8 Months Journey to Overcome Shoulder Injury (Supraspinatus tear)

Wassup guys, I’m Dan Jeong. Welcome back to my channel. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably
haven’t seen me doing handstand push ups in my own training for a while until recently. I started to feel some pain after my handstand
push up training about 8 months ago and found out that I have torn my supraspinous. In this video, I will show you how I overcame
my injury and share some rehabilitation tips along the way. Let’s get started. At first, I did my own rehab based on my experience
and knowledge I have already. Due to discomfort, I could not even do a single
push up at that time. So I stopped training all the exercises that
gave me discomfort. When I examined myself, I noticed my active
external rotation especially my right side, which is my injured side, is significantly
less than my left side. So I focused my rehab by improving my active
external rotation. I lied down on my belly and basically tried
to lift up my fist as high as possible. When I got used to this training, I even added
some extra weight on my hand to make it harder. I did 5 sets of 10 reps with 10 second hold
at the end. 3 times a week. I also did some banded external rotation work. The movement itself is the same as the previous
exercise, but the purpose of this exercise is to improve strength. While the first exercise is to improve range
of motion in an active way. I tried to keep my elbow close to my oblique
and really tried to focus on using my rear deltoids. I did 5 sets of 12 reps for this exercise. I pretty much did these two exercises for
a few months. Although I was feeling a lot better, I still
could not perform a single push up without pain. At this point, I decided to go see a doctor
because I knew something was not right. After doing an ultrasound on my shoulder,
I have found out that I have torn my supraspinous. The treatment I got was extracorporeal shockwave
therapy, or also known as ESWT. This was the game changer because it reduced
the discomfort by 80% after only 2 treatments. Along with ESWT, I have also received soft
tissue manual therapy by the athletic trainer I work with. The focus was removing the scar tissue and
inflammation on the supraspinous and rotator cuff. Since doing an exercise right after manual
therapy is crucial, I also added a new exercise in order to re-active
the supraspinous that has been weakened due to the tear. I set the bench in 30 degree angle and grabbed
a really light dumbbell. I tried lifting up the dumbbell until horizontal. At first, I struggled with a mere 1 kg dumbbell. That’s how weak my supraspinous was at that
time. I did 3 sets of 10 reps a couple of times
a week. After 3~4 weeks, I was able to do a knee push
up without any pain. And a few days later, even the regular push
up was fine. And just recently, 2 weeks ago, I was able
to do my first handstand push up in 8 months, pain free, on the floor. This was very exciting. And lately, I have been improving the range
of motion of my handstand push up. Now that I can train handstand push up without
discomfort, my next focus is getting my strength back to where it was. This was the 8 months rehab after tearing
my supraspinous. The only regret I have in this journey is
not seeing a doctor earlier. This is it for today’s video. I hope my rehab process was helpful. If you are currently injured, try out few
of the exercises and see how you feel. Thanks for watching and I will see you in
my next video. Peace!

22 Replies to “8 Months Journey to Overcome Shoulder Injury (Supraspinatus tear)”

  1. I do know that ESWT treatment that was mentioned in this video does not have a strong scientific evidence to treat injuries. But I did notice a big help in terms of reducing the pain. I believe, coupled with proper rehab exercises, ESWT can be helpful. But your mileage may vary.
    여기서 언급된 체외 충격파 치료는 아직까지 부상 치료에 효과적이라는 정확한 연구결과는 많이 없는걸로 알고있습니다. 그래도 개인적으로 느끼기엔 확실히 통증을 줄여주는데는 효과가 있었습니다. 제 생각엔 체외충격파와 더불어 올바른 재활운동만 병행하면 충분히 도움될것이라 생각하지만, 개인이 느끼는 편차가 있다 라는걸 알려드립니다.

  2. Nice Dan, really good to see. You must be relieved your back on track. Your looking sharp bro. Has the acupuncture help on your arms. Be safe out Famz. ✌🏾😄🤙🏾💚🖤

  3. Glad to hear you’re back! Any lessons learned from this? What can someone who has never had an injury learn from this? Advice? Thanks!

  4. 아프기 시작할 때 자기가 어떤 상태인지 정확하게 파악하는게 진짜 중요한 것 같네요!!
    좋은 영상 감사합니다

  5. 댄정님이 확실히 맨몸운동러 중에서 헤비 웨이트에 속하다보니 부상이 많으신거 같습니다 저도 80kg에 육박한 몸으로 하다보니 아무리 자세를 잘 지키더라도 부상 위험이 크더라고요. 적절한 휴식이 저희에게는 더 중요한거 같네요! 언제나 힘내시기 바랍니다

  6. Congrats man! How did the injury happen? And what would you've done differently to avoid it? What can somebody else include in their training to avoid it? Thanks

  7. Congrats man! How did the injury happen? And what would you've done differently to avoid it? What can somebody else include in their training to avoid it? Thanks

  8. 반년 전 부상으로 회전근개파열을 1달전에 진단받은 사람으로써 이 영상이 많은 도움이 될 것 같습니다. 재활 열심히 해보겠습니다. 감사합니다.

  9. Injuries suck , Glad to hear you are doing better .
    Currently I've got an injury I think in my lat , Chin ups cause discomfort but Rows don't .

  10. How was your pushing days structured during these 8 months?
    Did you avoid only pushups,or all pushing altogether?Dips seem like an exercise that could have been painful,especially on rings.Am i right?
    And were you able to do your pulling without discomfort,or did you have to adapt it also,due to your injury?
    Anyways,glad you are back,and pain free! 💪

  11. It is inevitable it seems; all the greatest calisthenics athletes get these injuries: from Adam Raw, to Daniel Vadnal to Dejan Stipic… even someone as careful and meticulous as Dan Jeong. Be safe guys, and may luck be with you.. since we can’t control everything, even if we sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we can.

  12. 몸무게가 많이 나가서 그런가 어깨가 넘 아파요ㅠㅠ 저도 병원에 가야할까봐요

  13. Dan, I think I have developt a shoulder injury over the years from a weak scapula or weak scapular strength in general. Is that possible?
    Last week I started doing inverted hang on a bar while retracting the scapula and trapezius. Also, I started doing ''scapular pullups''….
    Hope this will strenghtening my scapular and trapezius in order to make progress again on my main movements like pullups, front lever and core exercises.

  14. 형님 항상 잘 보고있어요 ㅎㅎ
    링 하나 장만하려는데 형님이 쓰는 제품 알 수 있을까요

  15. 안녕하세요
    영상 잘 보고 있습니다^^
    가슴근육은 무슨운동을 하셨나요?
    딥스는 잘 안하시고 푸셥바로 푸셥만 하시는 편인가요?
    가슴근육이 잘 안나와서 걱정입니다.
    푸셥을 하루에100개씩 꾸준히 했는데 어깨가 아프더라구요
    딥스 추천하시나요?

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