A Rowing Machine Workout with British Rowing: The Power 8 Sprints

– Hey. Guess what? We got another challenge. You want in? Check it out. (heavy beat music) What’s up guys, and welcome back to another Dark Horse weekly challenge. This week’s challenge is in honor of my good friend John Healy,
the British man himself. You’re like the only British guy I know
– that’s fine. I can do that. – So you take that title? – As you can see, he’s wearing a GB shirt. If you guys haven’t seen our other videos, give us a quick bio, give
us a one sentence bio. – Guys, so I run what’s called
the Go Row training scheme by GB Rowing, and
encouraging guys to get in and get active on the rowers. And so very much in
conjunction, obviously, what Shane promises and what
Shane promotes to us as well. But this week, we’ve got a
little special challenge for you. – So we are here, I guess we’re
close to Liverpool right now and we were in Manchester
earlier in the day, and it just felt right
to run the challenge based off of this,
which is, in conjunction with what’s called the Power8 Sprints. – Power8 Sprints, correct. – Which is, correct me
if I’m wrong, but seems to be about kind of spreading
the exposure of rowing. – That’s the one.
– Right? Doing something just different,
fun, exciting, fast-paced, and people don’t really understand rowing, because often, it’s very traditional, and so this is breaking out of that mold. – 100%, yeah. – And so, the challenge this week is going to be a 350 meter
row, but not for time. – No.
– Right? – We know the distance. – We want you guys to get
as many people involved with this as you possibly can. So not just you, we
appreciate you lovely rowers, but we want to get as many people involved with this as we possibly can. Shane’s gonna post a link
down below, entry into this. There is a team kit on
offer from GB Rowing, so we can get you guys
kit to do it with us. – Oh, yeah! If you guys want, he sent
me one of these shirts, unfortunately, I didn’t bring
it with me on this trip, I don’t know what I was thinking
not bringing it to the UK. However, that is your goal,
that’s your challenge. How many people can you get
to row 350 meters with you? Because the objective
on this one really is just spread the good word
of being on this machine. If you guys love this,
then you should want to share this with people, and
that’s all this is about. Again, it’s not for time, just can you get a bunch of people together
to row 350 meters total. That’s it, not hard. – You in now? – Yeah, yeah, actually let’s
do it, that’s a great idea. Okay, we’re gonna go hit it, join us. – See you guys in a bit. – Make sure that you tag us over on Instagram @darkhorserowing and who should they tag…
– GB Rowing and @gbrowing on Instagram, that’s where we host the challenge. If you tag us, that will
give you an opportunity to be featured in one of our
upcoming challenge videos, and that’s where we kind of
live with this challenge stuff, it’s over on Instagram
@darkhorserowing, @gbrowing, go check them out and have
some fun with this one. Get as many people as you can. I am personally gonna be
watching to see who can get like 100 people
lined up to do this 350 on like five machines, ’cause
that’s all they’ve got. Just lines of people
rolling through 350 meters. Let’s go do it.
– Do it. Cool. Okay guys, so just bare in mind you need those 350 meters
set across the top, set your machine, get
yourself comfortable, it’s only a short one,
focus on that technique. (heavy beat music) (rowing machine) – Oh! (laughter) Yeah! I tied it. – Done!
– 140.7. Two times through.
– Perfect. Guys, that’s your 350 meter challenge. Make sure to tag us over on Instagram, @darkhorserowing, @gbrowing, and if you guys enjoyed this video, as with all our videos, make sure that you think about hitting
that subscribe button, and if you love it, hit
that bell right next to it, which will give you an
alert every time we come out with a new video, and as always, we’ll see you on the other side. (laughter) – Good work.

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  1. Hi Shane, Bruno from Brazil here! Do I will receive a certificate for complete the Basic Concept 2 Instructors Course (Dark Horse Academy)? Thanks!!! Great challenge!

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