Hi guys, welcome to another episode.
Another blog. Here is Bella cooking her scrambled tofu with asparagus?
“Yeah asparagus and quinoa mushrooms, kale, tomato and onion.” “It’s good!” Sounds good, yeah, but I will eat scrambled egg coffee – the best coffee in the world.
She’s the best barista in the world “Thank you, maybe one day. Not right now.” Yeah, you are right now I made hummus, it’s really good. It is good?
“It’s very good.” What is the plan for today? “Um, I don’t know – day off
we’ll eat” “Do you want to swim?” Mmm, maybe “Maybe swim” Why didn’t we train today at 06:30? “Cause it’s my day off and I wanted to sleep in” we will training at 4:30 class is in the
afternoon Look how that looks. Hummus…
Say again what it is? “hummus” “scrambled tofu with asparagus, then quinoa with mushrooms kale peppers tomato and that and some salad” It looks pretty healthy Bon appetit And that is my breakfast
scrambled eggs meat
mushroom and three bread with hummus okay guys we are now in Main Beach. We
are doing some we will do some stretching and yoga I don’t know
whatever some different things not inside the gym. It’s very good “I’ve just come to get a tan” You want to get a tan? “Yes! Look how white I am!” look at that
with a mini bridge I never been here before Woah! He is sleepy “Maybe over there?”
We need the right spot Yeah, over there, yeah! “I don’t wanna go near people” Yeah me too
“I don’t wanna deal with people today” “I reckon down there”
We can go there “Yeah”
Down there “Okay!” look at that guy’s, that is my lunch
today Oooh – protein, carbs, fats. Always gains Chips and Bella “look at this guy eating with a knife and
fork” It’s too big to eat with my hands
“Trying to be civilised” “Eat it with your hands” It would be just a mess Come on Mikey! Good job Mikey! “One more” “Is it?” Come on, come on,
easy Mike come on one more Good job Mikey. “That’s his box” “Oh, sorry” Last one Mikey,
come on! Good job Mikey ,
You are on the channel now Ah my hands are sore now,
from the grip yeah it’s like
“my thumbs are sore” Are you using the hook grip “Yeah, all the time now”
Why? “Cause I don’t like my thumbs “I’m not doing that anymore
I’m not doing deadlifts with that anymore I’m just going to punish
my thumbs until there is nothing left” “My thumbs deserve to be punished” “Pack it away” Yep,
how was the workout Mikey? “Ah, great, love it
I feel amazing!” You did a good job man.
“Thanks” “B**ch” “Come on!” “Are you a man or a mouse?” okay guys workout done! Uh, 200 calories, 20 hard
pace and 20 easy pace that’s really good I will leave the workouts in the
description, if you have any doubts so now we will get some food and that is it for today you have anything to say? “I’m f**king tired” so that’s it for today guys thank you for watching and see you next time.

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