have been exercising everyday last week and now my lower back is in pain 😭).

    My current weight: 88kg (195 lbs) 😣

    Day 1: Done but I just did once for the whole 8 minutes. I feel like it's not enough so I will try to do once more before dinner.

  8. Aprilさんの動画いつも見てます💕

  9. I don't really follow stuff like this but I do follow you because I think you're the best! your exercises actually work, they are not so complicated, you take the time to explain and provide subtitles… overall you're a sweetheart and I just wanted you to know that ❤

  10. 恭喜姐姐破10萬!辛苦了!新年快樂!謝謝姐姐的影片😊😊😊對不起潛水久了!最後,加油💪,會永遠支持姐姐的!

  11. Aquí está mi proceso. Denle like para no desaparecer.

    Día 1: se me complicó ya que no acostumbro a saltar mucho, pero lo logré.

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