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[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Jacinto Bonilla. I am 80 years old, and
I am a Crossfitter. I deadlift 325, I squat 250. I could do 20 unbroken pull ups. I rope climb, I
deadlift, I swim. I used the hammer on the tires,
do burpees, I do wall balls, I dd– any kind of exercise
you could think of, I could do. Why I signed up for this is
truly beyond me, but it’s– 20 air squats. 20 air squats, OK. OK? I just wanted to be in shape. I just wanted to stay in shape. CHRIS CASEY: Yeah. No matter what
age I reach, I want to reach that age in shape. CHRIS CASEY: Yeah. I don’t want to be
dependent on anyone. We could do it,
like, three rounds. CHRIS CASEY: Great. OK? MAN: How old are you, Chris? I am 31 years old. And how old are you? 80. OK. So, you know. It’s– [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Chris Casey here. I’m in the Sunset Park
neighborhood of Brooklyn because there’s an 80-year-old
man who runs a Crossfit gym out of the back of his
house, and he’s gonna put me through my paces. Let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is an amazing place back. Oh, great. I’m glad you like it. So you’re doing chin-ups,
and then you’re strapping that, this thing, to your– Right. Oh my god. This, you’re lifting? Yeah. You’re hanging
this from your body? Yeah, right. You have this
when you chin-ups. When I do chin-ups, I
just have this right here. This is enough for me. Jacinto, tell me your story. I was born in Puerto Rico,
and my father, he brought us, you know, the whole family. I was six years ago in 1945. We went to Spanish
Harlem, and that’s where I grew up, in Spanish Harlem. In my teen years, I
started lifting weights. We used to build our own
weights with soup cans and put cement in
the soup cans, and– So you’ve been
active your whole life? Right, [INAUDIBLE] It’s not like you turn 75 and
then started lifting weights? No, no. See? No problem there. You could stand up a little
bit without no effort. OK. And then when you get here,
you’re gonna do the same thing. See? OK. JACINTO BONILLA: Good. No, you gotta lock
it in before you– CHRIS CASEY: Before
I try to stand on it? Yeah. Yeah, you got to lock it in. Right, there you go. Good.
– What? JACINTO BONILLA: No, spread
your– spread your legs out and [INAUDIBLE].
– Ah, that’s all right. I think I’m just gonna
live up here now. And how old were you when
you started Crossfit? JACINTO BONILLA: I was 66. I was trying to exercise at 66. Not to brag or
anything about it, but I am the oldest guy ever to
compete at the Crossfit Games. I just want to be in shape. I just want to stay in shape. CHRIS CASEY: Yeah. JACINTO BONILLA: No
matter what age I reach, I want to reach that in shape. CHRIS CASEY: Yeah. JACINTO BONILLA: I don’t
wanna be dependent on anyone. [INAUDIBLE] if you want
to accomplish something, you’ve got to move on it. If you don’t use your
joints and your muscles, you’re gonna have problems.
CHRIS CASEY: JACINTO BONILLA: Yeah. If you just sit there and watch
TV, you’re gonna get rusty. All right, so I’m
doing a workout. It’s five deadlifts, 10 burpees,
15 wall balls, 20 air squats. That’s three rounds. I’m 31. I am less than half the age
of the individual who is– this is like, is this even– would you even ever
do this workout, or is this too easy for you? I would do it. I mean, yeah.
I would do it [INAUDIBLE]. You’re being nice. Thank you, that’s really nice. And three, two, one, go. [MUSIC PLAYING] JACINTO BONILLA: Seven. You know, some people
that work for us cover food. One, six, seven– Five, six. I’ll never complain
about my desk job again. JACINTO BONILLA: Five. Six. I shouldn’t have eaten
Indian food last night. JACINTO BONILLA: Four. Seven more. Six. 18, 19, 20. Great, 7:27. Damn, that’s 7:27. CHRIS CASEY: All right. JACINTO BONILLA: [INAUDIBLE]
that number, 7:27. I just did a
fairly basic workout. Right. I’m completely, fully,
and 100% exhausted. You do this at least once a day. I would do that for warm-up. All right, all right.
You know what? It’s fine. Hey, I’m Chris Casey. I’m here in Brooklyn
at a backyard gym where I just got my ass
kicked by an 80-year-old man. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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