8 Unusual Abs Exercises | 6 Pack Abs Workout & Interview with Kirk Miller & Abby Pell by Myprotein

i’m Kirk Miller, Myprotein ambassador i’m Abby Pell Myprotein ambassador. In this video me and Abby are going to be going to be taking you through eight and unusual ab exercises me and Kirk met at a party up in London and we’re both a little bit tipsy. both very drunk I chronicler enjoy to set the time could barely speak took it from there really what inspired me to start working out it was definitely my dad and he was always very active when when I was little what inspired me to start training was i’d definitely say for me jean-claude Van dan was obsessed with film blood sport and always of the martial art films being in a relationship with somebody who works out is helpful because they always bring extra quality to the table i think the divine more creative in the kitchen and with more planning and things like that were as kirk is great with the workout we both share a massive look for food so when your have been a slow state of deprivation then can get a little bit ratty we’re at each other sometimes but never out weighs the good advice for other fit couples and it’s a healthy level of competition is great but remember you’re on the same team and always support and encourage each other who has the best apps I’ve gotta be honest when Abby stage ripped I mean I’ve never seen absolutely a woman like it they’re insane yes me and kirk do train together sometimes it is hard because we live quite far apart in different cities but it is a nice treat when we do get train together just get pretty intense from honest I’m a bit of a drill Sargent with abby and probably cuz i know she can train so hard and also use my girlfriend so I like to make sure she’s in there pain when we train this is an unusual abs workout with Kurt Miller and Abby Pell who wins the first exercise I’m going to do today is the ab rollout. basically you roll out the a ab roller in front of you keeping your core nice and tight throughout push it out to your absolute maximum stretch and then pull it back in the first exercise I want to take you through the russian-med ball twist with a crunch the reason this differs from the standard version twist is the Russian twist just focus on just your obliques this exercise will hit every section your abs as you incorporate a crunch within the movement so the key with this exercise is to keep her up and call contractor for the whole movement the next one is reverse rowing machine tap place your hands in front of you and your feet on the seat of the rowing machine sort of in a tough position stretch your legs out of two full full range of movement behind you and to you sort of feel a full stretched out throughout your abs and then pull them back in the next exercise is the pile of press the reason this is unusual as you know actually performing a crunch the whole thing is an isometric contraction was really focus on your breathing from the whole exercise the most important thing with this is make sure your body doesn’t twist as you extend your arms out and bring your arms back in the next one is the ghd sit up it’s got nothing to do with their straightness it’s actually a crossfit machine you hook your feet into and allows you to lean all the way back giving you a really really nice range of movement pulling yourself all the way up touching your toes at the top it’s a great variation on the sit up. Your next exercise is the leg raised around the world hanging from a bar keeping your legs straight take your legs full circle one way and then take them back good luck is brutal the medicine ball ab smash not for the faint-hearted you lay on the floor keeping your abs nice and tight remembering to breathe while somebody else bounces a medicine ball off your stomach the next exercise is the reverse cable crunch how can you feed into the cable handles engage lower abs and core before you start bringing knees towards your chest most important thing is the moment your lower back comes off the floor that’s when you push power through your pelvic floor and your lower abs and really make sure that you you breathe out as you contract to the top of the movement then slowly lower down

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  2. I knew there were other people out there who would know exactly what I am talking about! Your channel is dope!

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