A Day in the Gym | Male Model Workout

hey what’s up guys so part of being a
model is you know take care of your body and take care of your skin eat and write
and just live in a healthy lifestyle so what I wanted to do today was to take
you guys to the gym with me I want to show you a couple of the workouts that I
do to stay in shape so check it out alright so here’s the thing so what I
like to do is that I like to alternate which muscle groups I workouts per day
so for example a Monday – what I do is I do I work on my back work on my biceps
and I work on my hat so in Tuesday is what I do is I do chest
I do triceps and then I do shoulders and always day is what I do is I work on my
quads and just my legs in general and then on Thursdays I might do some slight
cardio you don’t maybe do something a little bit fun with some activities like
play soccer or you don’t play basketball or something like that and in Friday’s I
just reversed back to where I did on Monday you know so I do back biceps ABS
again and then Saturday I do you know chest shoulders triceps and on Sunday I
rest all right guys so there you have it that’s my workout routine the most
important thing to remember is that you have to eat right I mean you can’t work
out as much as you want but if you’re not eating right you’re just putting
that energy to waste so don’t forget to eat bright drink lots of water and just
take care of your body see you guys next time

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