9 MIN Beginner ABS Exercises | 9 Minute ABS Exercises For Beginners | 9 ABS Exercises

– Awesome, high five! (hands clapping)
– Thank you. – Good stuff, great workout. Hey, I hope everybody
enjoyed that workout. It’s a 10 minute beginner ab workout. What did you think of Tracy? Did she do a good job? It’s my mission to really
help and inspire people to change their lives
through health and fitness and I want to bring other people in because it’s not just about me. So I hope Tracy inspired
you to get started and try out this beginner ab workout. How was it? Was it not too bad? – It was great.
– Okay, good, good. How long you been working out? – About six years.
– Six years? Okay and what’s kind of your regimen? Do you do weights, Pilates, yoga? What’s kind of your thing? – I do all of that.
– Okay. – Strength training,
Pilates, yoga and kickboxing. – Okay, awesome, awesome. So you see, she’s been training
for a little while now. She’s in shape. But you can get started at any time. You don’t have to feel
like you’re not ready yet because the best day
to start is right now. So I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re new here please go ahead and click the subscribe button, click that notification bell so you never miss any
of my latest content. And until next time, I’ll see you soon.
(electric buzzing)

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